B&B Friday Update 12/15/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/15/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

With Felicia and Pam looking on, Ann tells Stephanie that she knows what she did was wrong, that she failed her, but now she would like Stephanie to forgive her. Nick is completely lost in thought of his earlier session with Taylor when she said she would not B.S. him, but his attitude tells her there really is something there that he doesn’t want her to find.

Taylor gets off the elevator and is greeted by one of the seamstresses, Rita, who hugs her and is glad to see her. She wants her to say hello to all the Forrester’s. As Jackie approaches, Taylor whispers to Rita that by time she has her wedding dress made the Forrester’s COULD be back there. Taylor tells Jackie that she is looking good and Jackie comments that it is one of her better days. She asks what brings Taylor by? Taylor tells her she is seeing Nick. Jackie opines it’s another therapy session; she confides that Nick told her all about it. She remarks that Taylor must really like a challenge since she knows her son really likes to keep things to himself. But, he also had revealed her new strategy – her grand plan to bring him to some revelation to see the light and hand Forrester Creations back. Taylor admits she is going to try to help him, he’s been unhappy lately and perhaps it could be something from his past that he’s never dealt with. But, maybe if he did, it could change the way he views life. Jackie ponders that.

Taylor steps into Nick’s office and he gleefully barks at her not to put that briefcase down. He tells her the schedule has changed. He wants to go to Chuck's and get a bucket of wings, beer, colas, and go to his boat and have lunch on the deck. She asks if he is trying to avoid their session? He scoffs why would she say that? “I love therapy.”

Stephanie opines that now Ann wants her forgiveness? When she came all the way to Chicago and she just wanted to bury it. Ann says she was wrong. Stephanie reminds her that she said she should appreciate the fact that her father was so strict with her. Ann says if she could take it back, she would. She’d take everything she said back that day. Everything she’d said since she was a girl…all the excuses, the justifications. Stephanie says there is no justification and why should she listen to her? Felicia speaks up and says Ann is trying to apologize. Stephanie says she doesn’t care. Ann continues that seeing her again after all these years was a shock. She missed her, but until she was standing in front of her she had no idea how much. Thirty years – she missed seeing her grandchildren, all the holidays and birthday parties……all because she couldn’t tell the truth. She laments that she is an old woman, she’s ill, “but before I die, I want one thing. To be forgiven by you.” She stammers that she understands if she can’t. But, she is hoping, she’s praying that she can. Stephanie glares at her mother and tells Pam that she wants to be alone with her mother for a moment.

Nick tells Taylor not to read anything into this the way shrinks usually do. He’s just changing venues. Taylor asks Nick if he wants to discuss his psychological health at Chuck’s bar? He glibs that she can look at it this way – she can dig into the deep, dark psychosis of his mind on the boat. She reminds him she can do that here. He offers that he is more relaxed on the boat. She points out that she could see he was a little tense at their last session and he might be reluctant about today. He nervously laughs that he just doesn’t see anything that interesting about his childhood. Now, if she wants to talk about the sea and the ocean, that’s a different story. She scrambles to get her pad and takes a seat and says yeah that would be great. She’d love to hear about the sea and why he loves it so much. He gets comfy too and says too bad they only have a hour, that subject could take him all day.

While Stephanie and Ann talk, Felicia and Pam share a few moments. Pam thanks Felicia for letting them in. Felicia laments she hopes she won’t regret it. So, did she know her mother was going to confess? Pam says she made a mistake and all she can do is ask Stephanie for her forgiveness. She doesn’t blame Stephanie, but she is curious why Felicia let them in. Felicia confesses she is curious too. That her grandmother is out there and she knows next to nothing about her or Pam……and family is THE most important thing to her mother, so she has to ask herself what kind of people they are for Stephanie to slam the door in their faces.

Stephanie remarks to Ann that she missed her too. She thought it would be easier pretending she was dead. But, she was wrong. There were holidays and birthdays and there was always an absence in her heart – she should have been there. She says she doesn’t know if Ann really understands that. She did not want to shut her out of her life. “But, the truth is, you really didn’t give me a choice.” Ann tells her over and over that she is sorry. Stephanie asks is she sorry for ignoring her pleas for help? Ann replies yes…..for everything. And she is not trying to be melodramatic or manipulative; she doesn’t know how much more time she has left, but whatever that is she wants to spend it with Stephanie and her family. “But that can’t happen if you won’t forgive me.” Stephanie reminds her that she has had thirty years and she could have come to her, but she didn’t. And when she finally did come to her mother, she denied it all over again! Ann says but she is admitting it now. Stephanie tells her the damage has been done. And not just to her, but her family and her children. “My children are MY blessing, and you don’t deserve to be a part of their lives.” Ann is crushed.

