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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/29/07


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Brooke and Ridge continue their kissy-face show in the office (how will Eric ever get a showing like this?) Ridge finally admits they need to remember they have a showing bearing down on them. She even mentions that Stephanie is working on their engagement party all the way from Chicago. He retorts it isn’t exactly like she’s Aunt Pam laughing away in the kitchen; her thing is more like calling the caterer. Still she’s happy that everyone is on their side……well he says except for Rick. She points out he should put himself in Rick’s shoes – he lost his job in Paris and had 200 employees working for him that loved him. Ridge just hopes he loves working for them as much as husband and wife. Just the words to set Brooke off again and she wants to continue their smooching. Phoebe interrupts and Brooke manages to get Ridge to vamoose so she can speak with Phoebe alone.

Nick tells his mother that they have Harrison’s locked up as a distributor. Now they need to nail down the others. Both Storm and Jackie are still concerned that Nick is over-extending himself. Mr. Chen arrives and announces that he is here, but they are a long way from an agreement.

Rick tells someone over the phone despite the fact that he is back in L.A. that Forrester Originals will be available in Europe as well. He okays the dress that model Ciara is wearing. She offers to show him some hot spots in town if he’d like. Ridge walks in and tells him that he knows he’s not the top of his list that he wants to hang out with. Rick sloughs it off as whatever it takes to get Forrester Originals up and running. Ridge finds it exciting that they are going to have an opportunity to collaborate. Rick sneers that he might find it exciting and pumped up about all of this – new company, new offices, but he sees it a bit differently. Ridge asks then how does he see it? Rick answers that he is Eric Forrester Junior and Forrester Creations mattered as much to him as anybody. And he had to let half of his international employees go….the other half have no idea who Nick Marone is or what he is up to. And those people were like family to him. Ridge brags that in a little while he will be able to go back and hire them all back. So, fine, if he needs somebody to be pissed at, it might as well be him. Rick rails at him and points out that doesn’t he realize the damage he has caused? Jackie Marone is a respected businesswoman and they publicly humiliated her. His European colleagues were appalled. Personally he doesn’t think he can overcome this P.R. nightmare that he’s in. And for that, he DOES blame him!

Jackie paces up and down her office and finally calls her assistant to alert her the minute Nick’s meeting with Mr. Chen is over. Nick tells Mr. Chen he is prepared to pay 10% above the estimate of his company. Chen realizes he wants it in the worst way. Nick warns him that it expires the minute he walks out the door. Chen looks over the proposal figures and states that Nick must have something else that motivates him beyond distribution. And before he considers selling what has taken a lifetime to build, Nick must tell him, what does he want?

Brooke pours them coffee and Phoebe mentions that Nick is still trying to hurt the family. Brooke tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that. This family and this business have a very bright future. And they are lucky to have her with them. She even says she thinks Phoebe might be able to step into her shoes someday. As much as she loves her work, she would also like to spend more time with Hope and R.J…..and her father. She can’t model forever or even be a spokesperson forever. When the time is right she’d like Phoebe to be the new face of Forrester. She deserves it, she’s gorgeous, she’s intelligent, she’s smart and loving. She’s everything a person would want to be able to represent the company. Phoebe blushes and says Brooke doesn’t know how much that means to her. Brooke tells her she is an amazing young woman……and some day, some lucky deserving guy is going to fall head over heels for her.

Ridge defends himself by asking Rick if he should have done nothing? Forget that Marone blackmailed them! Forget that Jackie trespassed in his mother’s home. All of that shouldn’t matter? Rick tells him that he worked his tail off at Forrester International. They had the best people in Europe working for them. And when they came onboard he made them a promise about their future, and they trusted him. And now he is a liar! Ridge offers that he can wait until Forrester Originals gets off the ground and he can go back to Paris and hire them all back and his name is restored. There you go. Rick suggests perhaps his mother would be better served if he stays in L.A. His mom and Nick were very happily married. But Ridge didn’t give a damn about that, did he? He hated to lose. His ego couldn’t take that. And that’s what this whole battle with Nick is about. And that is why they lost Forrester Creations.

Ridge laments that if Brooke really wanted a life with Nick, there is nothing he could have done to come between them. Nick screwed up his marriage all on his own. So if Rick is worried about his legacy, fine. Welcome to the club. But if he really wants it back, stop throwing all his resentment toward Ridge and start focusing on making the company a success. Rick wants to know who says Forrester Originals will be a success? Glibly, Ridge says that Forrester Originals versus Forrester Creations with Clarke “the hack” Garrison. Who’s the choice here? Rick reminds him that Nick won’t be standing around doing nothing. They have not crossed the finish line yet and Nick Marone is going to do everything in his power to make sure they never cross it. Ridge would be well served to remember that. He brushes past his mom as he walks out and she comes in.

