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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In his apartment, Phoebe tells Shane that he can’t make anyone love him. He says he knows, but the least he could do is wine her and dine her, admire her and try to impress her and make her fall head over heels in love with him. She asks about the pictures on the wall and he replies that he found them just lying around the house in a shoebox and they were too pretty to just be in a shoebox…..and now he has the real thing right here.

Ally colors a picture and Thorne glances at a family picture and asks Ally how she is doing? She remarks that she misses Taylor; when is she coming home? He talks to Darla’s photo shrine. Taylor’s trial is tomorrow and Ally has come to depend on Taylor so much. And whether it was an accident or not, Taylor was the one who took Darla from them. Where is the justice in that? Nothing is going to bring Darla back, but he doesn’t want Taylor to go to prison. And it all depends on one man’s testimony – Shane McGrath.

Taylor broods about the circumstances. Storm advises her, but she just wants him to put Shane on the stand first and then get him out of town and their lives. She knew it was wrong for him to stay at her house, but she knows now she can count on Harry to protect Phoebe. Hector calls various places and manages to get Shane’s address and gives it to Harry who takes off on his bike. Hector tells him to be careful; he does not know what he’s walking into.

Shane catches Phoebe before she gets to the door. He asks why was she calling Harry? She admits she was asking for a ride home. He pouts that she doesn’t want to stay and have dinner with him. But, he realizes she just freaked out – being in a strange man’s apartment, not knowing what’s going to happen, then the pictures, it was too much. And the pictures, they are nothing – just a tribute to a really beautiful, sweet girl who charmed him the moment he woke up in that hospital bed. There she was – so gentle and compassionate and she swore she’d stay by his side as long as he needed. What kind of man is going to resist a sweet angle like that? He asks her to come closer and tells her she is very, very, very special. And he admits at first he didn’t think he was worthy enough to be with her. But, now he thinks he can measure up and be the kind of man that she deserves. And she does deserve the very best. “And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with me – the best!”

Taylor expounds that she wants Shane on the stand first, but does not want Phoebe to have to testify. Storm realizes she doesn’t want this or to put Thorne and his daughter through more, but she must let him defend her and do his job. Thorne bursts in and asks how does it look for tomorrow? Storm says he is happy with the choices and all he can hope is that the jury will listen with an open mind. Taylor tells him that she couldn’t ask for a better or more understanding attorney and friend and she means that no matter how this turns out.

Thorne tells Taylor he won’t stay long. He knows she has a lot on her mind with the trial tomorrow. She says she is surprised to see him, it’s been a while. He says there is a reason for that, and wonders how she is holding up? She remarks she is still concerned with all riding on Shane’s testimony and that the prosecutor will not give him a free ride. And even though Storm is happy with the jury, it’s still unpredictable. But she sighs that Thorne believes her, that is really all that matters to her.

Shane asks Phoebe why she blew out the candle? She remarks that with her mom’s trial tomorrow, it’s just hard to feel romantic. He assures her that he told her that he is going to come through for her mom. She says she wants to believe that. He asks her to come to him and he leans in and kisses her. She doesn’t respond. In fact she says she can’t. He tells her she can and gives her another kiss. Suddenly there is a banging on the door with Harry bellowing for him to open the door.

Thorne admits he will always miss Darla but she would never want this. Taylor behind bars, the trial, all the pain they’ve been through. Losing her had been devastating, but to be compounded by this……well he had brought her a letter and a drawing by Ally. He tells her that Ally talks about her all the time; even wants to be a psychiatrist even though she doesn’t even know what that is. Taylor is touched and tears up. Thorne admits he can’t tell Ally the truth about where Taylor is. But, there’s another reason too.

Shane tells the sailor boy to get lost, but Harry continues. When Shane puts the deadbolt on the door, he opens it so Phoebe can tell Harry that she is okay and to leave. When Shane refuses to open it, Harry leans on it and bursts in. They confront each other with Harry telling him that Phoebe wants nothing to do with him. Shane asks her if this is true? If so, he will just get on the bus and head out of there and they will never see him again. Harry points out that there it is – he’s holding his testimony over Phoebe’s head so he can get her to…….Phoebe asks him to stop. He continues that Shane has been subpoenaed. He HAS to testify. He asks Phoebe to go with him. Shane tells him that now look who’s being dense. She doesn’t need some wiry kid to come in here and try to look after her. Harry tells Phoebe that Shane is dangerous and Shane knows she is scared about her mom and is using that to get to her. He says she is playing with fire and he’s not going to let her. She asks him to go and whispers that she can handle this. Harry replies if that were true, then she never would have called for him to come get her. Acting hurt, Shane asks if that is true? Is he just a means to an end to her? Is she just going to do away with him and toss him out of her life after he testifies and her mom is free? He demands to know the truth.

Thorne confesses that he was hoping when all of this was over that Taylor could spend more time with Ally again the way she used to. Taylor is so important to her. Taylor admits she wants that too. And she realizes everything is not fine and it’s not going to go back the way it was between them. She cries that Thorne protected her in Ally’s heart and she doesn’t even deserve that. He says he wishes he could say he has come to terms with all of this, but there are some days when he does ask WHY?......”why Darla, why that night, why you? But, I do know I am looking at a woman who would never intentionally hurt my wife.” He says he believes that in his head and he believes it in his heart. And when Shane testifies and Storm presents his case, he can’t help but believe the jury will see it too. She leaps in his arms and gives him a big hug of thank you.

Shane pleads his case to Phoebe. Is she just using him to get his testimony? He says he feels something special between them and he needs to know if she feels it too. And before she answers that, he wants her to get rid of Harry. She convinces Harry to leave. He turns to Shane and says, “alright, but if you lay one finger on her, I’m coming after you myself with the hedge clippers.”

Phoebe tells Shane – the truth – she is attracted to him, but she had also told him she was young and she’s just not ready for all of this. And she’s really concerned if he doesn’t come through for her mother tomorrow. He assures her that he is. And why don’t they just pretend this never happened? She never made that phone call and Harry didn’t come and try to rescue her. He rubs her shoulders and tells her to relax, but she says she can’t, she just can’t. But, tomorrow after it is all over and he’s told the truth, then they can celebrate. He grins and says, “now you’re talking.” And he rewards her with another kiss. She hugs him in desperation.

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