Happily, Nick tells Taylor that the sea has been a part of his life as long as he can remember. He used to pass the docks on his way to school. He used to hang around with the sailors and they’d take him onboard and show him the engine room and the bridge…….how to drink beer and tie knots. He wasn’t even a teenager yet. They were just showing off, but to him they were heroes. He chuckles that she probably doesn’t think these are very good role models since they taught a young kid how to drink and curse and spit. And she’d be right, they weren’t cultured or well educated men, but they did one thing – they looked out for him. She admits that makes sense. His father had died and there were no other men in his life, so they were like father figures to him. He laments that even on their worst days, these men were better than his father ever was.

Pam asks Felicia if her mother ever talked about them? She replies she talked a lot about Lake Forest, made it sound like Shangri-La. Pam shrugs and says that’s what she thought about Stephanie’s life here in L.A. – that she was so much happier, at least she thought she was. Felicia quips at least she wasn’t getting beat up, that was an improvement. Pam asks if she blames her too? Felicia replies no, and neither does Stephanie. Pam says it’s okay, she blames herself. Felicia wonders if that is why she’d doing penance – taking care of her mother? Pam explains that when her father died, and Stephanie left, Ann had no one to take care of her, only Pam. Felicia states that she was lucky that she had anyone at all. Pam says but families take care of each other. Felicia says, “really? Guess your mother didn’t get the memo.” Pam extols that Stephanie is the lucky one as she has so many people around her that love her. Felicia says they are the lucky ones because her mother is an incredible woman and so strong. And it’s a shame. If her mother had been more like her mother, their lives would have been a whole lot different.

Stephanie looks at her mom and tells her as much as she wants to forgive her, she can’t. Ann pleads to her that she has accepted responsibility. This isn’t about fault. Stephanie remarks she was NEVER about fault, it was about truth – truth that Ann REFUSED to see. Ann accuses her of punishing her and her own children too. If Ann has made them suffer, she wants a chance to make it up to them. Stephanie thinks that is too late. Ann says no, she wanted her to admit her failings and that is what she is here to do. Stephanie tells her she has accepted her apology, but she is not a priest and all the confessing in the world, she is not capable of absolving.

Ann implores her that Eric told her to use the rest of her time being a wiser woman. They share the same awful history and it binds them together. Stephanie looks at her and informs her that, “not anymore. You can go back to Chicago.” Ann doesn’t understand, she feels they have so much more to talk about, she wants to see her grandchildren. Stephanie tells her they are finished and she doesn’t want her anywhere near her children. Ann begs – they are her family too. Stephanie says no, they are Forrester’s, she is a Douglas. Ann retorts that so is she. Stephanie points out that no, that little girl that she ignored, she was a Douglas……that little girl whose father abused her and she ignored, she was a Douglas, “I’m a Forrester.” Once again, Ann looks crushed.

Jackie stands outside the door as close as she can to try to ‘hear’ Nick and Taylor. He confesses to Taylor that Frank Payne was a loser. He couldn’t hold a job down, but when he did, he mainly just gambled it away and came home drunk. He tells her they were poor, but he guesses that is what made the little things they shared with each mean that much more. He starts telling her a story about Jerry, a Captain, who told him he could get pearls dirt cheap from the divers down the way. He brought him a pair of earrings which he gave to his mother. She cried real tears but was so happy. Jerry started coming to dinner every night. She’d put those earrings on…..and God she loved them. Suddenly, Taylor catches him drifting off in space and asks if he is alright? He looks at his watch and feigns another appointment that he must get to. It may take some time, so she should not wait, but make another appointment.

Pam tells Felicia what her parents did to Stephanie was so wrong. It could never be undone. But, if Stephanie could just find it in her heart to forgive her mom,

“we could all be a family again.” Eyes glistening with tears, they hug and think they better go check on Ann and Stephanie.

Ann reminds Stephanie that she came there to make amends, and they can move on together. She can’t wash her hands of her. Stephanie says all she wanted was her admission, and now she has given her that. Ann states that she could give her so much more, all the things she didn’t give her as a little girl. “You needed a mother. Deep down I think you still do.” She knows Stephanie has spent her life keeping this secret, but she is not alone any more. She announces that she is here now – her mother is here. She reaches out to touch her and pleads with her to please not waste the precious time they have left. She begs to let her back in. Let her be the mother she wasn’t. Stephanie simply tells her no. She can’t. She has accepted her apology, “but I can’t forgive you. I want you to leave.” Ann cries that she can’t mean that. Stephanie says oh yes, she does. She sees Pam enter the room and asks her to come get her mother. Ann rails that she is her mother too. Stephanie says no. Pam ushers the sad, lonely, beaten, little old lady out. Her lips tremble and her chin quivers as she turns around for one last shocked look.

As the door closes, Stephanie rests her head on Felicia’s shoulders and says she just can’t forgive her. It’s too late. But, she shudders as the door finally closes and there seems to be some doubt in her eyes.

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