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Alone in his solitude in the big old sprawling mansion, Nick reflects upon the last few hours by holding a Marone ship model. He’s out and George is in. As he holds the model precariously in his hands, he remarks that it is over.

Eric and Ridge are getting ready for the meeting, and Ridge tells him not to worry that George won’t start without them. He knows Eric is still not happy with how all of this went down, but states that he is getting the company back so he should be happy. Eric responds that he IS happy, just not the way it was done. Ridge still doesn’t think what they did was any worse than what Nick did to them, threatening to send Stephanie to jail. Ridge knows Eric doesn’t like what they did to Jackie, but states he deserves to get the company back and they would have done ANYTHING, anything at all to make that happen.

Still in a chilled mood, Taylor speaks with Thorne just before he goes to the meeting. He’s waiting for Ally to get ready for her play date so he thought he could talk with Taylor. She reminds him of his speech on TV last night, but did he have to mention her too? He announces that it paid off as they are meeting now to sign papers to get the company back. She chastises that it wasn’t enough that they publicly humiliated Jackie, now they have to ruin her son’s career! And she isn’t buying that he did it because Eric was slipping further and further into depression. She had offered to help with that, but he had so little confidence in her that he wouldn’t let her even handle that. She felt she just needed a little more time, but Stephanie couldn’t wait. She mocks – just like he couldn’t wait to run out and jump right into that media circus. He defends that he went because his family needed him, just like they need him now. She doesn’t want to hold him up, just go. He says it’s not like that and they will talk about this more when he gets home.

Slowly, Nick stands up and looks around and then down at the ship model and he takes and fiercely smashes it into pieces against the table. Jackie happens to walk in and cries to him that this is all her fault and for him to please stop.

Eric declares that this doesn’t feel like the triumphant return that he envisioned. Ridge retorts that they did take some hits by the press, but they can handle that and that Eric just needs to concentrate on getting Forrester back on track. Thorne walks in and is a downer. He’s happy for his dad, but it’s Taylor. She’s still at odds with him for what they did to Jackie. Ridge points out that they did what they had to do. And believe him, Thorne will be happy when he see’s his dad behind his desk again.

Brooke is glad that Taylor didn’t cancel the girl’s play date as Hope was anxious to see Ally’s flower girl dress. Taylor pours coffee and tells Brooke that she is surprised that she even came over. She would have thought she would have wanted to be there for Eric’s hand over….or because of her history with Nick and his mother. Brooke reveals – no, it’s Eric’s day. And she feels badly for Nick and Jackie, but they should have never taken the company away from Eric and Stephanie in the first place. Taylor gets a delivery – her headdress and she seems less than enthused about it. Brooke says she knows she feels betrayed by Stephanie and she really doesn’t want to argue with her. The family is getting the company back and they both are going to be marrying Forrester men. Taylor sets her straight that marrying Thorne is not exactly her priority right now.

Nick comes bounding down the stairs and Jackie laments that he is holding his dress whites, what is he doing? He sits before the fireplace and tells her that this chapter of his life is over. She begs him not to, but he tosses the clothes into the fire. She reminds him this is who he is. He corrects, it is who he WAS. ….he became a sailor because of the stories she told of Massimo Marone, the courageous sailor, who owned the seven seas. But, he’s not a little boy anymore and he’s not going to live his life according to some salt-water fairytale. He barks that the Forrester’s humiliated her and caused him to lose his company. They think he’ll quit, paddle right back out to sea, but they are wrong! He calls someone and tells them that he needs to see them now. In leaving, he looks back and tells Jackie that the Forrester’s have no idea what he is capable of, none at all.

Taylor and Brooke discuss the fact that Thorne is basically a good man. Taylor wonders what this says about his integrity? She too always thought he was a good man, so that’s what makes this so disappointing. She just wonders if this is the way it’s always going to be. Thorne always trying to get his mother’s approval? Brooke advises her that if she wants to be angry, maybe it should be at Stephanie. Taylor maintains that she is really mad at herself for ever trusting Stephanie with this information. But, she also doesn’t know if she will ever get over Thorne being a part of this. She simply can not get over the humiliation that Jackie must have felt…….or Nick……this must be the single most painful memory of his life and then it was out there for the entire world to see….and then he was fired for it. She goes on and on that to lose his job was just wrong. And she was the one who encouraged him to work through his problems and that it would help. He was devastated, but he was also angry at her. And then when she went to his house, he didn’t throw her out like he should have. He actually forgave her. Brooke remarks that if he just could have forgiven Stephanie, all of this could have been avoided. Once more, Taylor keeps going on about him being a good man and she just needed a little more time and that he would have done the right thing. Brooke gets the sneaky suspicion that things are a bit more between Nick and Taylor.

