B&B Monday Update 1/8/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/8/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Jackie asks Stephanie how could she? Stephanie reminds her she blackmailed them, did she think there would be no consequences? Jackie tells her that she will lose more than Jackie will as she will lose Eric. Stephanie gasps and mimics that my goodness, she is right. Eric just might be interested in Jackie on an hourly basis. She’ll just have to find a way to discourage that. Jackie’s happy to know that Eric doesn’t know until Stephanie warns her that he will now.

Still on the runway, Nick is berating Captain Kramer with the reporters and photographers snapping away questioning Kramer about his pimping days. Nick is very irritated and calls for the guards to get him out of there. Donna speaks up and tries to dismiss it all as a smear campaign as they can hear the voice of Stephanie Forrester. Her family took top dollar for the company and now they want to sabotage it. Taylor lambastes Ridge for what they did and he has to physically hold her back. Ridge has no clue what Nick might do when he finds out they knew about Kramer. Taylor reminds him that he should have thought of that before. Thorne’s excuse was that he thought she was in Santa Barbara. Clark wanders up and, still dabbing at his mouth, asks Thorne if they weren’t once friends? Thorne says they were until he decided to help Nick Marone get away with robbing their company. Clarke can’t believe he sucker-punched him for that. If he had only told him, he might have been in on it to. The reporters continue to shout questions at Nick, even questioning if Massimo is his father or how he can’t be sure it might not be one of these other sea captains? Donna tells them they will talk outside, but the show is over.

Jackie declares that Stephanie must be completely mad if she thought she could reason with her. Taylor starts to apologize and Jackie turns on her and points out that the biggest mistake of her life was to encourage her son to trust himself to her. She doesn’t believe Stephanie when she tells her that Taylor didn’t betray any professional confidences. Taylor goes off on Stephanie as well. How could she do this to her? She already knew Jackie hated her, so to hell with the company. It was Stephanie that stuck a knife in her back. Jackie asks Rita for the back way out and literally has to slam the door in the reporter’s faces and cries for them to leave her alone.

Ridge gloats to George about ‘the show’. George acknowledges it was not a happy day for Marone Industries. Suzanne adds that clearly there were issues with his family they weren’t aware of. Ridge tells them that their CEO did a number on them, as well as himself too. George admits that might have been irrelevant as long as the acquisition was to their advantage. But, this was a disaster, public relation wise and every other way. Ridge quips well if you put a guy who could barely coordinate his socks in charge of a fashion house, what do you expect? George tells his colleagues he thinks it’s time to call an emergency session of the board. Ridge advises if they decide to divest themselves of Forrester before their fearless leader drives them into Chapter 11, then give them a call. Nick accosts him next and asks where is his mother? Ridge makes a crude remark about the elevator shaft and that George is calling an emergency session of the board. He doesn’t much think they will have much of an appetite for the fashion world after today. Nick snipes that he can just keep doing what he does best – hiding behind mommy’s skirts.

Stephanie vehemently apologizes and tells Taylor that she will protect her from this moment on. She made it crystal clear to Jackie that she had no idea what was going on. Taylor rails that she doesn’t care about her license or her reputation. She only cares what she did to those two people. Stephanie can’t believe where her loyalty lies. Taylor confesses maybe she needs to think about that. She states that it suited Stephanie just fine to cut her out of hr life when she wanted to…..then she paired her off with one son and then the other. And now she’s used her and taken advantage of her. And she shouts it’s not the first time, but it definitely will be the last. And if this is what it means to be her best friend, she can count her out. She slams the door on her way out.

Ridge can’t hold back. He quips again to Jackie that the reporters are asking if she is going to be unveiling a Jackie’s Bedroom Line? She tells him and to think she actually felt sorry for him at one time. He muses that didn’t stop her from snatching his career out from under him. She declares that she never realized just how much he was like his mother……the amorality and the pleasure he takes in other people’s pain. He extols that she has no one to blame but herself….and her bastard son. She reminds him that is his brother. He corrects – half brother. And Jackie will need some offices somewhere else….and make them real cozy….that way she can meet her sea captains there.

Captain Kramer walks into Jackie’s office only to find Stephanie there. She’s happy to share it won’t be Jackie’s office for very long. She’s probably in the deepest, darkest hole she can find right now. She doesn’t want to add insult to injury but, what does he want, money? He blasts - she lied through her teeth to get him here and paraded him around like some porn star. And now she is going to stand there and insult him! She asks him to forgive her, but to her the ends justify the means in this case. He wonders then who a woman slept with thirty years ago has to do if she can sell a damn dress or not? Stephanie tells him that she could stand here ad nauseam, but she could never possibly make him understand what this company and the principles it stands for mean to her. He chuckles – so she is doing this for the high moral standards. He can tell her something, “lady”, he may have done some really lousy things in his life, but when it comes to pure nasty, he couldn’t hold a candle to her. She tells the captain, bon voyage.

