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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/24/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by nz85

Nick tells Arthur to just say the word and he’ll have his lawyers draw up the papers. He states he is offering him a lot of money to buy out his family’s chain of boutiques. Arthur says it’s tempting no doubt. Nick says he has done his homework. He knows it’s been hard on the Harrison clan since the old man passed away. Art’s sisters want their share of the pie, and it is all stuck in the family business. And of course there is the personal issue with his divorce. His hands are full and yet he is doing all the leg work. When they both know what he’d love to be doing, driving those cars. Arthur says he does know his guilty pleasure. Nick tells him he can buy a lot of Formula One’s with that kind of dough, but his offer won’t stay on the table for long. Arthur asks him to give him twenty four hours; forty eight tops. He’ll have him an answer by then. Nick tells him to make it the one he wants. He calls someone on the phone and tells them there is no deal on the table yet, but draw up the papers. He wants them ready the minute he hears from Harrison. Glumly, he pulls a picture from his briefcase of Taylor, Thorne and Ally.

Pam and Eric are sitting across from each other, both deep in thought, thumbing through magazines. She asks him for a ‘penny for his thoughts’, though that is not very profound. But, she doesn’t claim to be very profound. He tells her that she is a very wise woman, not to mention a stunning chief cook and bottle washer. She replies that she has had plenty of practice all those years taking care of her mother. It’s really all she knows, unlike her sister, so worldly and sophisticated….and anxious to speak with him. He asks if she is referring to the phone message she left earlier? Within a few feet is Jackie peering in the window. Pam answers that Stephanie knows that he is still mad at her. Is he going to call her back tonight? He excuses himself and says he has a design to finish before he calls it a night. She tells him to go ahead, she will take care of the dishes. As she leaves, Jackie finds her way inside. She laments to herself that to think that Stephanie actually thought that mousy little sister of hers could keep her away from Eric! Forget Pammy’s freshly baked cookies, she has something MUCH more appetizing for Eric. She slowly makes her way up the stairs.

Bridget drops by Thorne’s office and chides him for still being there that late. She asks about Ally and he says she is doing okay. She still hasn’t completely come around but will. Meanwhile, he feels so frustrated like everything is up in the air and may be for a while. He laughs but confides in her that Ridge thinks that Nick has his sights set on Taylor. He thinks that is ridiculous and he wouldn’t mention it, except that Bridget was once married to the guy. He assumes they still stay in touch. Has he ever said anything to her about Taylor?

Phoebe continues to grill Taylor about spending the after noon with Nick. She’s not accusing her of anything, just trying to understand what is going on. Taylor asserts there is nothing to understand. She’s engaged to Thorne and they would have been married by now if Ally hadn’t found out about Darla. Phoebe says she understands. But, it’s just that Nick has hurt their family so much. If Taylor were still treating him, that would be one thing, but she isn’t. Taylor discusses with her the fact that in Phoebe’s eyes it does look like Nick is the bad guy. But, Stephanie and her father and Thorne all used Jackie’s past against her in public. Their record isn’t exactly squeaky clean here. And Taylor says she is not taking any pleasure in telling her this, but Phoebe is not a child anymore. And not everything is in black and white. Meaning that she can love someone like she loves Thorne, her father and Stephanie and still not agree with everything they do.

A pair of shapely legs glides down the hallway into the bath dropping bits of clothing and shoes along the way. Jackie takes off the last piece of clothing, her black panties and slips into the tub of bubblebath. She pours herself some champagne and as she sinks back into the bubbles giggles, “I’m ready for you, my darling.”

Bridget tells Thorne now that he mentions it, she and Nick did have a conversation. Taylor was very much on his mind. But she doesn’t think it is what Ridge thinks it is. Nick is just grateful to Taylor for helping him with some issues he’s had in his past. Like dealing with her mom. Thorne’s phone rings and he has to take care of some business.

Taylor doesn’t know what Phoebe is asking her, but she doesn’t like her tone. Phoebe says she is sorry. It’s just there is so much going on with their family right now. If there is ever a time to pull together, it’s now. Taylor says just because she does not treat Nick like a criminal, then they think she’s being disloyal. Phoebe denies that is what she thinks. Taylor says good because that is the way she taught her to think, as an independent thinker. To express her own opinions despite what the family says. She confesses that she and Nick shared some very intense feelings. That is what happens in therapy when a patient sits there and talks about memories and painful things from their past. And maybe that is why she sees Nick a little differently than the rest of them do. She has seen him face some very ugly circumstances and he’s done that with a lot of strength and a lot of courage. And that’s what she respects him for. Phoebe asks if she is saying they are just good friends? Taylor admits yes they are good friends, and she intends to stay friends with him. She doesn’t care what this family has to say about it.

