B&B Tuesday Update 1/30/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/30/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Brooke is cutting flowers in the garden when Nick brings Hope home. She brags that she ate octopus, but she closed her eyes. Brooke asks her to take the flowers in to Catherine for the table. And warns her that she’ll probably be asleep by time dinner is served. Nick thanks Brooke for letting him take Hope. She’s curt with him by saying she is surprised he could tear himself away from the Forrester’s. Especially when there is something so big and important. And he never did tell her; what is he up to? He asks her if she really is going to do this, play corporate spy? Because if she is, she isn’t going to get anything from him. She calls him stubborn as usual. He asks what does she want from him? He thinks he has given her everything she has asked, including permission to put her engagement ring on. She states that if she had gotten everything she wanted, they would still be married.

Eric and Pam play Scrabble and he delights in smelling her pot roast and wishes she could cook it all winter. She thinks he will be all too happy to get back to his fancy grilled whatever. He tries to convince her to stay on longer, but she reminds him that Stephanie is coming back tomorrow and the last thing he needs is a third wheel at his reunion. He quips perhaps a live-in referee is exactly what he needs. Nick asks if Brooke can stand there and really say she is marrying the dressmaker because he didn’t give her what she needed? She declares that she didn’t leave him for Ridge. They ended because loving him was too painful.

Phoebe practices her moves on the run-way but has a few problems with the shoes. Rick gives her some tips because she was pounding the floor like a Clydesdale. Also not so much smiling. She says she is sorry. She keeps forgetting that happy people are vapid. No, he says, she has to have something behind the eyes….something besides her hair, like a secret. She quips like maybe she has no underwear on? He flirts no, maybe like she was raised by a pack of wolves in Siberia or something….or she’s the sole survivor of a plane crash. She says this is her life and she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. They eventually get around to the triangle of Brooke, Ridge and Taylor. Her father is marrying his mother and nobody seems to think anything of it, including her.

Pam tells Eric it’s all been arranged. Stephanie comes home and she hightails it back to her mother. He says yeah the Pentagon could really use her mother, the way she has everyone jumping on command. She says there is something that he could do to make her leaving a little easier……but, who is she to give advice? She’s never been married or done what the two of them have done, promised to love each other through thick and thin. He reminds her of her commitment to her mother all those years. She reflects that is different. When there is nobody to step in, you just do. She says what is really funny is that she was the one raised to be a wife. Stephanie wasn’t. Their father wanted her to be president or something….give people orders, decide people’s destinies. Nobody taught Stephanie how to just be happy until she met Eric. Then it just happened. “Please, Eric, don’t take that away from her. She loves you so much.” He tells her that he respects her commitment to her mother all those years, but some man somewhere really missed out.

Phoebe explains that she too has feelings about her dad getting married again. Just because he wasn’t here doesn’t mean that the others haven’t thought about it enough to have opinions. She obviously wanted it to work between her mom and dad, but she thinks too much time has passed. Her dad missed Brooke and they were happy together. Rick argues then why did he walk away, time after time? She offers that people do dumb things. Doesn’t he? And she adds that she loves Brooke. For a while she knew her better than her mother. And he wasn’t here, he didn’t see what they had, and Phoebe had. He grouses yeah but he sees the damage Ridge left behind. She claims that she wanted to blame him too, but some things just have to be hard. You talk about people with something behind their eyes, but how do you think it got there? He asks what size shoes does she wear? He’s going to buy her some new ones as she might as well do this Cinderella thing.

Nick asks Brooke if she wants to take a moment and share painful stories? Why don’t they start with the night she invited him to dinner and laid down the rules on how he should be a good little husband. She doesn’t want to get into this. He continues of which all he accepted. Even the ones that made his head spin, and she ended up leaving him anyway. And to watch that clown propose to her on TV! Does Brooke think he would ever do that? Does she think he would ever take their personal life and expose it like a circus? How much does she want to hurt him back? She argues that she doesn’t want to hurt him back. Doesn’t he know how precious he is to her and always will be? He scoffs and says you can learn more about a person when you’re divorcing them than by staying married to them, and he sure as hell didn’t see this coming.

She says to see what? Does he think she has forgotten a single day of being in his life? A single night of being in his bed?....his stupid jokes, his smelly cigars, and her heart racing every time she knew he was going to come through the front door. She wishes she could forget. No, no, she doesn’t wish that. He seems surprised when she says she really wishes it could have always been the beginning and never have to end.

