B&B Thursday Update 2/15/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/15/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Taylor confronts Brooke and advises her that if she is engaged to Ridge and has made her decision then why doesn’t she just tell Nick that it is over, forever?

Rick and Ridge have their own little confrontation too. Rick states that it’s Valentine’s night, how could he forget? Yet Ridge doesn’t know where Brooke is. Rick seems to find this amusing. He also states for Ridge’s prying, that no he does not have special plans, so he will not harm anyone if that is what Ridge is implying. Ridge informs him that he does not have to give him his scheduled activities or associations, he knows he can come and go and his boundaries. Rick replies yes, and he knows the consequences of crossing those lines too….and by the way he is going to disappear when Ridge starts 'ravishing' his mother later on. He’ll give them wide berth. Ridge smirks that would be a first. Rick suggests he say what’s really on his mind. Ridge says okay, he will. Rick has done nothing but interfere with him and Brooke since he has been back. He doesn’t approve of their decision to marry, and he challenges every decision he makes. And he has a feeling that Rick sides with his dad on his vision of buying a bunch of boutiques just because Ridge opposes it. Rick states that he is siding with HIS dad’s vision because he believes in it. And he’s committed to making Forrester Originals a success.

Ridge says that he is a realist and he is trying to do what is best for everyone. He thinks he is the only straight-thinking one in this whole mess. Rick scoffs that does Ridge realize how many times his straight thinking has put this company at risk? It’s no wonder his father questions his loyalty. Ridge warns him not to ever question his loyalty to this family or this family’s business ever! Rick says that is fair enough. Actually it is his loyalty to his mother that really concerns Rick.

Brooke confesses she will always care about Nick. Taylor still thinks that does not give her the right to stand there and be jealous. Brooke backs down by saying she simply was surprised that they were spending Valentine’s Day together. What about Thorne? They just broke up. It just seems so soon. Nick says they all have to eat, and Taylor is getting on with her life, and so is he. It’s that simple, and it’s what he thought Brooke wanted. He says they should be going. Brooke seems disappointed that he is dismissing her when they had more to discuss. He assures her that he will think about it, and wishes her a Happy Valentine’s.

Ridge says his loyalty to Brooke is not in question. Rick differs – he barks that he left Brooke and Hope and R.J. for Taylor. It was painful for everyone including Stephanie who had a heart attack….oh but wait, she was faking it….just another chapter in her long line of manipulations. Ridge acknowledges his mother is not an angel, but she has accepted Brooke. Rick spits that his mother’s ‘acceptance’ of Brooke changes with the seasons. “It’s all about what my son wants.” Ridge simply states that he IS marrying Brooke. Rick reminds him that he tore her heart out. He made his difficult decision and left her. And she had to come back to this house alone. Thank God Nick was around. And now that she is feeling better and moving on with her life, Ridge can’t take that and Ridge comes crawling back. And not only has he caused pain for one family, but for everyone now. And Taylor feeling abandoned not only by him but the entire family resorted to drinking, but Ridge doesn’t care because he doesn’t know how! Ridge admits he has made mistakes and he has apologized until he is blue in the face, but he can’t be responsible for everything that has come out of Taylor’s drinking. Rick shouts that he is through causing his mother pain! Brooke walks in and has heard enough that she demands they stop fighting, she won’t put up with this in HER house.

Nick brings Taylor to his house. She jokes that he must want to change his suit before going to Chuck’s. He states that he loves Chuck’s and the fact that she’d spend Valentine’s night there with him warms his heart, but it is Valentine’s night, and he feels lucky to be spending it with her, so without further delay…..he opens the door wide for her to enter and viola. He asks if it is too much? An intimate, romantic little candlelit table by the fire awaits. She responds that it is not too much, just unexpected, which makes it all the more perfect. She also mentions that she realizes Brooke was jealous, she wasn’t exactly thrilled to see him with Taylor. He says he will always care about Brooke so yes he is considering her work proposal. But, that relationship is over, so they should enjoy the evening, okay?

He pours non-alcoholic champagne and points out the pretty flowers, candles, but she’s the one who makes the room beautiful. In a decided southern accent, Taylor gushes that if he just keeps up these unexpected gestures and kind words, there’s just no telling what she will do. He offers that something about that sounds good. Happy Valentine’s Day. They toast.

