B&B Thursday Update 1/18/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/18/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

The Forrester’s gather and vow there will be no fighting today, Taylor and Thorne’s wedding day. Kristen’s trip to Africa couldn’t be postponed and Stephanie is snowed in at Chicago, but the wedding will go on. Taylor gets ready and remembers what Nick told her that she must pull herself up out of this fog and the guilt out of hr eyes. Look at what she is doing, and be honest with herself. Thorne brings her bagged dress in commenting that he thought he left it by the door last night so he wouldn’t forget. Taylor says they can blame it on Stephanie for the wedding being late; nobody will ever know she didn’t have her dress. He comments just how good she looks in her robe. She replies just for Eric’s sake she believes she will wear the gown. He claims he didn’t think he’d ever be this happy again. Taylor remarks that she wants to make him happy every day; Ally too if she will let her. He tells her that Ally loves her, and she’s proven it. He will see her downstairs.

Phoebe talks to Ally and hopes that she is not still mad at her for lying. Just like Ally loved her mother, Phoebes loves hers and didn’t want to get her in trouble or to go to jail for an accident. Ally says she knows and she forgives her.

At Nick’s office, a meeting is about to begin. But, Jackie reminds him that it’s almost time for the wedding. He doesn’t care. She tells Nicky that he only has one chance. Do not let her slip through his fingers. Do something!

Thorne gives Ally a little gold locket with Darla’s photo inside – she will always be in her heart. He adds and his too as he puts it around her neck. Felicia confirms that Stephanie’s flight has been cancelled and tomorrow doesn’t look any better. And she will not hear of a postponement because of her. Thorne quips that she’s the boss, but she will miss the prettiest flower girl ever. Pamela goes to the study and finds the blacked out photos of Taylor, but keeps it to herself.

Jackie begs Nick to go, she will handle the meeting. She reminds him that he knows what a mistake Taylor is making. He remarks that it is out of his hands. She grouses that Brooke is with Ridge and despite what he doesn’t say, she knows this is painful for him. What if Taylor is his other chance? What if they both wake up tomorrow and they know it, but it’s too late? (Oh come on, Mummy dearest, let the grown man make up his own mind).

Clark, Donna and Storm come in and Nick tells them not to get too comfortable. They know what tomorrow is. The Forrester’s unveil their new design business. He wants them to pay particular close attention. The Forrester’s failure will define the old Forrester’s success. Their downfall and his business success are one and the same. So if anyone has a problem with that, say so now.

Brooke slips into Taylor’s room and asks if she need help? She knows she doesn’t need her to look gorgeous, as she is. And she’s not there to put molasses in her shoes, but since they are going to be sisters-in-law….Taylor quips yeah, who would have thought? Brooke wants to wish her every happiness….if that is what she wants. Taylor thanks her and hopes she is not there to peddle that theory about her and Nick. She already knows that she gave Ridge an earful. Brooke decrees that it is a strange circumstance and people will be thinking of Darla but not saying so. Taylor replies that doesn’t Brooke think that she thinks of Darla every single day? And searching her conscience to make sure every single choice she’s making is the right one. Brooke states that Thorne thinks she is and Alexandria thinks she is. Taylor says then that is all she wants, to make them happy.

As Thorne dresses, he asks Ridge is everything set for tomorrow? Ridge answers just wait until he sees the showroom. Thorne wonders if the paint is even dry. Felicia can keep those contractors hopping. He knows his dad needs to be working and back in the public eye. He just wishes he could have waited until the honeymoon is over. (uh, maybe your honeymoon and marriage should have waited). Thorne says it seems like only yesterday that he was in this same room getting ready to marry Darla. Ridge admits he feels really badly about how he treated Darla all those years when all she was really trying to do was stand up for Thorne. Thorne tells him don’t dwell on that. Darla knew and loved him anyway. And he doesn’t blame Ridge for Hope finding out. He’s kind of glad it happened. It’s always been a little hazy how they were going to break the news to Ally. So now at least they don’t have anything hanging over their heads. Pamela shows the photos to Eric who wants just to put them aside for now until after the honeymoon. Then he will show Thorne and advise him that they have a little more work to do.