Ridge comments that Rick is upset about losing his life in Paris and he is taking it out on Ridge. Brooke agrees that he gave up a lot. And Ridge adds that he’s also worried about her falling under his evil spell again. She glides into his arms and says Rick will understand how happy Ridge makes her. But, he is right about Nick. It would be a mistake to underestimate him. Ridge brags that no, Nick’s head is spinning. And once this collection takes the runway and their distributors go crazy for it, Nick will be down for the count. They’ve got nothing to be worried about – nothing!

Nick tells Chen that men like themselves don’t get where they are without some private agenda. Chen notices that the transfer ownership date is the same day as the Forrester Originals debut show. Which, Nick says, is no coincidence. And the confidentiality terms are part of the deal. Chen points out that he has great respect for Eric Forrester. Nick has a vendetta and by selling to him, makes him part of it. Nick reminds him that selling to him makes him a very wealthy man. He hands him the pen and asks do they have a deal? Chen hesitates but takes the pen while Nick settles back with a very satisfied grin.

Behind a screen, Phoebe is singing while changing into a gown. Rick walks in and remarks those are nice pipes. She emerges and says he is family, he has to say that. She thanks him and asks if he thinks it’s crazy her taking off from school? He tells her she can GO to school to read about fashion and business models, here she can live it. She gushes she can’t imagine anyone NOT wanting to be part of this. It’s so exciting and she wants to know everything about the business. He loves her enthusiasm. He just thinks she needs to be wearing a Forrester Creations.

At Forrester one of the employees greets Brooke and tells her she is glad she is back in the business. She sees Jackie and informs her that she is NOT spying. Jackie says she didn’t think she was, and it’s good to see her. Brooke tells her she came to see Nick, he had asked to see her. She just wanted to find out what time he was going to pick up Hope this afternoon. Jackie apologizes for him being in a meeting. Brooke says that is okay, she will just pop her head in. Jackie blocks her way and says she would like to talk to her first. She invites her into her office and offers her some coffee. Brooke would like to ask her about her survival. Distributors are lining up behind Forrester Originals. It looks like Jackie M is the only boutique that is going to be carrying Forrester Creations. Jackie thinks she will find Jackie M more than capable. Nick knows what he is doing, he’s not worried. Brooke retorts that Nick is behind closed doors. Why? This fight is horrible as it is. How much lower is Nick willing to go? Jackie vows that, “Nick is not going to lose, Brooke. He’s going to do whatever it takes to win.” Brooke asks if that is why she won’t let her see him? And she will go see for herself. Again Jackie stops her and says she can’t. Brooke is perturbed and asks why, and what is going on in there? Is it Taylor?

Phoebe asks Rick if he’s glad to be home? He admits he is glad to see his mom, dad, Budge and her….it’s just that Paris was his home. She extols that L.A. is not that bad. They do have a few museums of their own, mountains and the beach, and some great restaurants. They exchange – and drive-by funeral homes, strip malls on every corner and huge traffic jams. And don’t forget Arnold for Governor…..he’s from Europe.

Storm states that they will acquire all the major distribution channels and corner the market on the high-end boutiques. Announce it on the same day as the Forrester Originals fashion show. They will have created their most expensive designs ever. Then, of course, they’ll have nowhere to sell them. Nick reminds him they have their own confidentiality agreement and that includes any conversation with his sister, Brooke. Storm agrees that he understands that. And if Nick pulls this off, he’ll have to get some serious security around here. He has stripped them of everything. Nick claims that Chen selling brings them one step closer. In two weeks the Forrester’s will be broken.

Jackie assures Brooke that Nicky is not after Taylor and points out that he and Brooke aren’t divorced yet. She says the papers have been filed, and Nick signed first. Jackie says because Brooke wanted it, but does she really? Brooke argues that she is not going to do this again, and he has been spending a lot of time with Taylor. Jackie tells her that is merely a diversion to mask his true feelings which are for Brooke. She’s the only woman he’s ever truly loved. Brooke offers that he will need somebody else. Jackie starts into a speech about how they made each other so happy, and Ridge will only hurt her once again as he has so many times before. Brooke reminds her that Nick has made mistakes too. Jackie answers only one and one that he deeply regrets.

Brooke tells her she will always care about Nick, but her future with Ridge is certain. Jackie confides that nothing is ever certain. Nick comes wheeling in, without seeing Brooke and announces to his mother that the deal is done. They need to celebrate. Brooke asks to celebrate what? What deal did he make? Is he going to get revenge on the Forrester’s again? What is he up to?

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