Still they squabble until Brooke reminds them that it is Valentine’s Day, so why don’t they take the time to stop and think what that means. Rick says he’s sorry, but they can’t. This situation they are in is because of once again Stephanie’s latest manipulations. She has seen what it has done to his dad, and now Ridge wants to throw in the towel. Ridge defends by saying he’s trying to salvage a bad situation, but Rick is making it personal. Rick says you bet he is because Ridge is marrying his mother again! How many times is it now? Brooke interjects that can’t they just focus on one crisis at a time? The issue right now is whether to open a new chain of boutiques or they sell the Forrester name? And she says there is one more possibility – that Jackie M will carry Forrester Originals. Ridge is surprised, that was the whole point of Nick choking off their ability to sell. Nick is NOT going to carry their line. Still Brooke says Nick is considering it…..because she asked him to. She wants peace in this house. Is that too much to ask? He seems to think so since it gives Popeye one more opportunity to mess with them. Rick thinks that is great, they would be lucky to have Jackie M carry their line….and if he is worried about his mom spending more time with Nick and that makes him insecure…….Brooke asks them to stop baiting each other. She asks Ridge a moment with her son. He gives her a kiss and replies sure.

Rick is elated that Nick might carry their line. This also means that Nick loves her. And he knows she loves him. He doesn’t see anything complicated about that, and it’s not too late. She is not married to Ridge yet, so she and Nick could get back together. She points out that she is ‘committed’ to Ridge and even if she weren’t, Nick has moved on with Taylor. He wonders how that can bother her? How can she marry Ridge when she still has feelings for Nick?

As their dinner is served and Taylor says it looks yummy, Nick asks her what is the status of their patient-psychiatrist relationship? She replies that is up to him. He informs her then of the bad news – she’s fired. From now on their conversation will be more of a personal nature. She says that works for her, now she has a question for him. Now that he has cornered the market, is he happy? She just wants to see him happy. He assures her that he is happy with her here. She says she is too, but it’s not that simple. He tells her that she is in a tough spot, isn’t she? She laments that she will always be connected to the Forrester family through her children. But as far as allegiance, Stephanie pretty much destroyed that by stabbing her in the back after using that information and humiliating his mother. And now Nick is in an all-out war with her. She knows he warned her and he drew a line in the sand. When he says something, he means it. He does it, he takes what he wants. He asks if she likes that in a man? She replies yes. Then he wants to know if she sees something she likes, does she take it? She replies she thinks she just might.

Rick keeps reminding his mother that she has feelings for Nick. And she admits that it’s natural that she would be jealous when he’s seeing another woman. His point is that he respects Nick, and he doesn’t blame him for protecting his mother….Nick is the better man so for her not to wait before it is too late. And Taylor is an exceptional woman and it’s only a matter of time before Nick realizes that…..please don’t let him slip away. He can’t accept it when she says she is going to marry Ridge, he needs to accept that. They say their I Love You’s before going to bed.

Sitting on the floor before a crackling fire with his arm around her, Nick and Taylor semi cuddle with his fiddling with her hair and gently stroking her arm. She asks if he feels it is odd that they are spending Valentine’s together? He says no, does she? She replies no, she thinks it’s nice, but professionally speaking she thinks he is still in the healing process. He chuckles, if he is, then he would say she is too. What about unprofessionally speaking? Ah, she says, she likes that even better, but she’s not sure he wants to go there. He declares he is ready. Can he ask her something? Is she a passionate woman? She answers that she is a very passionate woman. Unfortunately by time they kiss or carry it further, his phone rings. Fortunately it has an off button and Rick leaves a message that he needs to talk to him about his mother while Nick continues on with the kiss.

While waiting for Ridge to come to bed, Brooke picks up a fashion magazine and stares at a picture of Nick and can’t help but think of the kiss she saw between him and Taylor. Ridge comes in and she puts the magazine down and gives all her attention to him. He invokes that she knows Rick is trying to break them up? She tells him that he isn’t, and if he were, she wouldn’t let him. It’s Valentine’s so why don’t they just focus on the two of them? He crawls in bed sitting on his knees as she envelopes her arms around him. He remarks that he likes that, shutting out the world, getting lost in each other “the way you feel……the way you smell……the way you taste.” He gives her little kisses on her face and pulls her down flat underneath him. He utters she is his Valentine, that’s what she is, always.

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