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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/26/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Eric is very excited and enthusiastic as he works on new designs that are being modeled by "his girls" Phoebe and assisted with other details by Felicia and Bridget. Modeling a beautiful gown, Phoebe remarks that she feels like a princess and Felicia adds that she looks like one and who knows, perhaps a real princess will buy it. Bridget tells him it’s certainly some of his best work and Felicia adds to that - the quickest. Eric quips that he and Ridge have to get finished with this or they won’t have a full collection for the showing.

A female assistant comes into Nick’s office and he only has his shirt slung over his back. She apologizes and he tells her it is okay, he just spilled some coffee on his shirt and is changing. She notices the St. Christopher medal around his neck and asks about it. Has he always worn it? He tells her it was a gift and then he remembers telling Brooke that he will never take it off.

In their office, Ridge and Brooke are smooching it up. She asks if she is distracting him? No, she’s inspiring him. She coos maybe he should put that inspiration on paper and they will continue this later. He reminds her it is more private in here. She says maybe that is the problem. Would he get more work done if she called security to come take the lock off the door? He warns her not to even think about that! She asks is that why he came in so early this morning, for privacy or was it to avoid Rick? He answers that Rick is a good guy, he just wishes he felt the same way about him. She says Rick is just concerned about what happened. He didn’t like the way that Ridge and Stephanie treated Jackie. He says that is very protective of her; he heard them talking last night. And it’s okay. He knows he doesn’t trust him and probably wishes she were still married to Nick.

Nick confides in his mother that he has contacted every major distributor that the Forrester’s rely on……except this Harvey Golden. She replies that he’s one of the most influential men in fashion. She hasn’t met him personally; he’s very elusive. And supposedly on the mysterious side too. Jackie warns him this is going to take so much money to convince Golden and the others to sell him their companies. This plan could get SO expensive. Still he tells her that Arthur Harrison is flying in today and he’s made generous offers to two others. He wants to consolidate these boutiques under the name of Jackie M. She grouses they will be up to their necklines in debt. He adds, and the Forrester’s will be out of business. The assistant announces that a Mr. Rick Forrester is here to see him. Nick looks puzzled and surprised.

Waltzing in, Rick asks, “plotting my family’s downfall?” Nick quips he assumes his own family is on the other side of town plotting his. Rick speaks to Jackie and tells her she looks good, how is she? Curious right now, she replies. Nick asks her to excuse herself, he doesn’t want to be interrupted. Nick tells Rick that he is back in L.A. He assumes he blames him for that? Rick says yes, he would have a job in Paris if he hadn’t bought his father’s company. Nick points out he needs the people working international for him can be trusted. Rick assures him that he gets that. In fact, if he were in his position he would do the same thing.

Brooke and Ridge continue about Rick. He’s just being cautious although Ridge thinks he resents him. And Ridge knows he can’t expect him to change his opinion just because he promised to do better. Maybe he needs to prove himself to Rick the way he did to Brooke.

Storm and Donna are rehearsing what she will say to the press, the first appearance since the creation of Forrester Originals. They have to be real careful not to give the Forrester’s a case for libel or defamation. They are financially overextended as it is right now with all the moves Nick is making. A protracted court case could be devastating to them. Donna says whatever Nick is doing, she trusts his instincts. Storm says he is putting up the company and its assets as collateral and that’s an enormous risk. She answers that is the kind of man Nick is. He doesn’t wade into the shallows….he just dives in head first. Storm answers, “right. Let’s just hope he doesn’t break his neck.”

Nick pours coffee and sits down at his desk. Rick hands him a manila envelope. Nick holds it up and remarks that it isn’t ticking. Rick informs him that it is a list of valuable international employees that are afraid for their job. He respects them and they respect him. Would Nick consider that an offense worthy of termination? He says on it’s on, no. Rick tells him good because these people could be very helpful to Nick. He’s instructed them to give Nick all the assistance he will need. Nick wonders why Rick would do that? He tells him fair enough. His mother has forgiven Stephanie. He prays she doesn’t regret it, but he thinks she will. He thinks it’s only a matter of time before Stephanie turns on her and Ridge lets her down. She keeps saying it is going to be different, but the fact of the matter the only time it was different, was when she was with Nick. He tells Nick that he knows he loves his mother and would do anything for her. Well, he feels the same way about his mother.