Nick walks in seething. He states that she is such a bitch. Where’s his mother? And why is Stephanie hiding in her office? She remarks she is not hiding. He asks why couldn’t she just have come after him, make it a fair fight? She asks what was fair about blackmailing Eric? Nick points out they had a choice, they chose to sell. She declares Eric had no choice and she did NOT sell. He offers does she think this will change anything? She replies yes she does. She does not think a very conservative company like Marone Industries, that board won’t let him flush millions down the toilet. Before he leaves, he tells her then she doesn’t know him very well. She does parlay that Taylor had no part in this.

Thorne is defending himself to Taylor who confesses he doesn’t want to talk to her right now. He tells her they would have done this with or without him. She reflects – and this was his only choice, to be in or be out? What about telling them it was wrong? What about telling her what they were planning or what was going on? He admits he guesses he didn’t think it was wrong….and how his father had built this company from the ground up. She’s sick of hearing that! Nobody is going hungry if his father retires. He counters that neither will Nick Marone, and they only told the truth. She grouses that airing someone’s dirty laundry isn’t telling the truth about them. He tells her he made sure she was at no legal risk. She still groans that she doesn’t think he understands anything about her. Her sense of obligations has nothing to do with her earning a living. She would have thought his obligations to her would have meant something? He wants to talk this over at home, but she says no, she is going to get her own self home.

Nick approaches and asks how the guilt-ridden romance is going now? He tells Thorne no offense, but he guesses Taylor finally made it up to him – Nick's mother for his dead wife. Well done! Thorne apologizes and says Nick had no right to say that. She differs – why not? It’s what Thorne thought too. Taylor will be upset, but she owes him. Nick remembers the entire runway fiasco. Taylor tries to talk to him, but he retreats.

Kramer catches up with Jackie and tries to explain. Stephanie told him that she was Jackie’s friend and that Jackie was looking forward to seeing him again. Jackie asks why in God’s name would she ever want to see him again? He admits maybe he was a fool to fall for that. Maybe it’s because there are things he wants to say after all these years. She exclaims to him that there are things she wants to say to him too. He grins as he moves closer and she hauls off and slaps him. He bristles and tells her she hasn’t lost her touch. He remembers that she slapped him once before, and if memory serves, they made love right after that. She sounds off that they may have made something, but it wasn’t love. He tries to make it right by saying that he saw her and the kid and the situation they were in and he only wanted to help. Okay, maybe he picked the wrong way, but that is what he was trying to do. She bellows that she hopes it gives him a huge sense of accomplishment. Now GO! He confesses there is something he never told her. He was married. She filled his head with thoughts a married man is not supposed to think. He’s not sure but maybe he gave her money because he couldn’t give her what he really wanted to. No one is paying her to look at him now, she says, so just get out!

Ridge tells his mother that the press is all over this and the Marone Board wants out. He can smell it. She spies Thorne and asks what does he hear? He too hears they can get the company back in less than a month. She notices his mood and asks where Taylor is; anything wrong? He bemoans what good is getting Forrester back if he loses Taylor? He should have gone to her and told her what was going to happen. Stephanie goes to Thorne and tells him she is sorry. She should have protected him. They never should have involved him in this. She knows Taylor is really angry at all of them, but he can not let this come between them.

Nick stops and asks Taylor if she is not yet through with him? She confides to him that she did not know they would do this. He doesn’t believe her. They couldn’t do this without her. He must say she sure earned her Forrester stripes today. One of the two sons will be lined up to marry her for the rest of her life. He has to hand it to her, it was one hell of a strategy. She refutes this, but he says the hell it wasn’t. She had told him from the beginning that she was on some crusade to get the company back for them. He’s the fool here. He trusted her. She explains that Stephanie overheard her reporting her notes. Her office was closed. She had no idea she was standing there. He wasn’t a fool for trusting her. She was wrong to trust Stephanie. Okay, so Stephanie found out by accident, but Taylor knew. She goes on that she thought she was alone, but when she found out that Stephanie had overheard, she made it clear that she was not to say a word to anybody. She had warned her. He grumbles why didn’t she warn him? He could have had his guard up. He could have protected himself. Instead she hung him out to dry!

She confesses she guesses she thought she would get in the way. She’d made a mistake. She let her feelings for him become more important to her. He asks does she have any idea what it felt like to see that man again, in uniform? Right there with Stephanie saying those things for everyone to hear and see? She says if it is any conciliation, she feels as much betrayed – almost - as he does. He blasts well damn it, it’s not the same. And why did she have to do this? Go back into his past and dig all of this crap up? Sympathetically, she tells him that she doesn’t know how, but she will make this up to him. Nothing will be more important to her, she WILL make it up to him.

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