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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/22/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke tells Nick that she understands he wants to punish Stephanie for hurting his mother. But, if that is all he wanted he wouldn’t be taking it out on the entire family. He’s wanting to take something away from them that is just as precious as his mother is to him. She tells him that he just can’t do that. It’s a part of who they are. Just like R.J. and Hope are a part of her. He would never tear a child away from it’s parents no matter how angry he is. And he won’t tear this company away from them.

Jackie tells Stephanie that she and Nicky are taking a stand for every person she has hurt and every life she has ruined. How noble, says Stephanie, by hurting her family? Jackie opines that maybe by destroying her children’s legacy it will force Stephanie to look at herself and see what bullying has cost the people she loves. Stephanie laments that she feels no guilt for anything she has done to protect her family. And they quibble over the fact if Jackie was pushed or not. Jackie says she was and it happened when she hit a nerve. Jackie had said she’d lost her moral compass, and she still thinks she has. “You are not the woman you pretend to be.” Stephanie rankles and tells her don’t she dare stand there and judge her. She points her finger in her face just as Donna walks in and tells her don’t she dare touch Jackie. Hasn’t she learned anything? Stephanie tells her quickly to shut up.

Nick listens but then tells Brooke she made a choice, now he’s made his choice. And he chooses not to ignore the fact that Stephanie tried to kill his mother. He looks back around the bargaining table at the Forrester’s and tells them it is time for them to make their choice. Brooke says they lose either way. Nick bluffs that if they need him, he’ll be with the D.A. Eric tells him to wait. Ridge tells Eric do not do this! Eric asks them to listen to him. This is not about Nick. It’s not even about their business. It’s about their family. It’s about their mother. If they don’t do this, she goes to prison. “And I’m not going to let that happen, because I love her. We’re selling Nick the business.” He has one condition. Nick tells him that he’s really in no position to make demands. Eric tells him if he wants Forrester, he wants him to remove the no-compete clause. The contract would still be valid. Nick says he’ll agree to that. And that Eric owns his shares jointly with Stephanie, that gives him power of attorney, so sign the papers.

They all look at one another in disgust, but Eric grabs a pen and signs the papers, then slaps the document down and walks to Nick and asks if he is happy now? “You can take our name, you can take this company, but without the people in this room, you’ll never be able to run it.” Stoically, Nick says he believes he needs a few more signatures. Eric looks at Kristen and reluctantly she signs and passes the pen to Felicia. She does the same and takes the papers and walks to Nick and says he’s not the man she thought he was, not even close as she whacks him across the mouth and slams the papers on the table. Thorne signs and brings his to Nick and says it’s a good thing Felicia got to him first because he was about to do the same thing. Ridge is last but he does sign and tells Nick that he is going to regret this. “You’ve declared war on the wrong people.” Nick throws the pen down on the desk and simply says they have 48 hours to clean out their offices. Eric blocks his way and smugly tells him okay, now he’s got the whole damn thing, “but you haven’t beaten us.” Nick asks if he is sure? Eric gloats that he is damn sure. He did this for his wife. He blocks Nick again while trying to leave. Eric says otherwise, he’d be leaving here with nothing. And which is EXACTLY what he will end up with when he runs this company into the ground. Brooke watches the entire scenario unfold.

While the kids are rallying around Eric and telling him how sorry they are, Brooke picks up one of the papers and slips out.

Donna rails at Stephanie that she can’t believe she actually was feeling bad for telling Nick on her. Stephanie remarks that she feels she and Jackie are in this together, and that she is in some lunatic asylum. Donna is walking around telling people what she THOUGHT she saw. Donna replies it’s the truth. But, Stephanie asks if she was up on that balcony with them? Donna retorts that she was on the terrace. Stephanie quips, “looking in from the outside, as usual.” Donna replies that she knows what she saw. She will never forget it. Stephanie accuses her of just getting back at her for what she thinks she did to her family. Donna asks her to keep her family out of this. Stephanie asks her why? Is she leaving her family out? She’s just using this to settle old scores. Shame on Donna. She thought they could work this out, they could talk it out reasonably. But, she can see that is NOT going to happen. She goes to the door and turns and tells them with a shake of the finger that Jackie is never going to get her company – NEVER.

Brooke walks into an office where Nick is and slams the door. She storms into him that he’s just going to take their shares and walk out. He states that he owns 50%, she owns 50%, it’s a done deal. She says she begged him not to do this. She’d told him how much it meant to them, but he wouldn’t listen. He ignored her. “What happened to the man I love?” Nick says he is right there. And he was sort of wondering what happened to the woman he loved. As she can see, he does have his limits. She tells him she has her limits too, and if he doesn’t give the stock back to the Forrester’s, he’s going to push her to her limit. He asks what she is holding in her hands? Is she going to trick him with some blank copy the Forrester’s signed? She signs them and tells him it is NOT blank anymore, here it is. She is selling him HER shares. If he wants Forrester’s so badly, then take it all.

