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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/23/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

The morning starts with a nice, leisurely juice and coffee and reading the newspaper at Eric and Stephanie’s. They lament that they don’t miss going to the office and might even enjoy lunch at the club today. He’s happy that she can see the positive in all of this. She opines she knows he sold the company to protect her, but she doesn’t think it was all that necessary. She states she knows how to handle Nick and if Eric would have let her talk to him before he handled the deal……Eric says he was NOT intimidated….he simply sold it to keep her out of jail. She grumbles that she doesn’t think she would have gone to jail. She thinks a jury would have believed that it was an accident. But, he didn’t give her a chance to fight that. He just ASSUMED she was guilty. He answers that he ASSUMED Nick would make good on his threats. Sweetly, she mocks did it ever occur to him to call Nick’s bluff? There were other options. He throws the paper down and stands up and declares that he dedicated his life to that company….does she think he would have let it go if he had any other choice? She tries to appease him by saying alright, let them not get defensive with each……she does appreciate the sentiment. But, he states, she disagrees with the decision. She tells him that his heart was in the right place but……He mimics oh here it comes, he knew yesterday’s love fest was a little too good to be true. So, go ahead, let’s hear it. She blares at him, alright – he should have fought. Why didn’t he fight? That business was not just a business, but their lives. He fires, “I sacrificed the company, that company…..for YOU!” They are really bickering, him talking about mistake after mistake he’s made, when Taylor slips in. Eric tells Stephanie he’s had enough, he’s leaving. She immediately apologizes, but he goes anyway. Spying Taylor, he asks if she is going to help Stephanie?

Ridge calls Eric and catches him outside just leaving. Ridge asks what is going on and Eric fumes that its his mother, she is driving him crazy. Nothing is ever good enough for her. Ridge senses a sensitive spot and says it’s okay, they can talk later. Brooke brings in a tray for breakfast to the bed. He tells her that his mother is on his dad’s case still about selling the company, and he just doesn’t know how much more he can take. She proceeds to have a little seductive strip tease by offering it as a fashion show incentive. He likes, and they roll over on the bed with her squealing.

Taylor asks Stephanie if she resents Eric for trying to help her? Stephanie denies that, she let Taylor help her. Taylor refutes that too, she tried. Stephanie accuses her of only wanting to talk about her childhood and she wants to talk about her marriage because she is afraid she is going to lose him. Taylor agrees, if she keeps acting like she just did. So what is she going to do about it?

Jackie opens the door at Nick’s and she can tell that Eric is angry. He breathes fire that she has no idea. He tells her that her son blackmailed his family, threatened to put his wife in prison and took away his entire life’s work, and Stephanie blames HIM.

Taylor opens the door to her office and ushers Stephanie in. She tells her she does understand they won’t just be having girlfriend talk? She will be treating her as a patient. Stephanie agrees, of course, whatever it takes to get to the root of the problem. She confesses that she keeps pushing Eric away and she really wants to understand and end that problem. Taylor pours tea and asks her to tell her what happened this morning. Stephanie tells her – the usual. She always thinks she is going to have this calm, rational conversation and then she ends up losing her temper and says things she is going to regret. There’s just always this well of rage and anger. Taylor wonders where that comes from? Stephanie shrugs and says it seems it’s always been there. But, Taylor says people aren’t born angry. Stephanie points out that perhaps anger is the wrong word. Taylor points out that her first word was to call it rage. Stephanie contemplates that. She says that rage is an emotional reaction, isn’t it? Like a mother who’d do anything to protect her children. She admits she is still angry at Eric because he wasn’t thinking about the children and he caved and gave away the business. Taylor says she thought he sold the business to Nick to keep Stephanie out of prison. She tells her the same thing she told Eric – there wasn’t even a trial, he didn’t know she was going to prison. He should have been looking out for the children….for God’s sake she is an adult!

