B&B Friday Update 1/19/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/19/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick listens in on a cell phone call from Brooke to Donna. Brooke is inviting Donna to the new launch by Forrester’s. Donna asks Nick should she go? He wonders if she is clear how she feels? When she says she supports Nick, he reminds her this is her sister. Brooke is not going to want her competing against them. Donna states that she hates the Forrester’s for what they did to her parents and to Nick’s mother and to Brooke. She knows it’s only a matter of time before she gets hurt again and she’s not going to stand by and watch that happen. Nick replies that he tried to protect Brooke and lost her. Donna could risk losing her too. Donna admits that she didn’t think much of Nick at first, but now she sees what made him so special to Brooke. He cared……he really cared.

Ridge walks through the open door with a package under his arm. He quips to Donna that he would have thought she had more sense than to take a job with this fool. Smartly, she says she doesn’t remember any other offers coming her way……not that she’d work with anybody who almost killed Jackie….oh and then publicly humiliated her for good measure. It’s nice to be reminded what his family is made of. She brushes past him. Nick stares and asks isn’t there some place he is supposed to be….something about the launch of the Titanic? Ridge fires back that he thinks that is the ship that Nick is on. Nick nods that this attempt to rise from the ashes, it’s not gonna happen. Smugly, Ridge answers that Nick has never beaten him before. He sure as hell is not going to do it now.

Ridge holds out the wrapped package and Nick remarks that it looks like his wedding present to Thorne and Taylor. Ridge tells him he had no right giving it. He purposely drops the gift on the floor, glass shattering. He tells Nick he has managed to take their company, but that is the LAST thing of theirs he will EVER touch.

Over at the new Forrester launch, everyone dressed to the nines, all are excited about the day. Thorne announces there is a record amount of press in the showroom. Eric says he is glad they like it all, and how’s Ally? Thorne answers that she is better. She is upset what she did to Taylor’s dress, but they sat up and talked about it last night. Pam says she will come around; she is a smart little girl. Eric is glad Lauren Fenmore could make it, along with Arthur Harrison and Harvey Golden. Eric laments that Lauren won’t be disappointed. Nick Marone may have taken their company, but today they launch a new one. All are jubilant with applause. Donna walks in and Felicia stops her saying that no one who works for Nick Marone is welcome here. Brooke steps up and says it is alright, she invited her. Felicia throws Brooke daggers.

Nick picks up the package and dryly remarks it sounds like something broke. Ridge answers that it is different rules when it involves his family. Nick reminds him that it wasn’t him that stopped the wedding; it was a frightened little girl. Ridge defends by saying Ally loves Taylor very much. Nick reports the marriage would have been a farce. Ridge is the one who should have stopped it in the first place. Ridge accuses him of not knowing when to give up. Hands on hips, Nick tells him that Ridge is in HIS office now, playtime is over. Ridge grins that Nick may be in the building, but he didn’t take what was here. He and his family are launching something very nice….real fashion with real designs. He suggests that Nick enjoy being in the office while he can because he thinks very soon there will be a for lease sign out front. Nick utters that it’s all going to be over tomorrow. He says the new venture will be finished. He suggests Ridge go home, make a dress, he’ll feel better. Ridge flashes a sly smile.

Felicia grumbles she can’t believe that Donna had the nerve to show up here. They would have never lost Forrester Creations if she hadn’t claimed that Stephanie shoved Jackie over the banister. Taylor doesn’t see why Nick is always blamed for everything. The attorney gives Eric some paperwork regarding the name of the new company. And he wants to caution Eric again, using the name is certain to bring a lawsuit against him. Eric says the name is HIS, it belongs to him and if Nick doesn’t like it, he can go to hell!

Storm, Jackie and Clarke come rushing into Nick’s office with the press release from the Forrester’s. Storm is worried because it doesn’t show the name on the release. Nick assures them THEY have the name. It’s the designs that worries him. Their’s doesn’t match up to the Forrester’s. Clarke asks if that is how he feels then why did he hire him? Nick answers because he learned from Sally and that will have some value down the road. Jackie assures them they have the upper hand. “We own an established company with an established name.” It’s the Forrester’s that have to start from scratch. Storm reinforces it, Sally’s style tactics will only cause trouble. Nick says okay, then they exercise patience and discipline and they will have to do whatever they have to do to come out on top of this little game they are in.

