B&B Wednesday Update 2/21/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/21/07


Written By Cora
Pictures by nz85

At Brooke’s house, she and Ridge are arguing about Rick and Phoebe being together. Ridge has Rick’s things and tells Brooke he wants him out of the house. Brooke is upset and doesn’t feel it is necessary to make Rick leave. He has as much right to be there as Phoebe does, and Phoebe is only there a couple of nights a week. Ridge says, as Phoebe’s father he has a responsibility to her to keep her safe. Brooke says they are old enough to be responsible for themselves and Ridge is over reacting because there is nothing happening between them.

At Nick’s, he and Taylor find out that Phoebe is okay and she is with Rick. Taylor doesn’t seem a whole lot relieved by the news. She tells Nick how Ridge feels about Rick and Phoebe spending time together. She admits she is worried about it too. The age difference and also because of what Phoebe went through with Shane. Nick tells Taylor that he believes Rick is a responsible and upstanding guy.

Nick and Taylor decide to play some poker. Taylor wants to make it interesting. Right away, Nick loses his shirt to Taylor’s royal flush. Taylor, reaches over and using Nick’s Saint Christopher necklace, pulls him toward her. As she toys with it, they talk about it and all that it stands for. Taylor asks him where he got it. Nick replies, “Brooke gave it to me.” Taylor stands up and says she has to leave, but Nick removes the necklace and says he thinks that makes a loud statement. They start kissing again.

Still broken down, Rick and Phoebe are in his truck kissing. Rick tries to start the truck, but to no avail. He thinks they should talk but Phoebe thinks they should, “not talk some more.” Rick tells her they have done enough of that already. He lets Phoebe turn the key and the truck starts.

Rick and Phoebe get back to Brooke's house where she and Ridge are sitting waiting. They are glad to see them and that they are okay. Rick is angry when he sees his things in the living room. Ridge tells him he has to go stay with Eric and Stephanie for a while. Phoebe goes off on Ridge telling him how wrong that is. Ridge tells them that nothing can come of a relationship between them. He reminds them that were both raised in the same family as Forrester’s. Phoebe argues that it doesn’t mean anything, they do not share the same blood. Rick takes his things and says he is leaving, Phoebe doesn’t want him to go, but he insists that it’s the only way Ridge will get off her back. Brooke goes to talk to Rick at the door. Phoebe is angry with Ridge and tells him he is wrong about them. He asks Phoebe if Rick kissed her, and she said no. “We kissed each other.” Phoebe also told Ridge that if he was worried about her falling for Rick, then it’s too late. Ridge did not look very happy to hear this news.

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