As Phoebe continues to practice, Rick tells her don’t act like she’s been modeling all her life. She thanks him for thinking she is pretty instead of his dumpy little cousin….no, not cousin….what are they? Brother, sister, uncle, what? Anyway her point is that a woman shouldn’t be about looking thin or hip or young or any of that. It’s about having a brain in your head and making your own decisions. He agrees, but how many teenagers decide to buy a $4,000 dress? She declares that she can and she’s not ashamed of it. She loves being a Forrester. He informs her that’s good, but she’s not a Forrester. But, he is!

Nick tells Brooke that he doesn’t understand her. He admits he is stuck and he can’t get past it. He’s like a solider walking around with a shot in the stomach. He points, there’s this hole here and if he lets go, his guts are going to fall right out on the sidewalk. But how long did it take for her to be into Ridge? And suddenly she is happy again. All the misery this man has caused her now means nothing. And what they’d shared, what they’d had together, what he thought they’d had together, she’s now over it. Would she show him how to do that? He could use the help. She asks if he thinks nobody loves like he does? Nobody feels like he does? She tells him just go out there on the street and ask any woman how she would react hearing that her husband slept with her daughter. Just ask her how much she would feel that. And then ask her if she wouldn’t run as far as she could in the opposite direction?

Pam calls Eric a flatterer when he says he has never tasted anything so plain good. And they have to finish this or it’s going to end up on a platter tomorrow night at Ridge and Brooke’s engagement party. She says she will make him some hash with it for breakfast before she goes. He questions – breakfast? What time is her flight? She answers about 11, but she needs to be there early. She’s probably going to miss Stephanie. He asks her to stay or she will be missed. He will miss her. Does she realize how many years he hated living in this house? She’s made it feel like a home again to him. She’s helped him remember what it was like all those years when he really loved living here, raising the kids and making plans and dreaming dreams. And knowing how wonderful it is to feel that you’re really where you belong. And does she know what else? She helped him remember why he wanted to be married. And he confesses that yes he still wants to be married and that’s why he and her sister are going to work things out. She remarks that makes her very happy. He replies – if she stays for the party. He’s learned that from her side of the family, how to play dirty. She exclaims she doesn’t think he knows how wonderful this time has been for her, being surrounded by family her own age, younger, people enjoying their lives. Maybe she could stand to enjoy hers a little more. She thinks she will stay! She looks guiltily around the house at the photos of Stephanie and family as she fantasizes about Eric kissing her. She’s suddenly brought out of her daydream when Eric asks if she wants more wine, he’s going down to the cellar.

Rick tells Phoebe that her mother is a Hamilton and her dad a Marone. That makes her a faux Forrester. She argues that she is not a faux. He laughs that she is. And she replies she is not an evil Marone either. She tells him he knows who she is talking about. Is she talking about Nick? Cause he was good for his mom. They had something special. What happened? Why did they split up? Phoebe reveals because he’s evil. He says he doesn’t blame Nick for taking over the company. He blames the two people who lost the company, Stephanie and Ridge. Phoebe argues that her dad had nothing to do with that. Rick reminds her that Ridge jumped on the bandwagon when Stephanie decided to humiliate Jackie. Phoebe thinks they were just trying to keep the company. Rick says and they blew it. The two people with the least claim to it. Forrester Creations really belonged to his father and his children, himself and Bridget and all of their half-siblings. She sees, she’s got it. He’s all about who entitled to what? Disregard the people who actually worked there, doing the work and taking the hits? While he ate his authentic french fries in Paris. He laughs and tells her she sure doesn’t hold back. She says he better get used to it, they are going to be brother and sister soon. He asks why, just because Brooke and Ridge are getting married? Anything could happen with those two. She refutes not this time, they are going to be married. He says they still won’t be related.

Brooke relays to Nick that she didn’t mean to bring that up. He thanks her for letting him see Hope. She asks him not to go. Just tell her who lost who? He reveals he doesn’t know. He just knows she clearly must be a much faster healer. She points out that women can handle pain easier than men. It’s a medical fact. They simply don’t think it will go away. He tells her this is never going to go away either, is it? Then says don’t invite him to the wedding, they make him cry. She cries that whenever she looks in the mirror or at Hope, she sees him and the way he shaped their lives. She will carry a part of him with her always.

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