The doorbell rings at this inopportune moment and it’s Nick. She expresses she was not expecting him. And she tells Phoebe they are done so she leaves. Nick tells her he is on a mission of mercy – she left her sunglasses at Chucks. Then she asks about the sack in his hand. He says it was his wedding gift and it accidentally fell out of the dressmaker’s hand and the glass broke. She’s stunned when she sees the photo of her and Thorne and Ally. He’s giving her a picture of this family even though Nick doesn’t approve of her marrying Thorne. Why would he do that?

Eric enters his bathroom and Jackie has her legs hiked up in the air, lavishing in the bubbles. She beckons him in and says he is just in time. Champagne? He sits on the edge of the sunken tub and smiles that he is afraid to even ask, what are they drinking to? She answers to the debut of Forrester Originals, of course. He asks then this is a toast to the competition. Darling, she coos, just because they are rivals on the runway doesn’t mean they can’t be ‘friendly’ elsewhere. They clink their glasses to that. She asks why doesn’t he join her? He asks if she has any idea how long it’s been since he’s even contemplated a bubble bath? She thinks now would be an excellent time to get reacquainted with…..well, it’s joys. He says it certainly would do that. How did she get up here anyway? She retorts – oh past his faithful guard dog? He says they don’t have a guard dog. She says she knows, but he does have a sister-in-law. Actually, she is more like a mouse than a pit bull. Yes, she slipped past Pam while she was in the kitchen. Bad of her, she knows. She sexily raises her leg toward his face and again invites him to get in and she will show him just how bad she can be. He takes her soapy leg and remarks that she is so tempting…..but as tempting as she is, he is still a married man. She pulls her leg away and moves her face closer to him and counters with he is married to a woman that doesn’t have a sexual bone in her body. His cell phone rings and he tells her that he has some business, he will have to go over some figures. She responds that why doesn’t he go over her figure first? It will be a lot more stimulating. He leans in as if to tease or kiss her and tells her yes, but he’s going to walk away while he still can, thank you. She leans back into the water and takes a sip of champagne and says she will be waiting for him.

Nick tells Taylor that he brought the gift along to her wedding. She confesses she was so upset that she didn’t notice. But, Ally is better now thanks to Thorne. He admits he is a good dad, and she loves him for that. Still that is no reason to marry the guy. He’s sorry, but he feels stronger about this than before. She asks if the photo is his way of supporting her whether or not he agrees with what she is doing? Chagrined, he says when someone changes your life, so to speak, part of you really wants to protect them. But, if this is where she sees her life heading, and he can’t talk her out of it, just know that if she ever needs a life preserver, he’ll be there to toss her one. She smiles and gives him a big hug. Just at that moment, Bridget walks through the door unnoticed as they embrace.

The bathroom door opens and Jackie oozes that she is so glad Eric is back. Pam is carrying an armload of towels. She hisses that she has read about people like her. She just never expected to meet one quite so brazen. Stephanie had warned her, and apparently she was right. Jackie is a TRAMP. She breaks into someone’s home, strips naked and lies in wait to seduce another woman’s husband! She orders her to get out of the tub right now and get dressed before Eric comes back. She even turns the knob to let the water out. Shocked, Jackie asks what is she doing? Pam replies exactly what her sister would expect her to do. Bet Jackie had her pegged to be a pushover. Maybe sometimes she is. But not always, and NOT tonight! As Jackie is trying to cover herself with her hands, Pam holds out the towel for her to step into.

Bridget says excuse her, she didn’t mean to interrupt. How long has this been going on? Surprised, Nick asks how long has WHAT been going on? She replies what she just walked in on. The two of them in each other’s arms. Taylor tells her no, it’s not what she thinks. Nick explains she as only thanking him for something. Oh, thanking him? For what – taking away the company from them, twice? Both try to explain and she isn’t buying. Don’t try to stand there and tell her that he wasn’t just holding Taylor. He tells her she might just be jumping to conclusions. She offers that she has eyes, and she’s not stupid. He suggests that maybe she should listen for just a minute. Taylor has done a lot for him, and he thought Bridget understood that. How grateful he is to her. She claims she does understand and he should be grateful. But, she’s marrying Thorne and grateful or not, she’s not sure he should be embracing her. At least not like this, alone in her home, just the two of them. Taylor tells her to stop right now. She’s totally misreading this whole thing. They are friends and that was a hug of gratitude. Bridget asks if that is what Thorne would think if HE walked in? Taylor answers well he wouldn’t be over-reacting the way Bridget is.

Bridget scoffs that she is the one over-reacting. Because Taylor’s actions are always of the purest, right? At least that is what she wants everyone to think. That’s what she thought for so long when she was growing up. But, she fell off her pedestal when she was drinking and driving, killed Darla and then lied about it. Nick is outraged at her. She continues that Taylor would be in prison if Thorne hadn’t defended her to the jury. She took his wife, but somehow he found it in his heart not only to forgive her but to also make her a part of his life. So look at her, what she’s doing! Embracing Nick behind Thorne’s back. “My God, what kind of woman would do that?” What the hell has happened to her?

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