B&B Wednesday Update 2/7/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/7/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Ridge and Brooke continue to have words about Rick and Phoebe being under the same roof and setting boundaries for them. Brooke reminds Ridge whose roof it is. He remarks so if he doesn’t agree with her, does that mean he is outta there? She tells him don’t be childish. All ultimatums are off the table. They are trying to build a family. He asks why isn’t she saying this to Rick, not him? She remarks that she hates to break it to him, but not everyone is going to fall in love with him at first sight. He reminds her that families aren’t made, they just are. And all is not going to be sunny and roses either. Rick doesn’t like him and that’s a shame. He can live with that. What he can’t live with is something going on between Rick and Phoebe. Brooke says then they don’t have a problem. Unlike Ridge, Phoebe is just trying to make Rick feel welcome. And she refuses to see that as indecent.

Phoebe quizzes a model, Jenna, about Rick and his savvy ways and if he dated another girl they know? Jenna says she doesn’t think Rick dates employees. While looking for a pen, a flight schedule falls out of his jacket – back to Paris. Phoebe seems non too happy about this.

Shane McGrath gets misdirected and ends up with Rick Forrester instead of Phoebe. He has a new job, haircut, suit and tie, and wants to show them his office products. Rick picks up on the name right away. Shane replies he is sure he has, been kicked around by Phoebe’s father. But he assures Rick that the guy has misjudged him quite a bit. And once he has made up his mind, it’s pretty hard to change it. Rick says yeah, he can’t argue with that. Shane declares he is sure that Phoebe will want to see him. Phoebe shows up and greets him. He remarks that he did it. Her father said he’d never amount to anything, but check this out. He displays a business card…..assistant officer manager, waste consultant. She tells him that is wonderful.

Pam checks her bags but Eric disapproves that she is leaving. And didn’t he tell her not to pack until she and her sister and himself had time for a little talk. She reminds him that he ordered a limo and she will be late for her flight. He remarks that is the good thing about L.A. – flights 24 hours a day and he did not say he ordered a limo, but that one was coming. Stephanie comes dashing in, afraid she was going to be late and miss her sister. They hug and say they are going to miss each other. Eric claims that no one has to miss anyone; Pammy is not leaving.

Rick tells Shane he is sorry to interrupt, but he doesn’t know what he is selling. Is it products, machines, a service? Shane turns to Phoebe and says he will tell her what he’s selling – dinner, him and her. Yeah, he’d love to have the account here, but he thinks there are more important things they could be discussing. So he has taken the liberty of making a reservation at Café Russe. He looks at Rick and asks if he has any objections? Rick asks if he thinks it is any of his business? Shane likes that, a refreshing change of attitude there. Phoebe asks Rick if there is anything she needs to do there tonight or something tomorrow that she needs to get ready for? He quips that nothing he knows of. He’s going to work late, but that’s no reason she shouldn’t have a life. She asks is that it. He replies if she wants another answer, she needs to ask her father. She tells Shane she doesn’t need her dad’s permission for dinner, so just let her go change her clothes. Before leaving, she tells Rick she will see him tomorrow. He tells her don’t stay out too late.

Ridge warns Brooke, doesn’t she remember when Bridget was Phoebe’s age? So many things to protect them from, and so few ways to do it? She refuses to take this serious and says Phoebe doesn’t need protecting. Rick is only befriending her. Ridge agrees – but usually without supervision and quite late at night. She asks has it ever occurred to him that his threats and forbidding might actually bring about the one thing that he fears the most? He’s putting something in their heads that is not even there. He states he remembers being Rick’s age – it’s there! She offers that she refuses to make their children ashamed of themselves for no reason. He asks where that does that leave them? She sighs and reveals about where they started.

Eric continues with Pam that she is not leaving, she’s become a part of the family in a short amount of time. There are so many reasons for her not to go. Stephanie sees how uncomfortable she is and tells him that Pam WANTS to go home. She may not want to take care of their mother, neither does she. Eric chimes in that he’s not sure Pam wanted to either. Pam says that’s okay. Her mother needs her and they are used to each other. And it’s not like she has some grand talent for something else that she is wasting. But, what she couldn’t do is stay here and leave Ann alone. She couldn’t do that, and he has no idea how brutal the winters can be in Chicago. Pam says Eric has been nothing less than…….Stephanie finishes for her – perfect. He’s absolutely perfection…a little impractical, but perfect. She calls him Mr. Perfection, now he can take the bags out to the car. Pam says to wait, she has something to say. She has had the time of her life. Isn’t that pathetic? All she has done is be there, but she can’t tell them how much it meant that they included her and appreciated her. Now, she’s ready to go. They hear a car and assume it is the limo for Pam. Stephanie tells her to relax, she has plenty of time. And please apologize to their mother. She had called her a selfish old witch just before she’d left and she was sorry. They give a hearty laugh when Pam says she doesn’t think she will even remember it. They look around and doubletake as Ann stands in the doorway and meekly says she is not at all sure she is ready to move to L.A., but since Eric offered the selfish old witch, she thought it would be impolite not to at least come take a look. The sisters about bore a hole looking at Eric with his sly grin.

