B&B Monday Update 2/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/19/07


Written By Cory
Pictures by nz85

Clark tells Storm that he thinks “Jackie M” is moving too fast.  Storm seems to agree, but reminds Clark that “Eye On Fashion” gave Clark and “Jackie M,” great reviews on their new line. He wished that his sister, Donna, had reviews as good. Donna walks in.

Storm tries to reassure Donna, who is devastated after she reads what “Eye On Fashion” had to say about her. “She will never have what it takes to be lead, anything. She will never be in the same league as her sister, Brooke, no matter how long and how hard she tries.” Donna is angry and upset, and clearly very jealous of Brooke.

Taylor stops by “Jackie M” to see Nick. She wants to talk about the way things are going between them and if things will go any further. She would like to slow things down a bit because of the outcome of her past failed relationships. Nick understands and asks her to dinner, and she accepts.

Brooke walks in. Taylor and Nick kiss. Taylor leaves.

Brooke wants to know if Nick still has faith in Donna, and Clark. He says he does. Nick asks Brooke if she is there about Forrester Originals, and his decision on whether to carry the line or not in “Jackie M.” He still hasn’t made a decision. “The Forrester’s are competitors.” He tells her. Brooke wants to know what she is then. She tells him she cares about him and doesn’t want him to make a mistake in his business or his personal life. She reminds him that he and Taylor are both on the rebound. Taylor walks back in hearing Brooke’s remark. Nick gets a call and has to leave them alone in his office.

Brooke tells Taylor that she doesn’t want to see Nick get hurt. Taylor insists that what Brooke wants, is to have Ridge, and still have Nick on a string. Taylor tells Brooke if she looked up the word selfish in the dictionary, her picture would be there. Taylor argues that Brooke is upset that she is becoming close to Nick, a man that Brooke is not yet over. Brooke tells Taylor that the reason she wants Nick is because Brooke is with Ridge. Taylor says that is ridiculous. She asks Brooke about the wedding date, what’s the hold up? Trouble in paradise?

Brooke tells Taylor she doesn’t think she and Nick are good for each other. Taylor doesn’t agree. She says Nick is a really good kisser, and brings out a side of her that no man ever has, including Ridge. She mentions valentines and the evening ahead. Taylor tells Brooke she will soon be so wrapped up in her new marriage to Ridge that she won’t have time to worry about Nick, besides, she won’t put up with it.

Phoebe and her friend Madison stop by Insomnia where they run into CJ Garrison who is in town checking on his ill mother. Rick walks in. CJ tells him Phoebe is looking hot. Rick smiles. He joins Phoebe and Madison and the flirting begins. CJ and Madison talk the into singing a song together. They choose “I’ve Got You, Babe” by Sonny and Cher. They are all smiles, giggles and sheep eyes. After, Rick makes his way to his truck in the rain. Phoebe appears at his door and asks him for a ride. Rick tells her no, that it's not a good idea. Phoebe wants to know why.

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