B&B Monday Update 2/12/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/12/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Stephanie and Brooke argue about Rick and Phoebe spending time together. Stephanie thinks they are heading toward an incestuous relationship, whereas Brooke thinks it is just an innocent crush. Brooke points out that they are not really related. Stephanie is pushy and insulting as usual, so Brooke does not want to listen to her. Stephanie tells Brooke that she's worried that this problem will affect her marriage to Ridge.

Nick is still talking to "Mr. Golden", whom he can't see but can only hear his voice over a speaker. Golden's flunky gives Nick some papers that outlines their deal so that Nick can buy his company. Not only will Nick pay him a huge sum, but Nick has to agree that he will owe him some favor in the future. Nick agrees. Mr. Golden's flunky makes Nick put his finger into a security device to make sure it's his print. Nick leaves, looking a little disconcerted. Golden tells him that he'll be in touch. Nick gets on his plane, where Storm is waiting. He gives Storm the paperwork from Golden's deal, then he phones Jackie to tell her the good news. He asks her to prepare a statement for tomorrow. She asks if he's sure he wants to do this, and he sure is. He wants the Forresters to debut their collection tomorrow and have no one to sell it to.

Storm verifies that Golden's contract is good. Nick and Fenmore are the only major buyers left in their business. They will start transferring ownership of Golden's properties to Jackie M immediately. Nick insists that the Forresters not know about any of this until tomorrow.

Jackie visits Eric in his office. He is busy getting his show together. She admires his work, and he boasts that it's his best work. He shares with her about how excited he is. Feeling guilty, Jackie tells him that he will always have a place at Forrester Creations. He thinks that she's worried about the future of the company, but she hints that there are other factors in business besides the designs. He doesn't take the hint but guesses that Jackie M is not going to handle their collection. She admits that's true but guesses herself that he has increased production. He wonders why she looks at him pityingly. She just blames Stephanie for all of Eric's prblems. Stephanie comes in and gives Jackie a hard time for offering him a job. She asks Eric to leave, which is fine with Jackie because she wants to talk to Stephanie. They argue about Eric. Stephanie is confident that their company will be successful tomorrow. She warns that her family and company are stronger than ever. Jackie says softly that she is not the villain and doesn't wish them any ill will, but Stephanie doesn't listen or believe her.

Ridge gets Phoebe ready for the big show. She mentions Rick and then tells her dad not to worry about her and Rick. Nick tries to get Phoebe to do something with him, but Ridge insists that she do what he asks her to do. He tells Rick again to stay away from her. Brooke comes along and tells Ridge that he can't stop them from seeing each other, but he is adamant about keeping Rick from Phoebe. She warns that if he makes this a big deal, it will become one.

Thorne phones Eric to tell him that he's worried because Golden's stores are all closed. Eric thinks there is some mistake, but Thorne can tell that something is wrong. He adds that he hasn't heard from the other distributors, either. Eric, busy, just tells him that they'll straighten it out tomorrow.

Later, Eric and Ridge discuss their clothes and the lineup for tomorrow. Ridge asks about Thorne's phone call, but Eric dismisses it as nothing. Eric makes a speech to everyone about how grateful he is and thanks them. Rick tells him that he loves him. Eric also thanks Ridge for his help and says that they are unbeatable. He wonders where Stephanie is.

Stephanie visits Nick in his office. She wonders if he sent Jackie over to distract Eric, but he didn't even know she went there. They exchange insults. Nick then warns her that judgement day is coming where she will pay for what she's done.

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