B&B Friday Update 2/16/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/16/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Grumpy and Grumpier are at Big Bear Cabin. Stephanie is looking into the freezer, but finding no steaks that she thought were in there. Eric comes in with arms laden with chopped firewood, grumbling all the way how cold it is outside and that they need to sell the cabin. She grumbles too that there is no food in the cabin or freezer, they have NOTHING to eat. He surmises they probably had a break in or something. But, seriously no one has cabins in the mountains anymore. She asks since when? He answers people of their age! He stirs up and shakes out all the snowflakes in his hair and tells Stephanie he might be holding up pretty well, but this chopping wood is killing him. His back hurts. She tells Mr. Grumpy to shut up. It was his idea to come up here in the first place. And she’s not selling the cabin, she loves it. He quips, “yeah, you and the woodchucks.” She chuckles at him shaking his hair and tells him he knows he loves it too.

Brooke is waiting outside freezing cold when Ridge drives up. She says she was too nervous to go in. You know with her track record with Stephanie at the cabin. He tells her to come on, Stephanie likes her now. Stephanie and Eric are still grousing about selling the place, and she asks why doesn’t he sell her jewelry instead? He thinks fine since she never wears anything he gives her. Ridge scolds Eric for not having the fire blazing by now, and Eric says what does it look like he’s trying to do? They blame the missing steaks on Thomas and his friends coming up. Eric quips that Old Mother Hubbard here says the cupboards are bare except for some old cracked wheat cereal that has been around forever. Ridge asks if they drug them all the way up here….in the sleet, in the snow…. just to have a meeting? Eric tells him alright, just get over it, relax and have a drink. There IS plenty of booze. And they all have to make some decisions. And maybe he is crazy for wanting to open up his own line of retail shops, but that’s why they are here to talk that out. To fight if they have to, but they aren’t leaving until they come up with some unanimous decision about the future of this company. They all sip on the brandy commenting on how good it is. Maybe they should put off a big decision until next week. Ridge says perhaps since Brooke thinks Popeye may sell Forrester Originals through Jackie M Boutiques. Eric and Stephanie are astonished, why would he do that? Stephanie asks why or on whose authority did Brooke even ask Nick that? Brooke says it wasn’t official, she just asked and he is going to consider it. Stephanie screws up her face and asks how does that make them look? Eric proclaims that is enough Brandy for Stephanie. Ridge only wants to know who’s going to sleep in the loft tonight? Stephanie chuckles, Ridge can’t be serious. She points to Eric and quips that he can’t make it up the stairs. He differs, what is he, some sort of invalid? Says he’s not the one who comes up with a headache every Friday night. Stephanie opens her mouth wide and throws him a look of daggers. Ridge says “ouch”. Stephanie tells Eric ‘sweetheart’, that she’d like to have a talk with him….alone…..in the bedroom.

Ridge advises that all of this is unnecessary, because the answer is staring them in the face. Hey it was good enough for Martha Stewart. Brooke laughs and says she was wondering when somebody would bring that up. ….letting his wife go to prison for what she did to Jackie. Stephanie can’t understand why no one believes her version of that story. Ridge says he was talking about selling their line in the department stores. Stephanie declares that Brooke is still disappointed that she didn’t go to jail. Brooke says no, as a matter of fact she could have pressed charges at least a half a dozen times for what she had done to her in this very room. Soon they are all snarling at each other. Eric thinks bedtime sounds like a very good idea. Ridge seconds that. Stephanie snips that once a caterer’s daughter, always a caterer’s daughter. Eric points to the bedroom to separate the two and says NOW. Brooke grumbles on her way out the door, she can’t believe Stephanie is starting on that, calling her common again. She can not believe she is going back to that. And now she sounds like a little chicken with it’s head cut off. The men look at each in wonderment, shake their heads in despair and split off to their respective corners. Actually, Ridge gets his coat and cap and joins Brooke outdoors.

