B&B Wednesday Update 1/3/07

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/3/07


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna and Clarke try to convince a disappointed Jackie that they have made all the changes and improved the construction on the designs, but still she is not happy. She tells them it is not perfect. They only get one chance at a first impression and this is theirs. It’s not flawless and it needs to be, just fix it. The showing is the day after tomorrow, but there won’t be one if this is the best they can do. As they leave Jackie, Stephanie waltzes in spouting that Jackie can bail as hard as she can, both she and Nick but there is nothing they can do to stop this sinking ship. And she says she heard the conversation between Clarke and Donna and Jackie is absolutely right. She does not want to put on this show, it’s a bad joke – really! Jackie tells her to get out. Stephanie reminds her that she is just trying to help save her reputation. Sarcastically, Jackie says yeah, she only wants to help her, right? Stephanie tells her yes, if it stops her from destroying the Forrester brand, saves her a little humiliation, it’s a price she’ll gladly pay. She brings up the deal between Taylor and Nick. Jackie tells her that the revelation is none of her business. Stephanie says she knows it’s not, but the company is her family’s business, so just tell Nick to keep his end of the bargain. Jackie says she will do no such thing and she asks again for Stephanie to leave. Before she will, Nick walks in and advises Stephanie that she will NEVER have his company. And he will throw her out himself if he has to. She tells him that isn’t necessary, so he repeats again for her to just get out! She raises her eyebrows and walks past Jackie and whispers, “don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Taylor and Ridge talk as she waits for Stephanie to come home and Ridge says he is going over some sketches with his dad. She thinks that is good. She needs a minute to steel herself for this meeting. She offers that Stephanie is frustrated with her again. He tells her it isn’t her fault that Nick backed down on his deal with her. She tells him Nick didn’t back down; he just needs more time. He’s just not ready to sell the company back just yet. Ridge quips that knowing Nick, he may never be ready. She does say that he’s not stringing her along. Ridge says she will be sorry if he is. His father is blocked creatively like never before. Every day he is away, a little more of him is dying. If Nick doesn’t step up and make good on his promise, then they may have to handle this thing differently.

Stephanie walks in and wants to speak to Taylor alone. She tells her that son of a bitch lied. Nick has NO intention of selling the company. He told her. She saw him last night and again this morning. Taylor says she knows, and she wants to know exactly what Stephanie said. Stephanie contends that she didn’t say anything. She protected Taylor. “That son of a bitch is a thief. His mother is a whore.” She can not expect her not to use that information if she can get the company back.

Taylor continues to lambaste Stephanie and tells her she can not use this latest information about Jackie to get the company back. She knows Stephanie is impatient and that Eric is depressed. Can she just give her a little time and perhaps talk to him too about this? Stephanie answers no, she just wants permission to go public with this. Taylor is adamant – no. Nick is her patient and that is confidential. Stephanie points out that Taylor didn’t TELL her. Taylor fires at her that she doesn’t care if she stole the file, she is not giving her permission to go public. They go toe to toe over this and Stephanie tells her she can’t be intimidated by Nick over this. Stephanie is willing to risk all to help Eric get back his company. Taylor tells her she is not intimidated by Nick, and she will not be intimidated by Stephanie either. No matter how desperate she gets, she needs to give Taylor a little more time to work with Nick. And anything about Jackie’s past is off-limits, it is to remain between the two of them! Later Stephanie reflects and thinks she can get the company back by using this information, so……….she guesses she will be using the information.

The relationship is strained between Nick and his mom and he prefers just not to talk, keep it to working. Donna brings in the second design. Clarke thinks it’s frisky. Nick says it looks good to him. And while Jackie’s focus isn’t really on work, she obligingly okays this as much better than the first. It’s not a show-stopper, but it’s alright. It’s all they’ve got for the moment. But, she vows they will be ready for the show, they have to be. Nick says they better as the Marone Board is breathing down his neck. They want to show a profit with this showing. And he grumbles that is all he has going for him at the moment.

Taylor comes in and says that is not true. And it looks like they are making some progress. They are working together, they are speaking and that’s a start. Jackie admits looks can be deceiving. Nick says he was just leaving. Taylor urges him not to; this is his office. Jackie says she is the one that should not have come in but with the showing in two days, she felt she had to. Taylor points out there are many more things more important than this fashion show. Jackie laments that it was HER idea for him to take over Forrester Creations. She thought it would make him happy. Nick announces to Taylor that he does not have time for a group session right now. Taylor reminds him that he’s at a very crucial point of his therapy. It’s like he’s at the very top of the crest on a hill, and if he doesn’t find a way to get over it, he’s just going to slide backwards down the slope. He’s somehow been harboring this resentment against her all these years and at the same time running from this perfect image that he’s created of her because that is what he wanted. And it’s affected every aspect of his life, everything from his career choices to the way he’s handled his relationships with women. He asks if he should forgive his mother? She tells him it is not what SHE wants. What does HE want? He answers that he wants the least amount of conflict for the next few days and he doesn’t want Stephanie marching in there talking about his breakthrough. He doesn’t want Stephanie hassling his mother and he doesn’t want her asking him to make good on his promise to Taylor. She says she is very sorry about that. This is a very private and intimate matter. This is just between him and his mother, for them to deal with. This is none of Stephanie’s business.

But…….Stephanie is exploring with Ridge the idea of finding this Captain Jerry Kramer. They are not sure he worked out of Seattle, but they will assume he did for Marone Industries. They get the laptop and search the Internet and find a suitable candidate and Stephanie calls the number. Jerry admits he is that Captain Kramer and she can come by the bar any time she wants to talk to him. She has a better offer, perhaps he can come up to her home in Beverly Hills. He scoffs that he doesn’t even know who she is. She says she realizes that, but they do have a very close mutual acquaintance – Jackie Payne. He tries to remember and she advises it would have been some time ago…..in Seattle…a beautiful young British woman. And she’d been talking about him….how fond she was of him….she is sure it would be more than worth his while if he would come see her. Finally he tells her he could come tomorrow morning and Stephanie gives out her address and says she will see him then.

She gloats to Ridge that if this information is as damning as she thinks it is…….He says if she is thinking the fashion show, that doesn’t give them much time. She claims they have to take that chance. Everybody will be there….the press, the buyers, more importantly she is wiling to bet all of the Board of Directors of Marone. And she thinks Kramer is going to be the key. “But, if we can pull it off, honey, this will be the most devastating day of Nick and Jackie’s lives.”

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