B&B Tuesday Update 11/14/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/14/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

As the courtroom fills up, the Forrester family has doubts and concerns about their star witness, Shane, showing up. Ridge remarks that is because he didn’t stay at the house last night. He’d had some concerns how close he was getting to Phoebe and asked him to keep his distance.

Bridget catches Dante at home, but he’s in a hurry to get Felicia to Taylor’s trial. She says she is not going. She comes on in and tells him she has some news for him.

Phoebe frets about Shane as well until he grabs her from behind and assures her that he’s there. He’s not worried about his testimony, just excited about their celebration. She puts him off by saying she can’t think of anything right now but her mother. She’ll feel better after he testifies. She rushes to Storm and says he has to put Shane on today. He says the prosecution goes first, so he can’t promise that. Harry too is worried just what that word ‘celebrate’ means. Shane sits down in the courtroom with a Cheshire Cat look on his face. Taylor gives Thorne a sympathetic look and sits down to her photo of she and Thorne and Ally, Phoebe and the letter/drawing that Ally gave Thorne for her.

Court is in session with Judge Owens presiding and the jury is ushered in. Case #96598, county of Los Angeles vs Taylor Hayes. Assistant D.A. Tartaro paints both sides of the picture of Taylor Hayes, the well-known, renowned and beloved psychiatrist and mother, but also a liar and a killer. Tartaro fills in the blanks as she presents her case, one where Taylor killed her sister-in-law and left a little girl without a mother. She did not come forward; she chose to lie. She lied to her own family and she lied to the LAPD. Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Thomas, Phoebe, Sally, Thorne, Felicia, Harry and Hector all look on in fear. Storm presents his opening statement and promises a witness who will testify to the fact that this was a tragic but unavoidable accident. And he knows when they have heard the witness and all the facts that they will do the right thing and set Dr. Hayes free.

Tartaro presents her first piece of evidence – from the defendant herself, her signed confession. It’s all there in black and white. Dr. Hayes admits to drinking and driving and killing her sister-in-law. That’s all she needs to say. The defendant admitted her guilt and all Tartaro wants them to do is hold her to it.

Dante holds a crying Bridget when she tells him she started bleeding this morning and went to her doctor for an ultrasound, and there was no heartbeat. She lost the baby.

Bridget laments that she is so sorry; she feels like such a failure. Dante assures her she is not. She admits that because of him and Felicia, perhaps this is for the best. He tells her Felicia would have done the same thing for her so don’t think for one second they didn’t want this baby. They hug and cry as he says he did.

Shane tries to take charge and offers more than he’s asked, but Tartaro quickly pokes holes in his answers of where he was hiding in the bushes on a very dark, foggy night, perhaps he didn’t have the best view. His biggest setback was when Tartaro asked and emphasized that he was a homeless person, needing money and now living with Taylor and her family for the last few months – a loyal employee who would see and say anything to help the family who got him off the streets.

Dante counsels Bridget that she got pregnant two times, and she is a doctor, next time she knows it could be different. People lose babies all the time but they go on to have families. And just when some want to give up, it happens, and he knows it IS going to happen to her. She opines she just hopes the father is as warm and caring as he is.

Storm begins to make some inroads with Shane’s testimony that Taylor didn’t even know he’d witnessed the accident when she invited him to live at her place. But, the judge is handed a note and has an emergency so he calls the court to be adjourned until tomorrow. Phoebe is sunk – she wants Shane to finish. Taylor also is upset, she wanted it to be over. Thorne rushes to her side to assure her it will be okay. Shane gets off the stand and grabs Phoebe’s arm and pulls her out. She asks doesn’t he want to go rest; the prosecution was pretty hard on him. He scoffs he can’t rest; tonight is their night! She claims it’s not going to be much of a celebration with her mom still here. He vows he will get her mom off tomorrow, “tonight is about us.” Right there in front of God and everybody, he gives her a kiss.

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