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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/17/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor holds the water globe that Nick gave her and remembers what he said about there not being the passion in her relationship with Thorne to justify a marriage. Ridge surprises her while deep in thought. He asks about Ally and she fills him in that she is still against the wedding, but she knows she will come around eventually. If they have to, they will postpone it, but Thorne doesn’t think they will have to. And she does appreciate that the whole family is gathering and trying to rally around Ally with this problem. Ridge rocks her by asking if that is the only reason the wedding wouldn’t happen? He’d heard some crazy thoughts from Brooke about something going on between Taylor and Nick. He remarks that he knows it is ridiculous and probably just her imagination running wild, but there isn’t anything to it, is there?

Over at the Forrester’s, the florists are setting up some of the flowers and they tell Pamela they will be bringing more for the wedding tomorrow. She okays that as they are all early risers. Eric thanks her for putting so much effort into this, it’s really beautiful. She claims it is her pleasure though this really is more Stephanie’s forte than hers. She only hopes that Stephanie will be back in time tomorrow for the wedding as Eric proclaims she is awfully busy with her mother putting together an Abused Women’s Shelter in Chicago.

Throne is coming by with Ally and Eric does not want them to put any pressure at all on her. They can all talk to her and just make her see that they have all forgiven Taylor for hitting Darla. They still know it doesn’t mean Ally will. Ally barely gets in the house when Thorne shows her the pretty flowers, the altar and the chairs and Ally says she wants to go home.

Nick is on the phone when Bridget surprises him at the office. He tells her she looks beautiful and asks what does her family think with her over here fraternizing with the enemy? She answers that she will never think of him in that way….although her life would be much simpler if she could. And she confesses that she is so sorry for what her family did in exposing his mother’s past…..it was so incredibly wrong. Although seeing him sitting behind her father’s desk just doesn’t seem right either. He gets a phone call about his divorce which Bridget overhears. Later she asks if that means he is going through with the divorce after all? He says it does.

Ridge continues questioning Taylor if Brooke’s theory is all it is? It sounds so absurd. Taylor barks that it is. He says okay then just tell him that Brooke is whacked out of her mind. Taylor says she would rather not state the obvious. And that she and Thorne ARE getting married tomorrow. He tells her that he’s not doubting her love for his brother. It’s just that he knows Nick would probably do anything to use this situation to his advantage. He’s out to destroy the family any way he can. Taylor states that she doesn’t believe that. Ridge points out that he’s threatened his mother and now stolen the company. She denies that Nick is sabotaging this marriage. And she doesn’t mean to be short with Ridge, but the family is waiting at the house for them, including Ally and the last person they should be discussing is Nick.

Bridget reminds Nick that he was the one dragging his feet, and he admits it. So what happened? He tells her that he went to see Taylor --- a lot. Therapy, can she believe that? Prior to that he never would have believed that would have helped at all, but it did. And he relays how his whole life he’s sort of been at the helm wanting to take care of everything and everybody. And she points out that he’s made everyone he cares about feel so safe. But, he admits, he couldn’t really protect anyone --- especially not her mother or his mother from Stephanie and Ridge. And he doesn’t want her to be sorry as it’s a relief to know that there are just some things in this world that you can’t control. She opines like losing her mother…..she is sure he will always love her in his way. She didn’t know this would ever happen, but he’s moving past her and making it official. Overhearing this remark, Jackie walks in and says hi. She knows his signing the papers couldn’t have been easy.

Thorne bends down to Ally’s level and reminds her that they talked about this last night. She knows it wasn’t Taylor’s fault, “she did not mean to hurt Mommy.” But Alexandria says it was her fault that Mommy is dead. Felicia takes her aside and tries to explain to her that everyone does things at times and they want to blame bad stuff on other people. Hasn’t she ever done something bad by accident? Felicia admits she certainly has. Pamela and Eric both speak up and say they have too. Felicia continues that Taylor is not a bad person and Felicia knows she knows that. And Ally knows how much she loves her and her daddy.

