B&B Tuesday Update 2/13/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/13/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Backstage, Eric is all jitters awaiting the showing. Ridge tells him to relax, everything is under control. Stephanie knows that he’s an old pro and doesn’t know the meaning of the word jitters. He admits that he’s an old pro at launching a new line, but a whole new company, he doesn’t know. But, Brooke convinces him it will be as it is his talent and Ridge’s and the best work they have ever done. Rick emphasizes this, especially his dad’s, they are just inspired. Both Pam and Felicia try to cool things between Rick and Ridge before they get started. Phoebe even says it’s grandpa’s big day, don’t spoil it. Champagne flows and they all toast to the success. Stephanie expands on how just a couple of months ago they were at their lowest point. And now here they are ready to launch a new company and she is very, very proud of all of them, and especially Eric. To Forrester Originals – The Best Is Yet To Come.

Over at Forrester Creations, all is abuzz with Donna telling Nick just say the word and she will have the press over in a flash. Jackie says she has contacted everyone on her list and the store signs are being changed as they speak. There’s nothing the Forrester’s can do about Harrison’s if they drive by and see it, as Nick laments that all the high-end fashion chains are his now. Donna adds with one exception – Fenmore’s in the Midwest. Jackie comments that as lovely as Genoa city is, it’s not exactly the hub of haute couture. The Forrester's are going to need a much wider distribution. Donna says they are going to debut their new line with no where to send it. She really didn’t think he could do it. Nick offers that Stephanie will be held accountable and in a way she will never forget.

The showroom is virtually empty except for reporters and they are murmuring among themselves of where everybody is. Jarrett is on the phone and reports there is a rumor about the sale of high-end boutiques all over the West coast being replaced by Jackie M signs. They all decide to pack it up and go check out the rumors.

Again backstage, Rick is getting worried as he looks out and tells his mom that something is wrong, none of the buyers are here and the reporters bolted for the door. Ridge is aghast how this could happen. Felicia says Arthur Harrison cancelled his reservation weeks ago. Each decide to call their contacts to get to the bottom of this. Eric doesn’t get much from Harrison when he gives his apologies for not being there. Eric asks if their hand shake arrangement is still good? Harrison can’t talk about that and abruptly says he has to go when Eric asks about the confidentiality contract. The others are finding the same difficulty in reaching or talking with Golden and Chen. Stephanie is able to speak with Yvette but gets no satisfactory answer except that she is busy.

Nick surmises they are probably panicking by now and knows something is going on. Storm says once Stephanie has figured out what Nick has done, she will go ballistic. God, what Donna would do to see that! Jackie tells her she may get her wish. Yvette just called and said Stephanie called and tried to browbeat her into revealing all. Jackie quips she might be over here as they speak with pistols loaded. Donna remarks that she will put some extra security at the front door. Nick wants Storm to follow up on Golden’s people. Jackie has one of her bad headaches from all the excitement, and Nick advises her to sit down. He tells her he has never been a vengeful man, but starting today Stephanie will feel the pain that Jackie has suffered. Both physically and emotionally and she is going to feel it for a long time to come.

Backstage, Felicia is being stonewalled by her calls to the press. Rick and Phoebe huddle in despair about the big debut. Eric put his heart and soul into this and it doesn’t seem fair. Ridge says everyone should have been in their seats ten minutes ago. Thorne rushes in and reveals that he chartered a private jet to get there as soon as he could. He sees it’s not exactly standing room only in the showroom. Stephanie remarks that he doesn’t looks exactly surprised though. He replies he isn’t. He’s been in touch with the top stores and he’s getting the same runaround. And it’s more than them just not talking to him. He tells him that the venues are temporarily closed. He reveals he tried to find out why, but they all clammed up. Pam and Ridge agree, this makes no sense. Despite everyone’s claims to the contrary, Eric says they have no choice. They can not introduce a new line much less a new company without anyone to see it. He has to cancel the show. Ridge vows they will get to the bottom of this, but Stephanie thinks the damage has already been done. Rick and Ridge go at it again about whose blame it is. Felicia gets a call and tells the others to turn on the television, Nick and his mother are going to make an announcement.

With proud smiles and flashbulbs flashing, Jackie makes the announcement that she summoned them that Forrester Creations in partnership with Jackie M is going through significant expansion….and this is the brainchild of her brilliant son, Dominick Marone. He steps forward and says he will make this short and to the point. Forrester Creations has acquired a near monopoly of the specialty couture stores worldwide. As of today, these stores are all part of Jackie M chain of boutiques. One by one the Forrester’s are floored!

Nick says that about says it all. Donna adds but if they need any more questions answered, it will be in the press packet they are handing out. Jarrett wants to ask one question. Will the new Jackie M carry Forrester Originals? It’s rumored to be Eric Forrester’s best line ever. Nick straightens and says for the record, Forrester Originals will NEVER be carried by Jackie M International, now or ever!

Disgusted, Eric tells them to turn the set off. Felicia comments to please tell her this isn’t happening. Thorne says Nick knew he couldn’t compete with them on the runway. Rick adds so he did an end around the business angle. Ridge wants to know how in hell he could afford all of this? He must be leveraged to the hilt. Eric bellows that it really doesn’t matter. The point is he did do it. Rick states it’s his dad’s best designs ever, yet now he can’t sell them anywhere. Pam tells him she is sorry. Stephanie says no, she is the one who is sorry. This is about her and Jackie and this is not finished. She starts to leave and Ridge asks where she is going? She answers to go straighten out that son of a bitch. Eric tells her not to, she will only make it worse.

Nick remembers his speech to Brooke and then Jackie that the Forrester’s precious matriarch will go unpunished again. He’ll protect the ones he loves at any cost. So be prepared to see a side of him they never knew existed. They left themselves vulnerable. By the time they launch their first line, the boutiques will be his. He’ll corner the market and they will have dug their grave. They’ll have no place to service their clientele…a bust of Biblical proportions. The family will be crawling on their knees with no one to turn to except him!

Thorne says maybe it’s not as bad as it looks. They all commiserate and then the in-fighting begins with Brooke even trying to defend Nick and Ridge doesn’t like that. Eric orders them all out. Pam stays and tells him she is sorry but will help in any way she can. He gives her a big hug.

Stephanie barges into Nick’s office. She humbly submits that she dropped her guard. She underestimated him and now he has his revenge. He replies – justice. What happened today was justice – the first time in her miserable, manipulative life that someone has held her accountable. She declares that she never pushed his mother over that balcony. He admonishes her that this isn’t about what happened to his mother. This is more of what she has done to everybody else. EVERYTHING over the years, the people’s lives she has affected, tried to destroy. She claims that was in the past. He admits it is now. He came to town a very simple man and she has pushed him to a place that he will never turn back from. So, she exclaims, her and Los Angeles have turned him into an avenging angel and he thinks he is going to make her pay for the sins she has committed. But, she asks him not to drag her husband and family into this because they had nothing to do with any of it.

He tells her she is wrong – they had EVERYTHING to do with it. Because they were the ones who empowered her…..who gave her the sense of entitlement. And it’s time they ALL are held accountable for their place in this. She asks if this includes Eric who his mother cares so deeply for? Does he think Eric will become so disillusioned with her that he will run off with his mother? He warns her he knows this is painful, but not to get petty. The company is gone. The Forrester family and their position in the fashion world is over. And she’s got no one to blame but herself. The devastation that the family feels, it’s all because of “you. You and only YOU.”

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