Donna tells Brooke she is surprised she was invited to the inner sanctum and obviously the Forrester’s were too. Brooke answers that they have a right to be wary of anyone connected to Nick. Donna voices her opinion that Brooke should really be wary of Stephanie. How could she allow herself to be sucked back into that family? Brooke says that Stephanie has accepted the fact that she and Ridge belong together. Donna says yes this week, but what about next week? Brooke will be the one over the banister and embarrassed in front of the entire world. Brooke tells her she does NOT need this lecture and Donna responds then she shouldn’t have invited her there. Brooke says she understands Nick’s allure but she wants Donna with them, a job offer. She is sure Donna can win them over and she doesn’t want to compete against her own sister. Donna is unsure. She doesn't‘t want to compete either, but Nick has been so generous with her and she signed a contract. Brooke will get her out of it. Donna reminds her that Storm is his legal counsel.

Ridge joins the fray and expounds that it will take more than good legal counsel to save Marone from failure on this deal. So Donna is spying on Popeye? He’s astonished when he hears Brooke has offered her sister a job. She helped Marone steal what was their’s. Why would they want her working there?

Storm reads the press release for Nick and his group. Brooke apologizes for what Ridge said to Donna, but claims she might change her mind when they become a huge success. Donna wishes her luck. Felicia tells the Forrester’s that everyone is chomping at the bit; Eric says to get started. Ridge gloats that he has something planned for tonight that will bring the place down. Thorne doesn’t think he can top what he did last time, but Ridge says just watch him!

The Fab Four walk out on the runway – Eric, Ridge, Felicia and Thorne to energetic applause. Eric thanks them for coming and says they are back, better than ever. They are redefining themselves as the Premiere Fashion House in America….in the world really. “Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Forrester Originals.” A large logo is displayed.

The Marone bunch are appalled, the Forrester’s are using the name. They can’t do that. Jackie tugs at a sullen Nick. As they watch on TV, Eric announces that Nick Marone may have purchased his old company….and he may own the real estate….and he may think he has access to their history. “But my name is still Eric Forrester.” They are all Forrester’s here and they are the ones who will make the company a major success. Forrester Originals…..more exclusive and elegant than ever. Ridge takes the mike and has a few words – do NOT, repeat do not be fooled by the crusty old sailor and his rags. The choice is very clear here. When you reach for the name that stands for quality, reach for Forrester Originals. They all join hands and hold them skyward in triumph.

Storm advises he will start the lawsuit immediately. Nick tells him to wait. The Forrester’s expect them to sue. They might even hope they will. Clarke adds – and a lot of free publicity. Nick offers there is another way to go here. He asks his mother exactly who is at this show? Who do they expect to sell these exclusive gowns to? She explains it will be high-end distributors – Harrison’s and Fenmore….age-old relationships. As Eric talks, Nick vows that it is time then to test those relationships.

Eric does the honors of introducing Miss Logan – “our Miss Brooks” is more radiant and stunning than ever – the Ultimate Forrester Original. To much applause, the lights dim and the screen curtain goes up and before them a goddess in sheer delight. She glides on the runway and basks in the glory. Ridge steps forward and asks the audience if they have ever seen such beauty? Brooke Logan is the embodiment of a Forrester Original. “A Bold and Beautiful Masterpiece. Unforgettable.” He goes on, and when you know you have the best, it’s very smart not to let go. He tells her if he could have just one wish – down on his knees for a stunned Brooke and all the world to see – it would be that she would be his wife until the day he dies. Brooke puts his hands over her mouth in surprise, the room is abuzz with murmurs, Nick’s face is frozen, Jackie looking at his reaction. Ridge pulls out a small velvet box and opens it to a huge diamond rock. He says they have been blessed with beautiful children and the best days are still ahead of them. Their marriage will flourish as their new company will….oh hell, she knows the drill. She giggles that yes, of course, she will marry him. He slips the ring on her finger and kisses it. Nick looks on – if looks could kill! Ridge and Brooke kiss and he lifts her up off the floor and spins her around, mouthing I Love You over and over.

Disgustingly, Clarke says they used every trick in the book – unbelievable. They have a hell of a team and could wipe them out. Jackie quickly ushers out the guys and spins around to Nick and asks if he is okay? Slowly he turns around and softly says he knows what to do now. They made a mistake. They left themselves vulnerable. Couture Boutiques…high-end retail. They have narrowed themselves down to a precious few distributors. And by the time they launch their first line, those boutiques will be his. He’ll corner the market and control the distribution. And when they’ve spent their last cent on the PRECIOUS collection, they’ll have dug their grave. They will have no place to serve their clientele. Biblical proportions – a BUST. And that family will be crawling on their knees, with no one to turn to but him!

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