Ridge tries to put a romantic move on Brooke and she purrs that he isn’t going to get around her that way. He says he’s only trying to make up. She explains that he is skipping the part where they came to an agreement. And they are not twenty five anymore. He says so? It’s not that kind of argument. It’s not about being possessive or jealous or either one of them not loving the other enough. They are just having a family argument. She acts surprised. Does that mean they are a family already? He says all he knows is that she is hot and luscious when she’s upset with him. He plays with her hair and gently kisses her and pulls her to him. But, she breaks away teasing him to stop it, she is not! And for him not to dare give her ‘that look’. He flirts more until she is about to succumb and she tells him at least lock the door.

At the restaurant, Shane tries to impress Phoebe with this business acumun. When ordering, she orders Grilled Scallops Ceasar. He whispers that she can order anything that she wants. She says that is all she wants. He asks the waiter for a minute and again tells Phoebe not to embarrass him. She can order anything she wants. He wouldn’t have brought her here if he couldn’t afford it. She assures him this is what she always orders. He laments he can sit here and try to impress her until doom’s day, and it isn’t going to work. He explains that he knows his job is not all that glamorous, but it is a good job. And it has great benefits and he worked his way to the top pretty quickly. He thought that is what she wanted. She says it is and she is happy and proud of him. Rick and Jenna come in and sit at the bar, looking on at Phoebe and Shane. Jenna wonders if that is Phoebe’s boyfriend and why is Phoebe scowling? Rick remarks you never know with that one.

Both stunned, Pam and Stephanie say they don’t understand. Eric tells them to come on in and he’ll explain. He wants them to all sit down, he has something to show them. Eric is cordial and asks Ann how was the plane? She loved it. But, says it is hard to leave your friends at the drop of a hat. Pam scoffs, what friends? Ann replies not that she could go out while Pam was shilly-shallying around and make all the fun all she wants, someday she will be old too. Pam reminds her that she was the one who tried to get them a duplex in Palm Beach. Ann retorts it was one of those golden years places, and she can’t abide old ladies. Eric says that is not what he has in mind at all. He thought an ocean-view condo in Santa Monica and hands her a brochure. Close to shopping, theaters, everything right in walking distance. He jokes that he thought he did see a few little old ladies, but he doesn’t think they will bother her.

Stephanie tells him that he isn’t listening. Her mother does not want to leave Chicago. Ann quips that at her age, she gets used to being ‘bossed’ around and Eric is no worse than Stephanie’s sister. Then she orders Pam to bring her the makeup kit out of her bag. She states she must look a fright. Pam gives Stephanie a ‘look’ and toddles off like a good little girl, returning to Ann’s back as if to club her over the head. With eyes in the back of her head, Ann tells her to stop that, she is not funny. Stephanie tells her mother she does not have to do this. Ann replies the last thing she wants is to be a burden. She’ll do whatever is most convenient for all of them. Then she quizzes Pam, she saw her bags as she came in. Is she going somewhere? Pam replies, “whither thou goest.” Eric says no, Pam is moving into the guest house. They have two, she can take her pick. Stephanie is shocked. Then he adds to Ann they will hire a housekeeper for her. Ann says she thinks that is a good idea. Pam depends on her far too much. She opines that the ocean doesn’t look that different than Lake Michigan. And she is sure a professional will know better than to leave streaks on the windows. While Pam is about to drop her teeth, Stephanie tells Eric she wants to speak to him on the terrace NOW!

Shane confesses to Phoebe that he went some place the other day to find his birth mother. He feels like that is one of the reasons she always feel down, because he never felt like he really belonged to anybody. His parents were good people, the ones who raised him, but they just wanted a kid to adopt. He was more like a project, any kid would do. He notices her looking and asks what is so interesting about her cousin? She says he’s not. He’s perturbed and says he realizes he’s not going to belong to her much longer either. He grouses that he knocks himself out to do right, but where does that get him? She tells him look, she is happy for his success, but she wanted it for him, not for herself. She says she is sorry, it’s not a very good night. He dismisses her that maybe it’s about that time that she goes and powders her nose or something. As she passes Rick, he tries to stop her by saying he got tired at the office. She’s curt to him by saying she knows about his attention span, have a good life !

Ann makes more comments that she’s not sure she could get used to a couch like that. Pam reminds her she can bring her own. Ann tells her not to look so forlorn. Is having a life on her own so terrible? Pam agrees no, it wouldn’t. Stephanie asks Eric where is this coming from? Christmas was one thing, but this! He answers it’s their turn. She asks, turn for what? He tells her to step up and take care of her mother. She can’t believe he’s doing this without even consulting her. It’s HER mother! He points out that makes her his family too. And it’s not in their home, but the guesthouse. And if she asks him, it’s not nearly hospitable enough. And Pam is NOT a guest, she’s family too. He did not discuss it with her because he thinks she has a blind spot when it comes to her sister. She deserves this, Stephanie owes her. Stephanie rails that what Pam deserves will be settled between them. Something is going on and he’s not telling her.

Rocked by her attitude, Rick asks what is Phoebe’s problem? She fires back that the one she had is leaving town. Shouldn’t he be with his date? He informs her that Jenna’s boyfriend was meeting her here but her cab didn’t show up, so he gave her a ride. And he wanted to stick around and make sure the Shane character behaved himself. She asks why does he care? Tomorrow she is history, right? They go into this tete-a-tete and she pulls the ticket out of his pocket. He tells her he forgot about it as he had bought a round-trip ticket. She pouts that she is sorry they are too ordinary for him here. He tears up the ticket and says he cancelled it last week. She asks why? “You can’t figure that out?”, he replies.

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