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Suffering from a very foul mood, still re-reading all the newspapers and listening to the media circus, Jackie goes to the door expecting to fight off more reporters by telling them to just go away and leave her alone. It’s Eric, lending her his support. But, before he can say a word she blares that the fact that Nick bought the Forrester shares was just as much a surprise to her as to him. Now she figures he’s come to tell her what he really thinks of her, now that she has been exposed as a prostitute. He caresses her shoulders and says he doesn’t give a damn what she did to survive thirty years ago, that is not the woman she is now. He informs her that they both have done things in the past that they would look back on with sorrow and regret. And who she is now is this wonderful, beautiful, stunning, accomplished woman whose life has been shattered by what his wife and his sons have done to her……which he deeply, deeply regrets. And just so she knows, he and Stephanie will have this out as soon as she gets back from Palm Springs. He suggests he would like the company back, but never like this at her expense. She’s delighted that he could say such lovely things after just learning he wasn’t going to get his company back. A headache suddenly hits her, and Eric sits her down and goes to the study to get her pills.

Stephanie knocks and comes on in. With glee, she announces she would have come sooner but she’d been out of town. Not hiding out, but she did want to come by and see the look on Jackie’s face when she heard they had gotten the company back. Jackie tells her that she thinks it is Stephanie that hasn’t heard.

The girls have a little argument about whether Taylor did or did not run over Ally’s mommy. Their play date ends on a not so pleasant note. Meanwhile, Taylor and Brooke continue their assessment of Nick, and Taylor feels Brooke is insinuating more than there is with a patient-doctor relationship. Brooke states that Nick is a very attractive man, and Taylor wouldn’t be human if she didn’t notice that.

Jackie tells Stephanie that she wouldn’t be so smug if she were her. Things aren’t always the way they seem to appear. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Stephanie shares, just like Jackie. Everyone thought she was a lady and here she was a prostitute. Has she no shame? Jackie extols that what she has is no use for Stephanie. Stephanie returns that favor. Smugly, she says that what she really came by for was she is going to the airport to pick up her sister, then leaving town to go visit her mother but wanted to stop by and GLOAT….but before she goes they are going to have one bang-up celebration now that they have the company back. Eric totally surprises her when he surfaces with Jackie’s pills and fawns attention over her. And then tells Stephanie that they DON’T have the company back and probably never will, thanks to her….her little scheme backfired. The only thing it really accomplished was to make Nick more livid than he already was and to come back with them with a vengeance. The new owner of Forrester Creations is not their family, but Nick Marone and she has no one to blame but herself.

Taylor tries to explain to Ally that sometimes good friends have misunderstandings and do say things; they don’t mean to hurt. Thorne comes home and interrupts before they can say more. Taylor is surprised that he is home as she thought he’d be over there at the big celebration. He sinks on the couch and explains that Nick sold all of his Marone stock and bought Forrester’s before they could even make an offer. She’s stunned as he admits that she was right, they should have been more patient. They should have waited and let Taylor bring him around. Instead they have now created an enemy for life and he doubts there is any way Nick will ever let go of Forrester Creations. He confesses that in his heart he knew it was wrong….exposing Jackie for what Nick had told Taylor. But, he just wanted to get the company back so badly for his father that he didn’t think properly. He just jumped right in and now he realizes that sounds just like an excuse. She’s soft on him and says it sounds like a son who loves his father very much. He repeats that it was wrong and it was hurtful. Not just to Nick and Jackie, but to Taylor as well. He knows he betrayed her trust and disappointed her. And for that, he is very, very sorry. She glosses it over by saying it’s okay. He just got caught up in something and what’s done is done, it’s the past. They just need to move forward together. He asks if that means that she still wants to marry him? He feels like he’s the luckiest guy in the world; he kisses her.

