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Taylor and Thorne contemplate what and how much to tell Ally about her mother’s accident. Thorne feels like Ally ran off to bed because she did not want to know the answer. Taylor feels that she can see the answer all over their faces, so they have to tell her. They carefully question Ally and she doesn’t want to believe Taylor would have had anything to do with her mother’s death. She doesn’t believe it. Phoebe was there and she wouldn’t lie about this. Taylor admits that is what she thought too, but she was afraid so she did lie. She tries to explain about the foggy night, not being able to see and how it happened. Ally still doesn’t understand how her dad could love her or marry her. She points her finger at Taylor - the reason her mother is dead. Rebelling, she wants to go home, even if she has to go all by herself. She ends up telling Taylor that she can’t tell her what to do.

Nick brings home a mountain of paperwork/ledgers and tells Jackie that he’s going to try to make some money in the fashion world – and it’s not like oil. They don’t charge by the barrel. She offers a beer and a sandwich and he says he surely can use it. The last few purchases, this house…….Forrester Creations, he’s leveraged, completely leveraged. She remarks they have inertia on their side, buyers looking toward Forrester and of course all that publicity. Plus the sympathy vote. Nick is surprised when Jackie suggests they might get back their lead designer. Nick thinks – Eric, there is not a man in that family that still has a mind of their own. She knows he’s also thinking about Thorne. He admits that he thinks that Taylor is marrying him out of guilt. She states that is the first time she has heard him admit that. Taylor has become very important to him, right?

Eric tells Stephanie that her driver is ready. She expresses doubt that she should even go. He reminds her that her mother is expecting her. She still hates to leave with things the way they are between them. He utters that the way things are between them is the very best reason for her to go. She points out that he said he wouldn’t give up on them. He says that she doesn’t make it very easy. She wants him to promise to be there when she returns. He replies that he will see. Stephanie and Pam say their good-byes. Pam quips to say hello to her mother, she misses her. Who knows, in a week maybe she actually will! Stephanie reminds her to keep her eyes on those ‘assets’ she mentioned. In leaving, Stephanie turns to Eric and says for what it’s worth, she does love him.

Nick takes the liberty of dropping in on Taylor. Sensing her mood, he asks and she cries on his shoulder that she was an idiot to actually think she could choose the time to tell Alexandria how her mother died. Thorne takes Ally to their beach house since Taylor said Hector wasn’t using it just yet. He notices Ally staring at Darla’s photo and she says she is saying a prayer to mommy….to ask her to forgive her for liking the person who killed her. But, she seems perfectly normal so he tucks her in bed. She wants the lights off and the door closed. She mutters that she doesn’t want to be the flower girl, and he tells her nobody is going to make her do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Nick admits that he’s an adult and even he doesn’t understand all of the rest of this. Taylor tells him that she and Thorne didn’t intend to fall in love. He realizes she fell into something…..but he thinks she has to be honest about WHAT it is. Can she say? When she sees him, is she overwhelmed? Some sort of happiness, is it magical? Would she call it passionate? She replies that she supposes there was a dark cloud looming over them from the beginning, but it was becoming something happy…and it still can. She can do this! She can do this and help Ally too. He wonders if maybe she isn’t the one who is supposed to. She thinks it is her obligation though, and the only one who can fix it. She starts to head out and he offers to drive her. She nixes that as the last person Thorne would want to see. She tells him she can drive to see patients and Ally needs her right now.

Eric catches Pam sewing on some of his buttons on a jacket and is completely blown away that he missed supper and she left him a plate warming in the oven. He remarks that is a first, his own wife didn’t do that. She offers that they both wanted him to keep up his strength…..after all, he is suddenly stuck with an unexpected guest….who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She says she is sorry, but she does have some experience sharing living quarters with someone who doesn’t exactly want her around. Eric is appreciative of her efforts and goes to get his supper now.

Stephanie startles Jackie by coming by. Stephanie announces that she wants Jackie to keep her sleazy hands off of her husband while she is out of town. Jackie retorts that she has no idea what sleaziness she has planned …….after all, she has a reputation to uphold, thanks to Stephanie. Stephanie makes an empty threat and Jackie asks what can she do now – call her a whore on national TV? She has NOTHING left to threaten her with. Stephanie replies, “don’t be so sure, Missy.” She didn’t mean anything to Eric, just a couple of sweaty hours together. Jackie advises that the only reason Eric stayed with her was because of her former stranglehold on Forrester Creations. She smarts – well guess who has it now? Her son….her adoring son who’ll do anything for Jackie. And what does Stephanie think would be the simplest way for him to get his foot back in the door….and that is assuming that he’s the kind of man that thinks that way. It would just take someone to make a suggestion…..a very strong suggestion. Stephanie calls her delusional if she thinks he would leave Stephanie and marry Jackie. Jackie suggests she just poll the man in the street. Stephanie huffs that she could stand there and tell her what there was between she and Eric, how deep it runs and what it means, but it is beyond Jackie’s power to grasp. Jackie tells her that she is so beaten, and she only has herself to thank for that. She could almost thank her…….almost……In leaving, Stephanie taunts that she is having Jackie watched. Not missing a beat, minutes later Jackie grabs her purse and coat and smirks as she heads out.

Thorne panics when he tries to check in on Ally and she has the door locked and won’t answer it. He pushes it in only to find an empty room. He calls Taylor, who tells him she is on her way over. She’s on the foggy PCH. He tells her that Ally isn’t there. She locked her room and went out the window.

In the darkened living room, Jackie slips into Eric’s house and mistakes a reclining Jackie for Eric. She gasps when she coos ‘alone at last’ and it turns out to be a stranger, Pamela. They have a cute little repartee in introductions and Pamela won’t call Eric as he is otherwise occupied, but has nothing on her hands but time if Jackie would like to get acquainted. She is polite and offers her some tea. Jackie assures her that Eric will want to see her. Pamela holds fast and won’t call Eric, so Jackie leaves after Pamela says her sister was right, Jackie is “quite a character.”

Taylor has a grotesque flashback of previously hitting Darla. Ally is wandering around in the mist; Thorne is searching with a flashlight calling Ally’s name and Taylor is driving along that same spooky highway and suddenly they all scream as she seems to be heading directly to Ally in her pathway.

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