Bridget and Ally have a little talk about being sad. Phoebe goes to help her mom dress and jokes about dying her hair black to match hers. Taylor asks if she would mind even though it is Phoebe’s job if she asked Ally to help her to make her more a part of things. Phoebe thinks that would be a really great idea as Ally is unusually quiet today. When they speak of the Forrester’s and the new showing, Phoebe asks why Taylor always defends Nick? She says she doesn’t then changes the subject back to the black hair.

Clark announces that this is his shot, the chance he has been waiting for. Whatever Nick’s game plan is, he’s not going to walk away from it. Donna adds that she wants her sister to be happy and she cast her lot with the Forrester’s. She also knows Brooke can take care of herself, and they aren’t throwing them out on the street in rags. Nothing but their pride will be hurt if “we” win and “they” lose. And she can’t forget the way they jerked around her parents. Storm says Amen to that. And Donna dislikes the way they chewed her up and spit her out, so she’s in. Storm says that out on the street in rags is okay with him. They look toward Jackie and she asks if they are questioning her loyalty? Nick asks what about Eric? She warns them not to tar him with the same brush. They could do worse than have him there. Nick tells them if any of them have any misgivings, he’ll know. He suggests they put their heads together and figure out a way to diffuse all the attention they’ll get tomorrow. He announces he will be back shortly. Jackie quickly follows him with a big smile and tells him good luck. He laments he is only dropping off a wedding gift as any grateful patient would. And that actually Taylor is the one who showed him that he has spent most of his life wasting his time trying to keep people that he loves from making mistakes that they’d probably go ahead and do anyway “and today I am not going to do that.”

Taylor asks Ally to help her with Phoebe’s job as maid of honor. Ally shouts for her to stop as Taylor starts to unzip the garment bag. They both look as the wedding dress is cut to shreds. Taylor gasps. As she shows Thorne, he asks why Alexandria did that? She admits she was mad and she shouldn’t have done it. She tells Taylor she can still get married as she has many pretty dresses. Taylor says the dress isn’t important, Ally is. She says she’s not. Taylor tells Thorne they can’t do this, they can’t get married today. He nods in agreement, they can’t. He’ll go down and tell the others. Taylor tells him try not to make it sound like it’s Ally’s fault. And she doesn’t want to go downstairs. She doesn’t want to be asked a lot of questions so she’ll just go out the back and let the driver take her home. He asks if she will be alright, and she replies yes.

Thorne tells the group that he and Taylor and Alexandria want to thank them for their patience. They are going to postpone the ceremony. His mom and grandmother wanted to be here and they want everything to be perfect, so………Eric says they understand. Pamela says a certain roast beef can’t be postponed though. How would Ally like to help her in the kitchen?

Nick walks into Taylor’s house with his gift….to find her sitting there. She informs him the wedding didn’t happen. It was too soon for Ally. He spies the dress and asks if Ally did that? Taylor cries that she thought she was doing the right thing….for Ally, for Darla, for Thorne. Nick asks what about for herself? She answers she just wants to find some peace. She just thought she could fill this void she’d left in their lives. He replies people don’t get married to fill voids. She wails that Ally is never going to accept her, and he tells her that he is sorry. As she clings in his arms, she remarks how she feels like a fool.

Eric shows Thorne the blacked out photos of Taylor. Thorne wonders how he could have misread his daughter so badly? Eric offers that Thorne just wanted what he wanted so badly, and he can’t blame himself for that. Ally comes out and sees what Thorne is holding. He remarks that not to worry, Taylor hasn’t seem them yet. She tells her dad that she doesn’t know why she is so bad. He asks her to look at him, and assures her that she is not bad and he doesn’t want her to ever say that again. He realizes she is hurt and they all know how that feels. He gives her a big hug and says, “I love you, honey.”

Nick holds Taylor and tells her that he knows it feels bad. And it feels like the end of the world, but there are better things in store for her, “dreams you never dreamt, feelings you’ve never felt.” Just trust that it’s going to be okay.

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