B&B Monday Update 1/15/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/15/07


Written By Wanda
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Taylor slams on her brakes just in time to avoid hitting little Ally standing out in the middle of PCH, Thorne running on foot looking for her in the mist. He scoops her up and puts her in the car, out of danger.

Bridget visits Eric and comments it is so nice with Aunt Pamela there. Then she shocks Eric by telling him that she had a houseguest as well. Shane had been staying with her. She’s heard all the negative, but he needed help and she was there and this way she could even keep an eye on him and Phoebe. Ridge will never know as Shane has already gotten his own place and moved on. And it felt pretty good having someone to come home to. The last time she felt like that was with Nick.

Meanwhile Nick is waiting at Taylor’s when Brooke drops by. He informs her that Taylor had a situation she had to go handle as Ally had found out that she was the one who hit her mommy and killed her. Brooke explains that she knows. It was Hope that told her. And he is still there why? To give Taylor a friendly shoulder when she returns?

Thorne sits Ally down and explains that he knows she is really angry at him for not telling her the truth about her mommy’s accident. But he really, really loves her and only wanted to protect her and wait until she was older so she could understand better. And running away was not the answer! She lashes out at them that they both lied to her. She HATES Taylor, how could he marry her, she killed her mommy! They both try to explain that it was a horrible, horrible accident. That something slipped and her mommy fell back into the road. Taylor tried to stop in time, but couldn’t. And in the beginning, he too wanted to blame someone because he missed his wife, but in time he realized it was really just an accident. And Taylor would never knowingly hurt someone, especially her mother, so he forgave Taylor. He thinks she can forgive her too. But all Ally wants to do is go to bed.

Bridget apologizes to Eric. She knows Nick is a four-letter word around here and she admits he had every right to be furious at him considering that he took Eric’s company away from him. Eric points out that Nick has no interest in the fashion business. He’s only a sailor for heaven’s sake. This is about revenge. She states that he isn’t against Eric per se. When Nick forced them to sell the company the first time, it was all about Brooke. But now it’s about Jackie, and only Jackie. Eric asks if that is what she really believes or she wants to believe that because she believes in Nick?

Nick asks Brooke is she is implying something? She remarks it was a simple question. So he says in answer to her simple question, yes he is going to stick around in case Taylor needs someone to talk to, as she was there for him. Brooke states that she is happy, and she certainly didn’t go along with what Stephanie did at the fashion show, but she also doesn’t see what he is doing in retaliation as fair in ‘sticking’ it to Stephanie. It doesn’t make sense. She knows he doesn’t care about hemlines or haute couture. He snaps that he does now! It’s HIS company, not the Forrester’s. And he’s moving on. She replies she guesses they all have been forced to move on. He looks at her seriously and asks if she really wants to do this now? She tells him she really never meant to hurt him. He gulps and says no, neither of them meant to hurt each other, but it did happen. And they’ll deal with it the best way they know how….and now they are moving on. He reaches into his briefcase and tells her that he was going to have them delivered later today, but guess they can do it now. He hands her legal documents. She’s stunned to see they are divorce papers. He says all it needs is her signature. Their marriage is officially over. They simply stare at each other.

Thorne tries to comfort Taylor that once Ally has had time to process things, she will come around. She cries that she wants to believe that, but he had even admitted that it took him a while to forgive her and he’s an adult. Ally is a little child and she sees Taylor as the one who killed her mommy, so she’s afraid she may never forgive her. Taylor feels that all Ally needs is him, her father. He’s the only one that is left that she can depend on. How can they get married when she feels this way about Taylor? He says he loves Taylor for wanting to put Ally first, but she’s very resilient and she will come around. And he promises that he and Taylor, they will be man and wife.

Brooke looks over the papers. Nick says her attorney has been calling, so he assumes this is what she wants. She sighs, seems completely off guard. She voices that she just seems so lost at times. He says lost is a good word for it. They discuss Hope, that he can see her anytime as he means a lot to her. He repeats likewise. Brooke says he too means a lot to her. He sits and tells her that she really won't be free in the eyes of the law until the waiting period is over. In a few short months it will be over. When she hesitates, he asks again if this is what she wants? Slowly, she says what she wants is for the two of them both to be happy…….her with Ridge and him with…..Then she blurts out that she knows how he thinks and how he feels and she knows he wouldn’t have signed those papers if there wasn’t something else going on in his life. “There is something else going on in your life, isn’t there? Or should I say someone?” She asks is it Taylor? He doesn’t answer. However, Taylor walks in and is surprised at them being there.

Bridget tries to convince her dad that she’s not sure if Nick is over her mom or the kind of man that she can believe in. He thinks that is good considering all he has put her through. She denies that it was all his fault. She hasn’t talked to him about this, she has kept her distance. And while she doesn’t understand or condone all his choices, and as much as she wants her dad to get the company back, she does understand why Nick is doing some of the things in light of his mother. She asks if Eric still feels the same about Jackie? He claims he was HORRIFIED at what Stephanie did, but he has to admire how Nick stood up for his mother, and yes he still cares for Jackie. She sings Nick’s praises too and Eric realizes she still has feelings for him. She admits perhaps she does. Perhaps finding out what he went through as a child puts a different perspective on things. And if she had of known those things then, perhaps things would have turned out differently between them.

Nick tells Taylor they both were concerned about her and Ally. Brooke starts to apologize and Taylor shakes her off that she doesn’t blame Hope. She blames herself for not anticipating this. She cries that Ally ran out in front of her on the PCH and she could have hit her. Nick pours her a drink of water and Brooke tries to reassure her that Ally will be alright. She will come around, she has only just found out so she needs time. Nick sees it differently and doesn’t feel she will be doing her any favors by pushing her……or by marrying Thorne. She’s doing it out of guilt because she thinks she owes this man. She denies that. Brooke lashes out at Nick that Taylor is a grown woman and a therapist. She KNOWS what is in her heart and her mind. She’s marrying him because she is committed to him, not because she feels guilty. He still doesn’t believe it. He tells Taylor if she will just be honest with herself, she knows he is right. Brooke blasts that this is none of his business…..unless he is doing this to bring more misery into the Forrester’s life! She claims that she is not saying this to hurt him, but he can’t deny he’s been hell-bent in getting revenge against the Forrester’s. He says it has nothing to do with that. She wonders why not, she can’t think of any other reason, unless……there is something going on between the two of them. Taylor tells her that is ridiculous. Brooke wonders and she warns her that Thorne is in love with her and Ally too. So is Taylor going to break their hearts all over again? There has to be more going on here than a normal doctor-patient relationship. Pointblank she asks him has he fallen for Taylor? Has Taylor fallen for him? Has it already happened? She WANTS the truth and she wants it now.

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