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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 1/4/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge reads to Stephanie from a fashion magazine about the new Forrester Creations and he thinks he will throw up. She reminds him that Massimo ran a very well respected company, a very conservative company and she’s betting the board is conservative too. Nick has them in a very high risk venture and a scandal is not going to be in the board’s best interest. Ridge wonders if this Captain Kramer is scandal personified? She hopes he will be just the one to SINK any idea of success for the two of them.

Nick can barely tolerate being in the same room with Jackie. He’s cool toward her and just wants to concentrate on working for the fashion show tomorrow. Clarke parades his models in for a briefing and Nick okays them and Jackie shows pretense of being thrilled.

Taylor and Thorne lay in bed and he remarks he hopes Nick sells them back the company soon. His mother had this major breakthrough with her mother, but his dad is slipping more and more into depression. He knows life is about forgiveness but what Nick did to his dad was just plain evil and blackmail. She reminds him she just needs a little more time to work with Nick and things could change. He says it better happen soon and that he will sell them back the company. He knows his mother and Ridge are up to something and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Ridge points out to his mother that using Jackie’s past as a prostitute for leverage is going to be risky. She chuckles – Jackie knows all about leverage. But she opines that she is worried about the risk regarding Taylor…..with her career and her friendship with herself. He reminds them they have to do this. She says she knows – the minute they blackmailed them to get the company, all the rules went right out the window. Now it’s their turn, and they are going to show the world “exactly what Jackie is.” A knock at the door produces Captain Kramer. Stephanie’s lips drip with butter as she introduces him to her son, Ridge. He asks what all of this is about? She tells him it’s sort of a surprise party for his oldest and perhaps closest friend, Jacqueline Payne.

Thorne tells Taylor that everyone knows she did her best, but Nick hasn’t lived up to his end of the bargain. She reminds him that Nick has taken the first step, but it takes time, it will take time to heal. And even though his dad is still suffering, it is unfortunately still in Nick’s hands. She wants him to trust her. She reminds him that she won’t be home tonight, she will be at a conference in Santa Barbara. But before that, she wants to stop by Nick’s on her way out and hopes he has had some time to deal with his past and put it past him and ready to move on. And that is their only hope of getting Forrester Creations back, so don’t give up.

As Clarke and the models leave, George, a board member walks in. He laments that it is a different world around here. It may be part of Marone Industries now but it’s going to take more than pretty women and fancy dresses to keep the stockholders happy. He received his invitation for tomorrow and V.J. and Suzanne are also coming. Jackie offers that they will welcome their support. George says they are more open minded than he is but they too are skeptical about his using Marone assets to acquire a fashion house. They have to be accountable to the shareholders and he’s not sure that oil and high heels mix. She coos that she thinks that high heels, if worn properly, can mix with just about anything. George tells Nick that with his pending divorce against Brooke Logan and the vendetta against the Forrester’s, he guesses his reasons for acquiring this company were personal. Nick scoffs – as volatile as the oil business is today, Forrester Creations offers them diversification – profit! George wonders, even without the Forrester’s? Nick says especially without the Forrester’s. George tells him that he’s the CEO so whatever happens, good or bad, falls on him!

Both Ridge and Stephanie ply the Captain with questions and keep reminding him that Jackie still thinks fondly of him and his name keeps coming up. Jackie still cherishes that association. Stephanie says Jackie made a significant impact on her family this past year and she wants to repay her. With a tribute – she’d like the world to see and come to understand, to know exactly the kind of person that Jackie is. She tells Kramer that she thinks his presence would be greatly appreciated.

Jackie tells Nick she can handle the headaches. It’s the heartache that is killing her. She begs him, can’t he forgive her? He walks away saying not now. Taylor walks in unexpectedly and says she was on her way out of town for a conference and thought she’d stop by and see if they wanted to talk. Maybe this would be a perfect time unless he wants to feel this way again tomorrow at his showing. He laughs that he doesn’t think the way he feels is going to change how people feel about dresses. She confides that he is wrong. Unresolved feelings, pain and anger are insidious and can overshadow everything if he lets them. She points out that his mother had a terrible lapse in judgment, okay? She compromised her integrity, but she didn’t do it with malice and not without concern for him. She did what she thought she had to do to put food on the table, to put a roof over his head and clothes on his back. And look how he turned out. He’s a strong, dynamic, man because of the hardships he has endured. That’s what made him – “you”. She takes him by the arm and turns him around to face her. With Jackie looking on, she says it’s time to put the past behind him. Let it go, it’s the past. Find a way to forgive his mother.