Phoebe looks at her dad’s designs and gloats that they will blow the competition away with these. Plus with Eric’s too. Ridge agrees that it is an amazing collection. Thorne has been getting calls from the vendors all over the country and all the distributors are very excited. Ticket requests are overwhelming. Felicia informs them that Lauren Fenmore has agreed to carry the collection sight unseen. Ridge offers they have Harrison’s handshake and the negotiations for the others are going well. Eric shouts good, all they have to do is get the collection on the runway. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Rick, impressed with the new digs. Eric is glad to see him and they hug. Phoebe welcomes him and he’s surprised at how grown up she is. She replies it’s hard not to. Eric tells his son he’s going to be seeing a lot more of Phoebe if he sticks around, as she is modeling for him now. He questions putting out an entire collection. They could make the same buzz with just a few great designs. Just get their name out there and separate themselves from Forrester Creations. Ridge brags that once their line hits the runway, no one will look twice at Forrester Creations. Rick warns him he wouldn’t be too sure about that. Nick Marone doesn’t back down. In fact, the more you challenge him, the more he is determined to beat you.

Nick stares at a photo in his office of Brooke and Hope as Jackie ushers in Arthur Harrison and his attorney. Nick asks if they have a deal? Arthur replies that he and his sisters loved their father very much. And Harrison’s was his pride and joy. But, it did keep him away from his family and none of them want that for their kids. Selling out will give them the flexibility to spend more time with the kids. Jackie says that he is making the right decision. After what happened to her this year, she can tell him nothing is more important than family. Arthur says it’s a go if he will consider his counteroffer. Nick looks it over and suggests that is quite a jump. Arthur asks how badly does he want his company? Nick tells Storm to put the contracts on the table. Jackie tells Nicky that Harrison is asking too much, they could be ruined. Nick agrees he is asking too much, but he doesn’t think they are making a mistake. Storm informs him everything is in order, all they need is the signatures. Nick questions Arthur about their being no contracts with Forrester Originals. Arthur tells him all they needed was Eric’s handshake. No contracts, but they have a deal with them. One that he hopes Nick will honor. They shake to the completion of the deal. Storm asks if Nick will explain what he is doing. Nick tells him just to make sure this contract is ironclad.

Ridge says he is sure that Nick will try to fight back. He has neither the talent or the know-how to beat them. Rick points out that he knew enough how to take Forrester Creations away from them. Eric tells them he thinks they need to worry less about Nick and more about making this new collection a success. And it’s going to be in two weeks, but they can do it! Ridge vows that the Forrester’s are coming back with a vengeance….the competition should watch out. He tells Brooke only one thing could make this better. If her divorce was final, they could celebrate with a big old wedding and an extended honeymoon.

Nick remarks that the Forrester’s have no idea what is about to happen. Glumly, Jackie is not sure either. He’s already overpaid one distributor. When Nick says he can cover that, she is afraid he is building a house of cards. He reminds her that is how business works. She doesn’t think this is business. She encouraged him and she knows what revenge is. She’s worried that he is losing his perspective. Donna hands him the Forrester press release and Nick reads it – unveiled in two weeks! He thinks over that possibility – two weeks. Jackie doesn’t think it can be done, to acquire all the major distributors. And think of the expense, they could lose everything. Nick thinks the Forrester’s are the ones who are going to be bankrupt….launching their new collection without an influential buyer in the entire building. It’ll be a complete debacle. She thinks of Eric. Nick says he is sorry, but he and his family have had this coming for years…..…….two weeks and the Forrester’s will be wiped out of the fashion business…..completely.

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