Eric blasts into Stephanie and she barks back that where in the hell was he when George made a better offer? He rants that the point is she couldn’t wait for Taylor to help things, she had to jump in with another of her stunts. She argues that the point really is that Nick told her he’d cut off his arm before he’d let them own Forrester again. And she’s seen Eric grow more and more depressed every day; she had to do something! She’d seen him have his life stolen because of her and she thought she had to do something! He asks if that means publicly humiliating Jackie? She rankles and says yes, if necessary. He squares off, telling her that no one stands up to HER moral code, do they? And if they don’t, they are absolutely fair game. He’s disappointed, he thought she had changed. That she’d had a real breakthrough, but guess she hadn’t. “I don’t think you are even capable of change.”

She remarks that she has changed, but she’s not going to discuss this in front of Jackie. They can discuss it when she comes back from Chicago. This is a complete surprise to him too so she goes on that she thought she could go there……now she’s not so sure, but Pam is coming here, but maybe Stephanie should stay. He tells her don’t bother. Jackie sidles up to Eric and tells Stephanie that what he really means is that he can’t stand the sight of her right now……and if he needs support, she’ll be there for him. Stephanie tells her to shut up. And of course she would SUPPORT him and hold out her hand for payment. Eric jumps in and tells her to stop it. She has inflicted enough damage on Jackie. Astonished, Stephanie demands to know what is wrong with him? What about the damage that she and her son has inflicted on all of their family? Eric tells her she needs to go now. She turns and leaves as Jackie caresses his sleeve. With a sinking heart and doubt, Stephanie walks out and leans worriedly against the door.

Thorne is shocked that Nick would have called Taylor already and wanted to explain his side of things. He says including the fact that he doesn’t really think that Taylor loves Thorne. She says he had no right to say that. If anything, she doesn’t feel she deserves to be with Thorne. She admits that she does love him; that she wants to marry him and make a home with him. She says that really is what she wants, and they kiss. Ally spies them and remembers what Hope told her about Taylor killing her mommy. Thorne notices how quiet she is and tries to find out what is wrong. She can tell Daddy.

Stephanie holds a family picture and is deep in thought when Pam comes from the bedroom and says she is all settled in. Stephanie apologizes for being so pre-occupied and tells her they did not get the company back. And that Eric is furious with her……all because of that bitch, Jackie. Pam asks who is Jackie? Stephanie retorts that whore that has been after Eric for years and now she is…..more brazen than ever, putting moves on Eric. She hesitates and then asks Pam if she could help her?

Jackie reveals that now that the truth is out, it’s really freeing. She was convinced that she’d never be able to show her face again in this town. She’d be too ashamed. But, because of him, she realizes she doesn’t have to live with a paper bag over her head. So let people talk behind her back….her son has forgiven her and now Eric, so that’s all that matters. Everybody else can go to hell! And that includes his wife, and he can tell her so when she gets back from Chicago. “Right now, Mister, you’d better be forewarned.” She coos that she is going to do everything, and she does mean EVERYTHING in her power to remind him just how GOOD they were together. She runs her fingers along his collar and face and kisses him while he smiles.

Pam asks exactly what does Stephanie want her to do? Stephanie demonstrates her frustration with her fists and says just keep an eye on Eric. Keep her away if Jackie shows up there. She proclaims that her marriage means everything to her and please just help her. She just needs her to keep that whore away from her husband. (anyone get the idea that this is asking the fox to guard the henhouse?)

Thorne sits Ally down and wants to know what Hope told her to upset her so. He assures her that he loves her and also Taylor does as well and only wants the best for her. She mutters that Hope lied to her, and she knows that is wrong. Brooke calls and wants to tell Taylor what Hope told her, but Taylor says she is busy and that she will have to call her back. Ally finally tells him it was about Mommy’s accident and how much she misses her. He says he does too and not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about her. Taylor chimes in that they all miss her very much. They are both aghast that she tells them that Hope said that Taylor had killed her mommy. That isn’t the truth, is it?

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