B&B Monday Update 2/5/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/5/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Bridget and Phoebe share some girlie talk as Phoebe is changing clothes at Forrester’s. Phoebe thinks this is so much fun, Bridget as design consultant and she has incredible taste in clothes. They can pretend they are in high school, trade gossip and try on new clothes for summer. It’s obvious to Bridget by all that Phoebe says that she has a huge crush on brother, Rick.

Rick has to throw his weight around to get some needed fabric. He tells his caller he’ll send the company jet and pick up the fabrics directly. Just upload the invoices and he’ll take care of it. Stephanie remarks that she’s delighted that he is throwing himself into his work. He sneers that is what he’s getting paid for. She says he made the right decision by coming here. He says he’s only doing it because of his father. He wants the company to succeed for his dad’s sake. And he’s going to do everything in his power to see that happens. She says good, they all want it to succeed. And she praises him on his song last night with Phoebe; how good they are. He tells her not to get the wrong idea. He did it for his mother. She asks if he really wishes his mom had stayed married to Nick? He offers that he really wishes she had not pushed Nick’s mother over the balcony….or humiliated Jackie on the runway. He barks does she have any idea the damage she caused the Forrester name overseas? He continues that Forrester Creations was as much his legacy as Ridge’s. Maybe even more so since he is Eric Forrester’s son by blood. Now everything that he has created and built at Forrester International is now gone. Stephanie admits that he has every right to be angry at her, but she would like to think that he is now old enough to realize that life gets a little messy every once in a while. He snaps yes, he does. And she should know something about that since she is the one usually creating the mess. She laments that she has learned in life that you get over the past and on with the future. He asks what if he can’t do either one? Simply, she says then it’s his issue and his problem. He differs – it’s his family’s problems. They’ve invested all of their capital and his inheritance into this new enterprise….and they are up against Nick Marone.

Storm tells Nick that he has to hand it to him. He’s quartered the west coast and the Asian markets. If he can get Europe from Yvette St. Julienne then he’s more than halfway there. Yvette and her business manager arrive and it’s hugs and kisses all the way around and Jackie gushes that she looks tre chic as always. She meets Nick and thanks him for chartering the jet and stocking it with all her favorites. She likes the way he does business. But, she will be perfectly frank. If he has brought her here for what she thinks, then he is going to be very disappointed.

Phoebe remembers last night’s duet with Rick and the talk afterwards. Once again she gushes to Bridget who is sensing more and more the obvious attraction with Rick. Rick tells Stephanie please – she has underestimated Nick twice, with disastrous results. He’s begging her, take the blinders off. She wants to know if Rick thinks Nick is planning something? Rick reports they are using the Forrester name, and he hasn’t sued. Isn’t that curious? He doesn’t have talent for the fashion business, but he does have a strategy. The question is when is going to reveal it? She can see he has given this some thought, and asks for more insight. He reveals that they are launching their new line shortly. There is no way in hell that Nick is going to allow that to go smoothly. So, he’s going to be looking over his shoulder and he suggests she do the same. Rick gets an intercom call and says he will be right there. Stephanie recalls her last encounter with Nick and his ‘in the spotlight get ya’ speech.

Cutting to the chase, Yvette’s manager tells Nick that her boutiques are not for sale though Nick vows he will be generous. Especially for a business like hers that is in a precarious financial situation, he would say uncommonly generous. She wants to know where he heard that? He states that she has been bleeding red ink for some time now and his bean counters have been able to hide it pretty well. But numbers don’t lie; she is losing money. It’s tough to make ends meet and basically she is going broke. Jackie throws in her two cents that if she were Yvette she would spend more time in that fabulous Monaco estate and less time worrying and wondering about the bottom line and how to stay solvent. Nick concludes that he has put together a little deal for her. And let’s face it, she’s dying and he’s throwing her a life raft. The business manager says it’s only a pittance of what they are worth. Nick says what they WERE worth….and they are losing money every month. This is a very attractive offer considering. Yvette suggests it’s generous considering it’s a means to an end. Everyone in the industry knows his acquisition for Forrester Creations was about revenge. That’s hardly a solid business plan. Especially for a man who’s ability to make it in the fashion world is suspect, at best.

Again Jackie tries to soothe things over. Timing is everything and a savvy businesswoman knows when to dig her stilettos in or cash in – go off and buy a more comfortable, stylish pair. Yvette asks how long does she have to consider this? Nick answers one week and then he pulls the offer for good. And as his mother so graciously put it – timing is everything. She reminds him that acquiring her chain of shops won’t bring the Forrester’s to their knees. They do have other distributors. He urges her not to make this about the Forrester’s. But, what is best for her. And what he has learned about her company, she won’t get a better offer than this. And he thinks she realizes this, so why doesn’t she finalize this while she is in L.A? He hands her the pen.

Phoebe goes on about Rick’s soulful eyes and the way he looked at her. Bridget comments that yeah she’s all grown up now since Rick last paid much attention to her, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed either. And she pours it on how all the European girls fall for him and how many conquests he has. When Bridget leaves, once again Phoebe daydreams about Rick. She’s standing there in her body suit when Rick walks in and she dives to cover up.

Jackie is ecstatic that Yvette signed. Stephanie walks in and overhears that everything is falling into place. She inquires to what? Nick asks her what is she doing in their place? She extols that it is just a friendly visit….just checking up on them to make sure they aren’t up to something. They might be trying to sabotage the new launch. She gloats she has more friends in the business than they do, so she’ll find out. And she mentions the document that Nick is holding behind his back.

Rick teases Phoebe about being a prude. She’s not, she just doesn’t like being sneaked upon. He tells her that he’s been in the fashion business a long time and she’s not exactly the first model he’s seen in her undies. She thinks he is looking for Bridget, but he tells her no, he was looking for her. He tells her what a great time he had at the party last night. He was dreading it and it turned out a lot better than he expected. She figures he can find a party just about anyplace he is. She tries to slip off and he asks is there a problem? She remarks there is and she’s looking at him. Him and Paris, the Big Dipper, his sexy models…she calls it as she sees it, he’s nothing but a slick playboy and she won’t be played, so there!

Stephanie admonishes that if they are up to something, she will find out. And she will use whatever methods necessary. Nick quips for her to do that and he hopes she ends up in jail where she belongs. Yvette suddenly returns and Stephanie is surprised to see her but delighted and greets her as an old friend. She scolds Nick for trying to sneak Yvette in and out of town without telling her. She bets they want to put their merchandise in her stores. And she bets they are pressuring her to give up her professional and personal relationship with Forrester. Jackie tells her not to badger the poor woman; Yvette doesn’t have to answer to her.

Stephanie warns Yvette that she shouldn’t trust this S.O.B. He wants to put inferior merchandise in high-end stores. The Forrester name is still on the building, but the talent doesn’t reside there anymore. That is over at Forrester Originals. She reminds Yvette they have been in the business together a long time and friends even longer. They’ve had loyalty from each other. Now she’s going to count on that loyalty and friendship. Yvette is going to tell her what’s going on!

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