The Forrester men look over the papers with their lawyer and he tells them as soon as they sign, they should be able to take over the company immediately. They are just waiting for George now. He enters and Eric congratulates him for being CEO now. Ridge gloats that Nick’s focus has clearly been misplaced and it’s time for those of them who know what they are doing can now take over again….”and let Nick get back to playing with his dinghies.” George informs them that actually Nick is going to be leaving Marone Industries altogether. That is why he was delayed to the meeting. Nick was very anxious to sell George his stock. Thorne asks why would he do that? Right on cue, Nick enters and says he will answer that. Eric steps up and apologizes for what Stephanie did to his mother. If he had known it was in the works, it wouldn’t have ever happened. Nick sneers that it did happen though, and laughs that it is kinda hard going from captain to first mate. Ridge wonders how he would feel being a passenger then? He and his mother could take a cruise and let the scandal die down a little bit. And use that cruise wear so it won’t go to waste. Nick quips that it won’t go to waste, but thanks for the suggestion. And they are actually going to use it on the runway in Milan. He pulls out some papers and Ridge asks if he is going to start his own fashion house now? Nick answers no, he just bought HIS. He’s glib, they’re glum.

Brooke asks just how close did Taylor get to Nick? She admits they discussed some very intimate subjects and Brooke wants to know if they were personal? Taylor reveals she can not discuss his case with her, but she does say she will continue seeing him if he wants to. He put his trust in her. It was she that urged him to go into therapy to gain peace. And now because of her mistake, this whole thing has gotten worse. She feels like she has to make it up to him, and she’s not going to let the Forrester’s agenda get in the way of that.

Nick hands the papers to the lawyer as Eric is shocked that he bought the company. Nick smirks, “lock, stock and sewing machine.” Ridge demands an explanation from George, they had a deal! He’d agreed to sell Forrester to them. George says they had a deal to discuss the purchase, but then Nick offered to sell his stock at a bargain price and renegotiate his severance package, and it was simply too good a deal to pass up. George shakes Nick’s hand and tells him he never saw his daddy in him until today. But, like him, Nick wasn’t afraid to take a risk to get what he wanted. The lawyer tells them that he is afraid the contract is legitimate. Eric shakes Eli’s hand and thanks him and they will talk later. Ridge grumbles that he doesn’t care what the papers say, they are bogus. Nick could have never afforded all of the Forrester stock. And he knows he doesn’t give a damn about fashion. He’s just doing this to screw with them. Nick scoffs, no – he just doesn’t like him or his mother. And, it’s amazing how the fashion world can be so cutthroat.

He sits his briefcase down and tells them “meeting over, boys.” Take a good look around as he is going to make sure they don’t set foot in the building again. Ridge extols that Nick will be sorry. If he thinks they played hard before, then now it really is WAR. He tosses the papers at him, landing on the floor, as each file out. Nick has a smug look of self-satisfaction on his face.

Brooke explains all of this is a very volatile situation, but Taylor did nothing wrong so there is no need to forgive. Taylor argues for Brooke not to make more over this than it is. There is NOTHING do be concerned about.

Thorne walks back in and calls Nick a little bastard. Smiling sweetly, Nick warns him not to say something he will regret, like he did last night on TV. He reveals to Thorne that he and Taylor watched him on TV with his little spiel, and she wasn’t very thrilled with him. Thorne approaches and tells him to stay the hell away from his fiancée. Nick guesses he really is a Forrester after all….just thinks he owns everything, but obviously he doesn’t. Thorne taunts that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Nick says he does. It’s Thorne that seems a little wet under the collar……he’s not even sure that Taylor loves him, is he? Thorne fires back if that were the case then she would not be marrying him.

Nick wastes no time in picking up the phone and calling Taylor. He tells her Thorne just left and he needs to see her. She can’t see him now though as she has the girls. He wants her to meet him later at his place. She nixes that, but says she will catch up with him later. Brooke overhears and questions her about it. So Taylor is not going to see Nick, she is going to make Thorne her priority and go through with the wedding? Taylor assures her yes, she is.

The girls are coloring and passing the crayons around. Hope blurts out that her friend told her something – Taylor killed her mommy. Ally denies it, not true. But Hope repeats that it is so. Taylor ran over her mommy.

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