Taylor tells her the last time she was here Taylor had brought up her childhood and every time since then that she has brought it up, it was if she had struck a nerve. Stephanie whips her head around and says, “really? Things were simpler then. Different times…things were black or white…..right and if you did something wrong, you knew it. Taylor asks her if she ever did anything wrong? Again, Stephanie stops to ponder.

Brooke and Ridge languish in bed. He tells her she has a way of making him sort of lose himself, like an out of body experience. Though he feels like he is here, his anxiety is like a zillion miles away. He laughs when she asks if he is thinking about his mother and father? No, he knows they have fought before, but this time it might be as bad as it’s ever been.

Jackie asks Eric if Stephanie blames him for losing the company? He replies yeah, she thought he ought to fight for it! She thinks he should have called Nick’s bluff. Jackie opines that he wasn’t bluffing. She could have gone to jail. He remarks that Stephanie thought she would have beaten it. Jackie adds so in other words, she doesn’t NEED Eric’s help. He snaps, “Oh, Jackie, Stephanie doesn’t think she needs anyone’s help….for anything!” He goes on that she has put this emotional wall around herself. It’s been there as long as he’s known her. She knows that it is hurting their marriage, but she doesn’t know how to solve that. And she’s never going to be able to solve it. Jackie says that she needs help. She’s surprised when Eric tells her that Stephanie is seeing Taylor professionally. She knows Taylor is a very talented woman, but she’s not sure even she can help Stephanie.

Stephanie chuckles – did she ever do anything wrong? Of course, she did. Taylor asks her to indulge her curiosity, back to her childhood…..could she think of some of these things that she did wrong? Stephanie rolls her eyes and begins to tell her again about her family. Taylor knows about her father and her sister, Pammy. She was always the girly-girl, smiling and charming. Her father used to call Pammy his ‘Little Miss’. Taylor interjects but wasn’t Stephanie her father’s favorite? She acknowledges that she spent more time with him. He taught her how to play pool, how to play golf and she went fishing with him. She can just see Lake Geneva now and him sitting in the back of the boat, smoking that pipe. Oh how she loved to smell that tobacco. Suddenly something dawns on her, little things that mean so much to a child. If she was good, she was allowed to light that pipe. Taylor jots all of this down and then asks if she was a tomboy? She shudders, she was her father’s daughter! If she heard that once, she heard it a thousand times the day of her father’s funeral. Taylor asks about her mother. Stephanie replies, “what about my mother?” Taylor says Stephanie rarely mentions her and she died too. With steely blue eyes she looks back at Taylor.

Eric tells Jackie he can’t possibly come over here and make amends for what Stephanie did to her, it’s inexcusable. She commiserates and doesn’t know why Stephanie can’t see what she is doing. It’s so unfair. He agrees, and she has so much anger inside of her. He’s afraid if she doesn’t get some sort of help, she’s never going to have any peace at all.

Stephanie dismisses it and says never mind her mother, lets get back to the subject. Taylor reminds her that she IS the subject, her life, her entire family history. And she tells her this anger has always been with her, but then she describes this childhood that has always been idyllic. Maybe it wasn’t those memories, but something that happened after she left home. Stephanie offers again that she has always been like this. Taylor finds that confusing and delves deeper. Perhaps Stephanie can think of some times in that perfect little family when she could describe it as difficult. Stephanie tells her there certainly was no arguing or fighting in her house, if that is what she meant. Talking back was NOT tolerated, her father was very strict. If her father said jump, you jumped.

She completes the picture by saying her father was very successful, he worked very hard and gave them EVERYTHING. A wonderful home, the best schools, great vacations, anything and everything they ever needed, but his home was HIS castle! Taylor pointblank asks what would he do? Stephanie thinks back on a time with her father when he was trying to get her to make an impossible shot while playing pool. She missed the shot and ripped the fabric of the pool table. Her dad berated her for being so careless and stupid and took off his belt and hit her while she crouched screaming for him to stop and saying over and over that she was sorry. Stephanie cringes as she remembers. It was just a stupid accident….a silly, silly accident. But, he hit her. How can you do that to a child? How can you do that to your own child?

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