B&B Friday Update 10/20/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Visiting in her jail cell, Thorne quizzically repeats what Taylor said – she cherished him? She laments she knows he hates her, but she wishes he could trust her. And in time she knows he will forget her. He scoffs – time won’t heal this wound. Time won’t undo what she did. She says she knows, but she will pay for what she did when she is sentenced. He remarks – yeah, ten years. What is that to a little girl who has lost her mother…….for the rest of her life?

Ridge and Brooke and Phoebe gather with Thomas to fill him in on the circumstances. They make it plain that no one thinks Taylor did this on purpose. Storm joins them and greets all. Phoebe insists that she needs to see the judge since she was a witness and was there. They explain she can’t as she was part of the cover-up. But, they can be there for her mother to show her they are behind her 100%. Brooke tells her brother that she knows this has to be very hard on Thorne because she thinks he’s still very much in love with Taylor.

Stephanie continues to implore Shane to come forward and tell what he saw, that Darla fell into Taylor’s car. He’s the only collaborating witness. Basically he plays hard to get and taunts her that previously she had told him he should just keep his mouth shut.

Thorne opines that he’s not sure what is worse – what Taylor did to Darla or what she did to Alexandria. The truth, that would have mattered a few months ago before they got involved. Before everyone and everything he believed in was poisoned by this lie. Taylor, Phoebe, even his own mother, not one of them was honest with him. Lamely, she says she is sorry. She tells Thorne to talk to her. He SHOULD be glad she is going to prison. He has every right to. He wipes his eyes and says nothing about this is alright. She reminds him it ought to as the person who is responsible is going to prison. He reminds her that this person had become the most important woman in his life and he actually thought that Darla had a hand in bringing them together. She’d be grateful, she’d be happy seeing them making plans for the future. Sarcastically he adds now Phoebe is saying Darla just fell into Taylor’s car. Everyone is blaming Darla – Ridge, Phoebe, Taylor, even his mother. All of them want him to believe her death was some sort of ding-bat accident. Well, his wife was NOT a ding-bat. Taylor cries no, no, no, she wasn’t. She was an incredible person; she had the biggest heart of anyone she had ever known. She died a SAINT; she was not a fool.

Stephanie finishes her call to Storm then tells Shane that the judge will not postpone the sentencing. So if there are no witnesses, there is nothing more they can do. Shane sits and ponders the situation. He spouts there is probably nothing he can do either. He’s such a nobody and out of work……a petty thief, a blackmailer….nobody is going to listen to him. Sizing him up, Stephanie says, “okay, Shane. What do you want?”

First Thomas is led into Taylor’s cell and they have a tearful reunion, followed by Phoebe and Ridge. Ridge says that Storm worked this out with the assistant D.A. to give them a few minutes. Thomas laments he just wishes she would have told him. But, she maintains she did not want to involve them. And she doesn’t want Steffy flying in. She will be better off out of the spotlight. Thomas doesn’t understand why she won’t let them defend her if it was an accident. He loves her too much to lose her again. She cries that she loves them too and doesn’t want to be away from them. Ridge vows he will take good care of them. She wants them to take good care of each other.….and Thorne and Alexandria. She is adamant, she is going to take responsibility for her actions and she is NOT going to blame it on Darla so she wants them to say no more to the judge. The guard comes to take Taylor and they all have a tearful group goodbye hug. Even Ridge gives her a comforting squeeze as he leaves…….Thorne is hidden away and watches from a distance.

Sally comes into court and tells the ‘buzzards’ to buzz off, she has nothing to say. Eric and Bridget greet her. Eric has just asked Bridget if she has told Felicia and Dante about her baby and she sighs no. Sally wants to sit on the prosecution side to support Thorne and see that Darla gets the justice she deserves.

Shane offers, “task, tsk, tsk, Mrs. Forrester, you aren’t trying to BUY my testimony, are you?” She asks if he knows what he wants? Slowly he gets up and picks up his bags and says that yes, as a matter of fact there is something he wants, very badly. She comments great, then it’s his and they need to go to the courthouse.

In court, the gang is gathered and Brooke sits side by side with Ridge offering him her support. Phoebe opines to Bridget this is all her fault as her mother lied for her.

Lt. Baker tells Thorne he is sorry about all of this. Thorne comes in and sees them all sitting on the other side and he greets his dad and Sally sitting with him. Eric says Thorne didn’t have to be there, but he disagrees that he does.

Taylor looks everyone in the eye when she is led in. Case #76598 Los Angeles County vs Taylor Hayes is in session. Meanwhile, Stephanie is practically dragging an uncomfortable, hesitant Shane to find the courtroom. The judge gives Taylor sixty days in the women’s state penitentiary for driving with suspended license and one year to be served with the previous charge for obstruction of justice. Since there are no other motions, he is bound to the mandatory ten years for vehicular manslaughter. Stephanie charges into the room dragging Shane along and apologizes for interrupting but asks the judge not to adjourn the court just yet. The judge tells the guard to restrain ‘that woman’. She continues that he HAS to listen to this man. He saw everything that happened and can prove that it was NOT vehicular manslaughter….and she turns to Taylor and says she has to change her plea.

Assistant D.A. Tartaro objects saying the decision has already been decided and justice has been served. Stephanie continues to rattle on that the judge has to listen, this man was there and saw the entire thing. Thorne rises and asks if this is true? Face to face with Shane, he asks if that is the truth? Did he see his wife fall in front of Taylor’s car?

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