Stephanie brooding by the window, arms folded, Eric asks her what is wrong with her, tormenting Brooke like this again? She is sure he will tell her! She asks why doesn’t he look at her the way he looks at Brooke? With a double take, he says he does, she just doesn’t notice. She says she thinks she is scared. Starting this whole new adventure. Think what it was like when they launched Forrester Creations. It was really hard work and they did it from scratch. He says well now they have a lot more in their scratch than they did then and the bank says they can do it. She wonders what they have to prove. Why not let the kids do it? It’s their turn. He dishes, and what is he – all washed up? She assures him that he is THE Mr. Eric Forrester, the one and only and no one can take that away. He argues that yes they can. They can start stamping their name on cheap slippers and selling them in mega-stores all over the country. She accuses him of always complaining and badgering her that she’s never been the wife he wants her to be. So when does she get the chance to do that? If they start this whole new venture, he will work himself into a frazzle and maybe have a heart attack or a stroke. He guffaws at that. She continues then what is she left with? What is her reward? Why can’t they just SIT BACK and enjoy all the money they have made? He takes her by the hand and gives in, alright, they’ll charter a yacht. Yippee, what’s the destination? He laments he always wanted to see the Fjords in Chile, although he wanted to see them from a kayak. She flashes her eyes, her on a kayak? Yeah, he retorts they will stay on the boat. She says they can’t stay away long. Whatever THEY do, they’ll need their help or they will screw up. He pats her leg and gets up wandering about the room. He says they are just kidding themselves about spending the rest of their lives sitting in deck chairs sipping martinis. She has another idea, she’s always wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter. He laughs, oh my God, why is risking life and limb the only way they can enjoy themselves or relax? He thinks it would be a lot safer to mortgage everything to the hilt and carry on. They never would have had this wonderful life together if they had been the retiree types. She agrees, but it’s nice to think about it sometimes. He replies yes, but that isn’t what he wants. He doesn’t want some ‘golden girl’ hobbling along on his arm. He wants her to be her. She asks if he wishes she were thirty years younger? He answers he would just be insecure. She asks thirty pounds skinnier? He replies “a waist is a terrible thing to mind.” She laughs and calls him a goofus. Okay, have his stores, she will go for it! He delights in saying yes, that’s his girl! She knows they’ll have to mortgage everything. He gives her a big kiss on the neck. She says he’s such a pushover. She questions who’s the pushover? He says her and proceeds to push her so she’s flat on the bed and then he jokingly pounds her with a pillow. She fights back and both are going at it laughing with feathers a flying. He wants a kiss and pins her down in a mountain of white.

Outside Brooke is all bundled up, but her feet are frozen. Ridge asks how long is she planning on staying out there? She answers until his mother goes to sleep. He wishes she would quit paying so much attention to her. She retorts that a severe case of frostbite is better than sharing the same room with her. He tells her it’s just the brandy on an empty stomach that is talking. She wonders why Ridge had to bait Stephanie by telling her about Nick. He says she had a point. Brooke should have asked one of them first. She argues and they should have told her before they went on national television and called Jackie a whore. And she says she can’t stay married to him if he is going to keep siding with his mother. He says okay, what does she want him to do? She suggests for him to just let his father have what he wants. Everything that Ridge has and everything he grew up with and took for granted is because of his father, his hard work and talent. It’s HIS to risk and if he wants to risk it, he should. And it’s more important to leave their own children with some pride and self respect, dignity. It’s much more important than some big, fat trust fund.

Shirtless, Eric opens the window and wants to get rid of some of the ‘evidence’ (feathers). It lands below on unsuspecting Brooke and Ridge who are amazed to look above and see Eric. Stephanie tells him to close that window and get his naughty ass back there to her. Brooke climbs the ladder she has been sitting on and peeks in the window. Words can not describe the look of shock on her face. She tells Ridge below that he doesn’t want to see this. Mattress creaking…….. But, oh yes he does so he climbs and looks in. He shakes his head and buries his face in his hands. She retorts for them to remember to never leave a ladder outside of their bedroom window. He laughs and rubs his eyes – they are burning now. “Thanks, Logan, thanks a lot.”

Eric sits and has wonderful memories of much earlier days as a dapper young tycoon with a drop dead gorgeous wife, meeting the naïve young Brooke and her to a studly Ridge. Brooke and Ridge walk in and Eric asks where have they been? It’s pitch dark out there. They can’t see a thing. Ridge quips – trust them, they got an eyeful. Brooke says she thinks they really should head home now. Eric says no, sit down, they have something to discuss. And Stephanie is in a much better mood now. Brooke remarks yeah, she bets she is! Stephanie comes out in her robe and remarks that it looks almost like a séance in here (only candles burning). Eric tells her to take a seat, it is almost like a séance in that their entire future is going to be determined this evening. She offers that she is sorry, the brandy must have gone to her head. Naughtily, Brooke wags one of the feathers in her face and says don’t sweetheart her, they all know what she did. How she used her body to get what she wanted! Stephanie looks at Eric, he looks at her, clears her throat, and says “moving on”, she has given Eric her vote for the retail stores. Brooke says it’s kind of risky, it’s like betting on themselves. But, she believes they can do it, come what may, so she’s in. Eric is ecstatic and points to Ridge and asks if he knows how many pieces they’ve done together, all of them as a team? He holds up a yellow pad with 5,000 on it. Ridge is shocked – 5,000? Eric reminds them that is a terrific accomplishment, especially in this field – 5,000! It’s a HUGE milestone, and all of them together, from beginning to end. They have been creating their art, and the world has accepted it. And he points to Ridge as the glue. They can not do it without him. They all look to Ridge and he replies alright, he’s in. They all clap and Eric praises that a boy, that a boy! Brooke asks Stephanie if she heard that? The four of them…..from the beginning to the bitter end. They mug. Ridge rises and toasts Happy 5,000. Eric joins in and says yes it really is.

The men hug. Brooke coaxes Stephanie. How about it for 5,000? Stephanie declines and says she will wait for 10,000. Brooke gives Ridge a kiss and tells him she will see him in the bedroom. He remarks that yes she will. Stephanie sits back and says that some things never change. Brooke slips up behind her and puts her arms around her and coos that she knows she loves her. Then she plants a big, noisy kiss on her cheek with Stephanie scrunching her face in faux disgust.

Camera pans to closeup of a satisfied Stephanie – BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, Episode 5000!

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