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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/25/07


Written By Wanda
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The Houston station pre-empted the last four minutes of the program with local news coverage, so I am writing that part strictly from the transcript only missing possible facial and body language.

Bridget reads Taylor the riot act; her forgetting she is a professional and engaged to Thorne. Nick tells her she doesn’t know what she is talking about, but she continues. She knows what she saw. And he took her family’s company and now he’s moving on to Taylor. She asks is that the kind of man he has become? Obsessed with revenge and that he will cross any line?

Pam leads Jackie down the stairway and chunks her overnight bag and high heels on the marble floor. She rails at her that this is her sister’s house. She bathes in that tub and for Jackie to use it to seduce Eric is indecent and immoral. Jackie is still trying to get all her articles of clothing on as Pam is rushing her. Jackie utters, “Oh, God, as if I care what you think, you drab little partridge.” Eric shows up and intercedes, asking what is going on here? Jackie is so grateful to have him by her side, saying his sister-in-law has gone completely off the deep end. Pam defends by saying she is only doing what Stephanie asked her to do. Eric looks at her and says and she’s doing a bang-up job at it too. But he tells her that Jackie is his friend. She tells Eric to forgive her, but he’s a married man and Jackie was upstairs naked in his tub. She knows this is L.A. and not Lake Forest, but still it is wrong. Does he disagree with her? Without answering, he asks Pam if he could have a moment alone with Jackie? With a satisfied look on her face, Jackie watches Pam trudge off.

Ridge is on the floor with Brooke and kids playing checkers, being his usual sore loser, when the doorbell rings. Hope answers it and is greeted by Uncle Rick. Brooke runs to welcome him and states she is surprised. He’s not sure she will like that he is back when he tells her why he’s actually here. Uh, big brother, Ridge, does not rush to welcome him.

Nick tells Bridget to calm down; she says no, is he going to tell her that she is wrong? He tells her that she IS wrong. She argues that she’s not. She saw him in Taylor’s arms. Taylor suggests given her history with Nick, perhaps she was……Bridget finishes for her – perhaps she was jealous? She doesn’t know. Maybe she is. She thought she was over him. She can’t believe she was just lying to herself. The man that she fell in love with, the man she married, she just wanted him back. But, that man doesn’t exist anymore. The man she fell in love with would never be doing these things. He’s been lashing out at her family. She even defended him to her father. She affirms she just loved him that much. But, now seeing the two of them here together……Taylor starts to speak but Bridget cuts her off. No, she’s not going to hear that therapy is what brought them closer. That is not what is going on and they know it. And even if nothing is going on right now, he knows he is playing with fire. And it’s Thorne and Allie that is going to get burned. She really doesn’t know how much more they are supposed to take. How much loss one heart is supposed to endure. She declares this is going to end. No more meetings, no more sessions. Thorne and Allie are going to come first. Otherwise what the two of them is doing is cruel, and she will never be able to think of them as that. Either one of them, no matter how upset she gets. Before she walks out the door, Nick calls her name out and she stops and he thanks her. She repays the favor and thanks him too. She thinks she finally has what she has been needing to let go of him and move on. And that’s what she intends to do. Nick and Taylor’s eyes dart to each other.

Jackie continues to grouse about Pamela ruining their evening with her sanctimonious drivel. Eric tries to calm her down saying that Pam thought she was protecting his virtue. Jackie states that his virtue doesn’t need protecting. It needs to be exposed; he has been deprived for too long. He asks her if this was a mission of mercy? She replies ha ha. Someone needs to remind him what it’s like to be with a REAL woman. She pouts why does he have to keep wasting his time with Stephanie? When he knows how happy they could be together? She leans against Eric and their lips are only inches apart. Pam returns and tells her don’t even think about it. Jackie seethes to Eric that she HATES her.

Rick drinks a beer and looks over the family photos waiting for Brooke and Ridge to come back from putting the kids to bed. When they do, Brooke asks if he is okay? She knows he had to close up his apartment in Paris, and leave a job at Forrester International which he invested so much in. Ridge quips and they all know who he has to thank for that – the sailor turned wannabe fashion mogul, Popeye Marone. Rick scoffs, he doesn’t think he is solely responsible for the loss of Forrester Creations. If they are really pointing fingers, why look any farther than him and Stephanie?