Ridge and Taylor join the group and Taylor walks up to Ally and greets her. She knows she is probably still upset with her and that is okay. Whenever she is ready to talk to her, they can do that. And if seeing all this wedding stuff makes her angry, she can just say no and they won’t do it. The wedding doesn’t have to happen. She continues that she can’t bring her mommy back. She wishes she could. She can’t replace her, but she does want to help her daddy take care of her….and be part of their lives. Thorne adds that he wouldn’t have asked Taylor to marry him if he didn’t think she was good for them. Ally asks doesn’t he care what she did? He replies he misses her mommy. He misses her every day and he’ll never forget their life they had or how happy they were. But Taylor makes him happy too. She says Taylor makes her sad. He tells her he was sad too for a long while. But he forgave Taylor and things got better. And when he proposed, does she remember how much fun they had planning the wedding? If she forgives Taylor they can be that way again. But, Taylor is right. They don’t have to get married now; they can wait as long as they have to.

Jackie says it just feels like the end of a beautiful era to her. Bridget shrugs that perhaps Nick’s sessions with Taylor just helped him let go. Jackie says yes it did. She just wishes Taylor could do the same for her. Bridget apologizes for what Stephanie did to Jackie. And if she hadn’t exposed Jackie, she actually thinks her mom and dad would be running Forrester right now. Jackie says she hopes she is not there to plead their case. Bridget answers no, just there to see Nick. She asks Jackie about her headaches and hopes she is okay. Jackie asks about her family and if the wedding is still on between Thorne and Taylor? As far as Bridget knows, it is. Jackie thinks that might be very hard on Ally and her well being. Nick grouses that they should all look at why they are marrying in the first place. Bridget agrees that it may be a misplaced sense of guilt. Don’t get her wrong, she does think they love each other, but that is not the reason they are getting married. In her opinion, with Ally’s feelings, perhaps the marriage isn’t meant to be. She asks Nick to walk her out.

Nick doesn’t want to talk about it when Jackie laments that it breaks her heart to see his marriage with Brooke ending. She knows he must be devastated; how much he loved Brooke. He remarks that times change. Quickly she jumps ship and remarks that perhaps that is why Taylor came into his life, to help him find peace. He replies that if she’d listen, he’d love to return the favor. He’s tried to talk to her about Thorne. Jackie suggests perhaps it is time to do more than just talk. She’s not suggesting he rush into anything, but women like her don’t come along very often, and she knows he has a connection with her. He points out that he thought she wanted him to be connected with Brooke? She answers that he had chemistry with Brooke, Taylor understands him. Nick admits she is special and a beautiful woman. Jackie urges him to do something! He says no, no more riding in on white horses. He’s tried that and it doesn’t have a happy ending. Jackie offers that she is not asking him to go propose to the woman, but he has GOT to stop this wedding. He has to give himself a chance to explore this. He says he HAS expressed his concerns, now it is her mistake to make. Jackie strongly advises him that Taylor WANTS him to do this. “You’ve got to STOP this marriage. If you don’t do it, somebody else does!”

Taylor tells Ally that it’s okay. If she wants to cancel the wedding, all she has to do is say so. Ally remarks that then the flowers will die. Thorne tells her they will get new ones. She asks if she can take these home? They’ll look pretty on the deck. Thorne asks if she wants to go back to the beach house? Pamela and Felicia help Ally pick out a flower for her. Taylor walks away. Thorne goes to tell her that Ally just needs a little more time, but Taylor is afraid she just doesn’t want this.

Ally sees how sad Thorne is. He must really want to marry Taylor. Ridge tells her only if SHE is ready. Ally says she does not want to see her daddy sad. She goes and gives her flower to Taylor and tells them they need this for their wedding tomorrow. Taylor is surprised that now she doesn’t want to wait. Ally says she wants her daddy to be happy. Thorne hugs her and says that is great; he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. He asks if she can hug Taylor, and she does. Then she wants to color.

Thorne can’t believe it. Eric remarks that she is a very mature young lady. He should be very proud of her. Taylor comments that she does seem to be coming around. Thorne beams that tomorrow she is going to be Mrs. Thorne Forrester and they will be a family.

Jackie tells a sullen Nick that he can’t let Taylor go through this marriage. He grumbles that if Taylor and Thorne are meant to be married, then so be it. He is not the one who is going to come between them.

Thorne looks in on Ally to see how she is doing and she seems happy coloring. But when he goes back, we see her with a page of photos of Ridge and Taylor and Ally is furiously blacking out all the faces of Taylor.

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