He’s stunned. He tells her she can’t leave this company. She loves it too much. She counters that she loves it too much to see it used as a tool for revenge. “Now I’ve accepted your price. I’m selling out with the Forrester’s. I’m no longer involved.” He begs her to wait a minute, she can’t mean this. She’s just upset. She says no, she’s heartbroken….what he did in there….what he did to Eric. Nick says it had to be done. She says no, he could have just sued Stephanie for damages. Why did he have to bring the family into it? He asks her why did she? He shrieks that ever since they have been married, she hasn’t let go of that family. Everything would have been different. Tearfully, she says well it’s not, and she doesn’t want the children to be around this kind of hostility. “So please stay away. I don’t want them near you.” He says he is sorry she feels that way. She replies that if they ever had a chance, they certainly don’t now. “I don’t want to be a part of this, Nick. I do not want to be a part of this…..not now….not ever.” She walks out. Nick hurls the papers across the room and takes a big gulp of fresh air.

Ridge tells his dad they haven’t lost Forrester Creations. “WE are Forrester Creations. It’s not the building, dad, or the name. It’s us and our teamwork. You know that.” Glumly, Eric says and the memories. Father and son hug. Ridge looks up and asks Brooke where did she run off to? She says she was with Nick…..she sold him her shares. Eric is shocked and tells her she didn’t have to do that. She says yes she did. He thanks her and gives her a big hug as well.

When Bridget comes into her office to attend a patient, she is shocked that it is Shane. He asks her not to be afraid, he’s not going to hurt her. He just needs his head taken care of. And he can just imagine what Hector has been telling everyone about him. Bridget says if she were him she would be much more concerned about that head injury if he’s been feeling dizzy or nauseous, it could be the sign of serious trauma. She attends to his wounds and bandages it and says she’d like to run a few tests on him. He’s suspicious that she might call the police. He knows she is scared. He imagines poor Phoebe is scared of him now too. Will Bridget do him a favor? Please tell Phoebe he would never have done anything to hurt her. Oh, and tell her one more thing – that he’s so glad her mom got acquitted. He wishes he could have been there, to help testify, but those police…..they would have just hauled him off to prison. But, he wants her to know that. She was such an angel. “She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.” When Bridget answers her beeper and turns around, he is gone.

Eric is sitting in solitude when Stephanie comes rushing in. She says she wants to call the attorneys right away….if the Marone’s are going to file suit, which she thinks they will, she wants a countersuit right away also. Eric tries to quieten her, no one is going to file suit. “I can let her have it. I love you too much. We all do. That is why I did it.” Shocked, she asks what? He replies he sold the company to Nick. It was the only way he could protect her.

Astonished – he went behind her back and sold the company? He says yes, he discussed it with the children. They all agreed. That’s why they did it. It’s done. She’s livid – he caved! She clinches her teeth and her eyes bulge as she utters, “my God, oh my God. You’ve done some really STUPID, lame things in our life together, but this – this takes the cake! You sold our company. Are you CRAZY?”

Nick walks somberly into the house and finds Donna. She tells him that Jackie is upstairs as she needed a rest. Stephanie was just here but it’s alright. She just said a few things and left. She asks what is that paper he is holding? He tells her sales contracts. He owns Forrester Creations now. She tells him that is great, isn’t it? Not that she would have minded seeing Stephanie going to jail. He pours himself a stiff drink. Not gloating, he tells her that Brooke sold him her shares too. She said no to helping him run the company. He tells Donna he tends to drink and smoke a lot when he gets in a bad mood, so he suggests she leave. She says she will stay. He walks to the window and looks out, reflecting. Says, “well, I did it. Forrester Creations is mine. It doesn’t quite feel like I thought it would.”

Ridge is boxing things up when Brooke walks in and says she can’t believe it’s really over. He tells her she really didn’t have to sell her stocks. She tells him without the family, Forrester Creations means nothing to her. And he tried to explain that to Nick. It’s the people who make the company what it is. But, she tells him they can start over. He says they will…..right now. She opines that she knows today was tragic, but something good can come out of it. Something wonderful even. She tells him when she looked at him and Eric and saw the pain in their faces, she realized something that she hadn’t realized in a very long time. “That I am one of you. I am a Forrester. And this is where I belong. ” Maybe not right here in this building, but here, with Ridge. He wants to know what she is saying?

With tears welling in her eyes, she tells him that when she said they could start over, she didn’t just mean the business. Nick gave the family a choice today. And he gave her a choice as well. And deep down in her heart, she knew her decision, but she wasn’t sure of it until today. She whispers it’s not about being CEO, but about him. It’s about the future she has always dreamt of. The two of them raising their son together….starting a new company….growing old in each other’s arms. That is what she has always dreamt of. And that is what she wants to have with him…..”because you….you are Unforgettable.” He finishes….”forever”. They embrace and kiss.

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