Kramer finds it hard to believe that Jackie will be as thrilled to see him as they seem to think. Are they sure they have the right guy? She goads him by saying yes, wasn’t he and several other sea captains very close to Jackie? He rattles their names off and Stephanie assures him that she still thinks of him. If they had any issues in the past, now is the time to work them out and he’ll never know if he doesn’t try. He wants to know what sort of reunion Stephanie is talking about? She advises him that Jackie runs one of the most successful fashion houses in the world and tomorrow is the first showing of her ‘cruise’ line. And he can see where she is going, she is hoping if he would come, he could wear his uniform and they could showcase her to the world. She assures him that Jackie is still stunning. He chuckles okay and holds out his hand to seal the deal. She tells him she will call him tomorrow to make all the arrangements. This will be a day that Jackie will never forget. He says he is looking forward to this.

They are still discussing him when Thorne walks in and overhears him saying that Stephanie pulled this off – announcing to the world that the sophisticated, elegant, oh so British Jackie Marone was a PROSTITUTE! Stephanie announces she knows it’s shocking, but it’s true. Jackie turned tricks in Seattle a long, long time ago when Nick was little. And the guy out on the driveway is an old friend of Jackie’s and he confirmed everything. And she tells Thorne she has made a decision. She’s not going to wait for Taylor to get Nick to come around. Ridge pipes in they are going to use this information to try and get Forrester Creations back. Thorne’s devastated that all of this came out in a session with Taylor; he knows she would never divulge a patient’s confidentiality. Stephanie assures her that Taylor didn’t. It was just her lucky day that she overheard her reading her notes into a recorder.

Taylor explains to Nick that he put his mother on a pedestal and that is a very precarious place to be. The only place to go is down. “We’re all fragile, were all flawed. If you can’t accept that, then what happened in your mother’s past WILL destroy your relationship. Don’t let that happen.” Very slowly and deliberately, he walks to his mother and stiffens as he says she is like royalty to him…..beautiful and sophisticated. And he will never be able to accept the things that she did, but he realizes now that she did them for him. And as far as he is concerned, that woman is gone forever. She seems pleased at what he is saying. “The woman who stands here now is the woman I grew up loving.” And there was never a day that went by that there wasn’t a hug for him and words of encouragement. She made him believe in himself. “You’re my mother…….still beautiful……still elegant…I love you, and always will.” She asks if he can ever forgive her? He sighs as he says he already has and they hug.

Thorne asks if they realize they are USING confidential information that Taylor has without her even knowing it? She is NEVER going to forgive them, not to mention this could destroy her career. He is also appalled that Stephanie says she never really treated him as a patient, more like a friend. Ridge reinforces that the meetings were never in her office but always at Forrester Creations or on the boat. Thorne says it was still therapy, but Stephanie disagrees – Nick didn’t take it seriously as therapy. Nick informs her that Taylor most assuredly will. Stephanie acknowledges that she knows Taylor will be upset….”okay, she is going to be mad as hell, I know that.” She grits her teeth and says she is doing this to get the company back for Eric. He built this company with his bare hands and he needs it back to go on with his life. If they make a public scandal, it will embarrass the board members and they will be FORCED to sell. “Jackie was a whore and I’m going to tell the world that tomorrow.”

Nick walks with his mother arm in arm and says the things that happened in Seattle with Kramer and those men, he doesn’t want to speak of it again. She tells him that he has her word. That terrible secret, they will never speak of it again and she hugs him.

Stephanie rails to Thorne that she knows Taylor is caught in the middle, but that is just the way it is. And eventually she will understand and come around. He acknowledges that he knows his dad needs the company back as much as anyone, so does Taylor, but not this way. But, in the end he knows that son of a bitch stole his dad’s company, so he’s on their side. Stephanie says good, so tomorrow they will expose Jackie for who she really is and hopefully get the company back for their father.

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