Taylor walks to the terrace, Nick close behind. She sighs, how is it that Bridget manages to get them to see what might have taken weeks of therapy to realize? She laments maybe she just didn’t want to see it. But, she knew…..the truth is she knew her feelings weren’t those of just that of a doctor for a patient…..or a friend for that matter. She admits she was attracted to him, which she had been denying. He tells her that her heart is in the right place, just like Bridget’s. And that Taylor is trying to do the right thing for Thorne and his little girl. He knows that. But let him say that it’s very easy to fall for someone so selfless and beautiful. But like they say, timing is everything. He thinks they both know this can’t happen. He guesses he has known that all along, which sort of makes him the bad guy here. She tells him he is not a bad guy. There are no bad guys here. She knows he was coming from a place of caring when he told her she would be making a mistake to marry Thorne, and doing it out of guilt. He says he’s still not sure she isn’t.

She says all she knows is there is real love there. And she has to do what she believes is right. But, she can’t stand here and deny that she has been developing feelings for him, and it happens every time she is around him. He confesses that he guesses some things just aren’t meant to be. Taylor tells him she will always cherish their friendship. Nick takes her hands and says she is a very special woman. He hopes Thorne knows what he has got here. Misty eyed, they hug.

Pamela admits to Eric that she doesn’t know what got into her. She has never behaved like that in her life. He remarks that it is okay, no blood was shed. Everyone is alright. And the most important thing to him is her concern. He really appreciates it. She’s relieved and asks about him and Steph? Are things going to be okay when she gets back? He looks away and says he doesn’t know, he just doesn’t know. He says he does know that this time she has spent here has been a real tonic to him.

Ridge confides to Rick that for the record Nick has been waging war on them ever since he felt Rick’s mother slipping away from him and back to Ridge. Rick says but it wouldn’t have been so ugly if Stephanie hadn’t shoved Jackie over the banister. Ridge reminds him that the woman provoked Stephanie. He slams it back that he and Stephanie provoked Nick by exposing his mother’s past to the world. Ridge asks if he doesn’t think he is being a little naïve here, just expecting them to sit back and take what Marone dishes out without a fight? Rick answers that he is not saying not to fight back, it’s just HOW he has gone about it. Brooke says she understand what he is saying, but they can’t do anything about it now. All they can do is make the company a success….and they can do that with his help. She looks to Ridge for his support but he’s slow on the uptake. Bridget walks in the door and brother and sister greet each other and hug. Rick tells her how good she looks. Is there a new man in her life or what? She replies no, but for the first time in her life in a very long time, she is open to that possibility. And it feels SO good!

Pamela confesses she was afraid Eric would send her packing. He teases no no, and leave him vulnerable to Jackie’s feminine wiles? Never. And there is something he wants to say. Stephanie has been away, what, two weeks now with her mother. But, Pam was with Ann for thirty years. And nobody in the family has given her credit for the sacrifice she had made. He knows she virtually gave up her whole life to take care of Ann, with no help from anybody. Certainly not from Stephanie. And what the real surprise for him is that she has no resentment, and she has every right to. She’s this sweet, wonderful, selfless woman. She will always have a place in this family. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and says goodnight. She touches her cheek in awe.

Bridget leaves and Brooke tells Rick that Ridge went upstairs, he thought they needed some quality time alone. He hopes that is the only reason as he knows he pushed his buttons earlier. She asks if he meant to? He replies he only said what he felt. She wants to know if there is more? He’s her son and whatever is going on with him, she wants to know. Finally he says there is more. Like what is going on with her and her fiancée? And this ‘happily ever after’ that she thinks she is going to get this time. She remarks because this time is different. She knows what is in her heart, what has always been in her heart where Ridge is concerned. Rick says he knows, he knows, he’s the love of her life. But what happened with Nick? He thought the two of them had something special? She admits they did. Then what happened, she never told him. She says it was complicated. He wonders how. Was it Ridge-got-involved-and-ruined-the-whole-thing-complicated kind of thing? She refutes it as that sort of thing. He wonders then why not give Nick another shot? She says because she is committed to Ridge and this time it’s going to be forever.

He asks how many times is she going to tell him that? He apologizes, he’s really sorry, man oh man, can’t she see that he wants so badly for her to be happy? She deserves it after everything she has been through. Ridge says he changes, but he never does. He makes all the right promises but ends up hurting and disappointing her over and over. What makes her think that isn’t going to happen again? And why does she believe that she and Stephanie aren’t going to do battle again? Okay, she’s on her good side now. But she knows Stephanie and she does one thing that she doesn’t approve of, and she will turn on her in a second. He just feels that she has this blade over her head and it’s going to fall. It ALWAYS falls with her and Ridge. The bottom line he just doesn’t want her to be hurt again. He ends by saying if he sees that happening, Ridge has to answer to him, okay? She smiles okay as Ridge looks on from a distance.

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