B&B Friday Update 2/2/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/2/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Phoebe practically gushes to Taylor about the last time she really spent any time with Rick, must have been some Christmas, but he seemed so much older then. She says it must be that way when you’re a kid, but they are all grown up now and its not’s like that. She thinks that he thinks that by him living in Europe, it’s made him more mature, but she says she’s gone through a lot this past year too. But, he’s not stuck-up, just funny. Ridge overhears this last part and asks shouldn’t she be getting dressed for the party? Phoebe tells him that she left her dress over at her mom’s, so she brought it over. Ridge urges her to hurry and go put it on. She hugs her mom goodbye. He tells Taylor that if she had brought her dress that she could have gotten a ride over to mom and dad’s. Sadly she says she won’t be going to the party. That she and Thorne aren’t seeing each other any more. Both are so sorry to hear that. She conveys that guess they were fools to ever think Ally would accept her. Phoebe says that is not true; Thorne loves her. She admits that she loves him too, but this is what he wanted. She’s just going to miss Ally so much. Both Phoebe and Ridge offer for her to stay with Taylor for a while, but she declines. Ridge tells her that actually he would prefer that Phoebe spent more time at her place just now. Taylor asks why? Is there a reason he doesn’t want her here? He reveals that Rick is staying there. Taylor says she knows the two of them have issues, but is it that bad? Ridge offers that if it were up to him, Ridge and Brooke wouldn’t be getting married nor together at all.

Brooke catches Rick coming from the shower and tells him he’d better hurry and get dressed or they are going to be late. First he says maybe they can just go without him, then he says he’s kidding, just give him five more minutes. She tells him it means a lot to her that he’s going and it would mean a lot more than that if he’d reconsider singing their song. He tells her absolutely not, and she better get dressed too or she will make them all late.

Eric compliments Stephanie on the look of the living room. She is only down a little bit because of way things worked out for Thorne and Taylor. She had left a message, but she thinks she will go try her again. Before she leaves, Pam saunters in and Eric brags on how sensational she looks in her beautiful dress, which she states is a bit much for her. He tells her no, it’s exactly as he imagined it would be. He goes to her and takes the sheer drape off her shoulder and lets it slip down around her arms and waist, exposing more of her neck and chest. Stephanie thinks it looks familiar and then remembers it was a sketch in the office. He beams that it’s from the original – the first group of Forrester Originals and it’s beautiful on Pam. She feels badly, she shouldn’t be wearing it. What if she spills something on it? Eric says she has to wear the dress that she helped him create. Stephanie agrees; he told her everything. And he was able to focus and work as hard as he did because Pam took such good care of him while she was gone. She thanks her with a big hug and Pam’s eyes dart to Eric’s.

Jackie laments that Evette San Julian is flying in tomorrow and as good news as that is, she still may not accept their offer. Nick claims that he has done some research on her company and she will accept. His eyes glance at the newspaper with large headlines about Brooke and Ridge announcing their engagement.

Catching Brooke dressing, Ridge tells her she looks beautiful. She tells him he looks awfully serious. He states it is Taylor and his brother. They have called it quits. Apparently because Ally couldn’t accept Taylor as her stepmom. They both agree that is sad, but he has to do what is best for Ally. And it sounds all too familiar. With Rick and the attitude he has going these days. He tells her that Rick doesn’t want him anywhere near his mom. But, if he tries to pull anything tonight……Brooke says he won’t. Ridge goes on that if he does, he will go after him. “Somebody’s got to set that kid straight. I have a feeling it’s going to have to be me.” But he doesn’t want to put a damper on things. Brooke says Rick knows how important this evening is to her. She thinks he will come around and with Phoebe’s help, perhaps sooner than they think. He suggests that Phoebe shouldn’t have to defend their relationship. Brooke says but at least she has been around enough to know they are happy and Rick hasn’t. Ridge adds that Phoebe is just not objective. She’s only eighteen and too susceptible. Susceptible to Rick’s attitude. He mimics how she was going on about him to Taylor. Brooke thinks that is cute, that she has a little crush on him. Ridge says no, it is NOT cute. He doesn’t like it and he wants it to stop.

Jackie takes the newspaper from Nick and says they need to get back to work. Tell her about his research. He says Evette’s company is undervalued. They can buy it before the quarterly earnings come out, it’ll save them millions. By the time the Forrester’s figure it out, it will be too late. Their fashion show will be a disaster. Taylor slips in unannounced, no one was at the front desk. She says hello to Jackie but asks Nick if she might speak with him alone.

