B&B Tuesday Update 2/20/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/20/07


Written By Cora
Pictures by nz85

At the Forrester house, Stephanie wants to talk to Pam about something. She says she knows what she is doing. She saw her with Eric.

Pam gets a little nervous. Stephanie tells her she thinks she is playing on Ericís sympathies and she wants it to stop. She believes Pam had something to do with Eric wanting to move her and their mother to L.A.

Pam tells her she had nothing to do with that. It was all Ericís decision. She does however, believe that she deserves to have a life for herself. She lost out on a lot while she sat back caring for their mother all of these years. She said she will continue to care for their mother, but she has no intentions of going back to Chicago. They are staying in L.A. Stephanie would have to deal with it. After all, they are family.

In a meeting at Forrester Originals, Felicia, Thorne, Brooke, Eric and Ridge, discuss business. Eric wants his line in all of the greatest stores, as usual. They talk about the risks and security of the family once their decision is made. Ridge says they need to get going on this, but Rick hasnít shown up yet and his input is needed. Brooke plays up Rickís role at Forrester and how he can help. Ridge keeps complaining about Rick and wishes he would go back to Forrester International, and far away from Phoebe. Taylor calls Ridge. Phoebe hasnít checked in and she is worried. Ridge admits that he too, is worried. Brooke assures him Phoebe is fine. She is with Rick.

Ridge is annoyed that Brooke finds it more important to lie for Rick to protect him, than to tell him the truth about where his daughter is.

Phoebe gets into Rickís truck and wants to know why he cannot give her a ride. He seems very nervous. He tells her he has some place to be. He is expected in a meeting. Phoebe reminds him that itís on the way, itís not a big deal. Rick shares Ridgeís threat with her. That he would kill Rick if he did not stay away from his daughter. Phoebe says she will not tell him they were together. They talk about singing together at Insomnia. Rick feels that the connection they have in song, is magical. He compares them to J Lo and Marc Anthony.

The truck stalls. They have to let it cool off. Phoebe confides in Rick about how driving at night makes her feel. Especially in this weather and after what happened to Darla. She thinks about it, and is haunted by it, but knows she has to get over it. Rick tells her what happened to Darla wasnít her fault. He tells her he will help her find peace and move on. She says to him, ďYou already have.Ē They kiss.

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