Phoebe is roaming the hallway calling out for either Brooke or her dad. Rick hears her and asks what’s wrong? Her zipper is stuck. He tells her to come on in, he has a way with zippers. She wonders why they don’t put them on the side so you can see it better. He advises her to ask her dad. Then he quips and while she is at it, why doesn’t she ask him when he plans on breaking his mom’s heart again? He wants to know how long he has to keep this fake, supportive smile on his face. She suggests he sure is going to be the life of the party. He tells her it could be worse; his mom asked him to sing their song, but he’s not going to do it. She wonders if he is just chicken? He jokes no, he might flub the lines and say unforgivable. He hustles her out so they won’t be late.

Stephanie instructs the caterers to bring on the champagne and then the caviar later. Pam brings in her mom’s famous five-layer dip, always a hit. Stephanie gets Pam to agree to go help Eric greet everyone when they arrive. Bridget hugs her dad and says she can’t believe that Stephanie is actually throwing an engagement party for her mom and Ridge. She hugs Aunt Pam and thanks her for bringing the soup by the hospital, making her everybody’s favorite doctor. The guests of honor arrives and they all greet one another and Phoebe admires Pam’s dress. Ridge asks if it is one of his dad’s designs and she answers yes, and she is honored to be wearing it. He retorts that he is honored that she is too.

Felicia enters and kiss-kisses Brooke and remarks that she is going to be her sister-in-law again. Hugging Ridge, she says it’s good that one couple in the family could make it. Thorne, poor guy, she really feels sorry for him. Stephanie re-enters the room and spies Rick and says she is glad he came. Did his mother talk him into coming? He remarks that there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Stephanie says that makes her one lucky mother and one lucky woman this evening. She grabs Brooke and tells her “let’s get started.” Likewise, Ridge grabs Rick by the elbow and steers him to a private place and tells him to stay away from his daughter. Rick says excuse me, what is he talking about? Ridge answers he doesn’t want him putting ideas in his head. Rick wonders what ideas? Like he and Stephanie were the cause of his father for losing his company? Ridge says “our” father is doing some of his best works in years at Forrester Originals. Rick points out, that number one – he is NOT his father, he’s HIS father. Massimo is Ridge’s father. He starts to say more but Brooke interrupts as Stephanie is about to say something.

Indeed, she says here they are ready to celebrate Brooke and Ridge – again! And they should keep in mind Thorne and Taylor. Not every couple are as fortunate as Ridge and Brooke are. Eric and Bridget chime in that that’s the truth. Rick glares as Ridge and Brooke fawn over each other.

Alone, Nick asks Taylor what seems to be the problem? She remarks that she will tell him if he promises not to say “I told you so”. He figures it must be about Thorne then. She reveals they aren’t going to get married. She doesn’t even know why she is there. She’s not looking for sympathy, but she thought she could stay home staring at the walls and fighting the urge to drink, or she could come over and see if he was in the mood for wings. He says always. She asks extra hot? He answers that heartburn is a better choice than heartache. He’ll give them a call and have them waiting. On the way out, she turns and kisses him right beside the mouth.

As the champagne flows, Stephanie urges Eric to ask Pam to dance sine she’s over there by herself. Eric says that’s a great idea. Brooke whispers to the pianist and then announces to the crowd that they know ‘Unforgettable’ is their song and she’s asked the band to play it. but there is one thing to make it more special and she looks to Rick and asks if he will please sing it? Please? His mouth flies open to say no until Bridget says she distinctly remembers he just told Stephanie that he would do anything for his mom. He sees they are going to railroad him so he finally gives in and says okay. But, he wants Phoebe to join him in the song. She tries to beg off but they end up singing “it’s incredible that someone so unforgettable thinks I am unforgettable too.” They hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes (a little too long) as they croon, to cheers and applause. All remark how good he is and Bridget especially liked the looks they gave each other. According to her, Phoebe was practically melting at the sight of him. And Felicia adds and what little girl wouldn’t? She thinks maybe she has a little crush on him. Ridge grouses that no she doesn’t. Brooke explains that daddy is a little over-protective.

Eric gives a toast – may their lives together be as wonderful and romantic as a love song. All clink their glasses to that. On the terrace, Phoebe tells Rick that he was amazing. They both compliment each other and he says he couldn’t have done it without her. It was fun and they sounded good together. Rick offers that is what he likes about music. It comes from a place inside, a primal and sensual place. And music is one of the oldest forms of expression and that’s why it affects people so much. It cuts through the garbage that society throws at them, day after day, and really gets to the core of who they are.

Bridget comes out and tells Phoebe that her dad is looking for her. She hesitates and doesn’t want to go, but does. Suddenly Ridge is at his back and states that he thought he told him to leave Phoebe alone. If Rick wants to defy him, then get in HIS face, but don’t use Phoebe to do it. He warns him of something right now. If he EVER, and he means EVER crosses the line with his daughter, “I’ll kill you.”

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