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Written By Wanda
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Nick returns to the The Marlin to find Jackie vigorously cleaning up the kitchen. She asks if he spoke with Brooke? She sympathizes when he says yeah, but she wasn’t listening……nor to Stephanie either. Jackie is appalled that Stephanie would be over there fighting Ridge's battles as usual. And she definitely doesn’t like it when he tells her that Brooke threw them both out and that Stephanie had had divorce papers already drawn up. But, Brooke wanted time for herself and he’s going to make sure that both Stephanie and Forrester give her that.

Stephanie sits with Brooke and re-emphasizes her position that she will back her and Ridge 100%. She states that Brooke has chosen safety over love and ended up with neither. Stephanie admits that she too has made mistakes about Brooke, but now they have a chance to rectify it. She urges her to sign the papers and then she can do what she really wants to do – be Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

At the cabin at Big Bear, Taylor cries to Thorne that when she tells him certain things it is going to change everything. Slowly, she starts – it’s about Darla. She knows how much he loved her and that no one will replace her. He doesn’t let her finish. He surmises that she is wondering if he’s really ready for another woman in his life. He says with any other woman, yes the answer would be different. But when she is that woman, there is absolutely no doubt in his mind. Their connection is unbelievable and they were on a collision course long before that first kiss. She shakes her head and cries that he doesn’t know everything. He doesn’t know the pain she has caused. He remarks for all the good she has done, he doesn’t think that he could thank her enough. But, he would like that chance……and he wants her to have this…..and he pulls out the ring box from his pocket. She hesitates and fights back the tears. He has to take her hand and put the box in it.

At work, Nick slips in on Ridge and makes a scummy remark in front of the models that he thought he was the one who did all the grabbing around here. Ridge dismisses them and asks what he can do for Nick? Dryly, he says he has a little advice for Ridge. He replies, “oh, I always love advice from you, Nick.” Nick states that Brooke wanted a little space, “don’t send Mommy over to do your dirty work.” Ridge guesses that he was over there too. Nick declares that he is looking out for his wife. He shoots back that Nick is looking out for himself…..and he can’t blame him. After all, he did sleep with her daughter. If he were Nick, he’d be freaking out too.

Brooke laments that she can’t actually believe that Stephanie brought those divorce papers here to her house. But, then she had brought a gun there once and told her to shoot herself……… Stephanie offers that she is just trying to make Brooke’s life easier. Brooke says but she’s not. SHE needs to make this decision. Stephanie drags R.J. into it, that he NEEDS his father and Ridge needs him. She states that Brooke and her family, their relationship, gave Ridge’s life structure, he needs her. She glorifies Brooke that the two of them together as a team at Forrester are unstoppable. Take it from a woman who spent years trying to stop her. And she will support them now 100%. Jackie walks in (call the locksmith, please) and claps her hands and says bravo to Stephanie. She quips she’d ask for an encore, but they’ve heard it so many times before. Stephanie opines they are trying to have a private conversation. Jackie knows that Brooke has already asked her to leave and she hasn’t. And now she says she will respect her wishes, but she’s already ignoring her wishes and trying to get Brooke to do what SHE wants. Go back to Ridge and repeat the same old problems, the same disappointments all over again.

Taylor continues to hold her hand out and tells Thorne that she can’t open the box. He tells her to let him. Her breath is taken away by the huge, exquisite marquis shaped diamond ring. He remarks he knows she thinks it is sort of sudden, but it’s what he wants and he hopes her too. She cries that yes, a family with him and Ally, yes of course. He remarks that she has brought a new light to their life and their future is possible because of her and she should be in it, all of it, forever. She shakes her head and tells him she does not deserve it. He refutes her and says Darla would think so too. Darla visited her on Ally’s birthday and she wanted her to know that she was appreciated. Just the way he knows she appreciates her now and Taylor would be the woman she’d want for him and his little girl. Taylor cringes as she sees flashbacks of Darla rolling onto the hood of her car when she hit her. He holds out the ring one more time and tells her he loves her and begs her to say yes. Slowly she pulls her hand away and tells him she can not accept the ring……until he hears what she has to say…..and yes, it is about Darla….the night of her accident….there is something he has to know.

Nick explains to Ridge that not that it is any of his business, but Bridget has explained the situation to her mother. Ridge asks what makes him think that Brooke is going to believe anything that either of them say? Nick replies because nothing means more to Brooke than her relationship with her children. And she trusts Bridget. Ridge smarts that she used to trust him – her safety net, Mr. Reliable. But, he blew it and let her down. He sighs, “I guess that squeaky-clean, little white knight image is all you had going for you, wasn’t it?” Nick quips he guesses Ridge is going to fill him in on HIS history with Brooke? Ridge replies no, they share more than just history. They share a son. And one who deserves to have both of his parents. And like Nick said, nothing means more to Brooke than her kids.

Stephanie remarks that if they are going to talk about disappointments, then Nick is the biggest disappointment of them all. Jackie comes to his defense and admits Nickie made an egregious mistake, but every time Stephanie makes her a promise, it means she WANTS something from Brooke. Stephanie quips she thinks it’s Nick that wants something from her daughter. She adds that she always had her differences with Nick but she always thought he was an honest man so that’s why this betrayal is so much more shocking. And Jackie admits Brooke has every right to be hurt and confused, but if Stephanie thinks she is going to let her manipulate Brooke again…….she begs Brooke that she and Nickie waited too long, worked too hard just to throw it away. Stephanie points out that Nick is the one who threw it away. Jackie adds that Brooke's children ADORE Nickie. Stephanie quips he should have adored their mother. And she espouses that he renewed his vows with her when he already knew he had been unfaithful. Jackie explodes, she has had enough of Stephanie. Brooke also says she has had enough with BOTH of them too. If they want to fight, go ahead, but they aren’t going to use her life as their battleground. She’s only going to say this one more time and she wants them to listen. This is a choice SHE has to make and no one is going to make it for her. She starts upstairs and says they can see themselves out. Stephanie asks Jackie if she is satisfied? Jackie says – relieved. Her showing up here with divorce papers only served as a reminder to Brooke what a manipulating witch she really is and she is NOT going to subject herself to THAT again.

Thorne tells Taylor that he doesn’t want to talk about that night. Whatever is bothering her is okay. There is nothing to feel guilty about. She nods that yes there is. If it weren’t for her, Darla would be here today. He tells her not to say that. Slowly and painfully she stammers it out – Phoebe calling, the man by the road, she was not thinking properly…..He fills in because she was worried about Phoebe. She yells no, she should not have gotten in the car! “Because I was DRINKING!”

Stephanie is incredulous that Jackie would think that Brooke is actually going to stay with her son. Jackie concedes that she has forgiven Ridge for much worse. Stephanie reminds her that at least Ridge has never slept with her daughter. Nick and Bridget were married yes, but she surely doesn’t think it is right for them to sleep together. Jackie admits no. Stephanie claims that Ridge needs her, Nick doesn’t. Jackie says he does. Stephanie points out that Nick has NEVER felt secure in this relationship. That is why he doesn’t want her working with Ridge. He knows – he sees – their relationship is inevitable. Jackie fires back at her then if it is inevitable why did Stephanie have to come over and shove the papers in her face? Why couldn’t she just sit down and learn to wait?

Stephanie’s cell phone rings and Jackie opines that perhaps that is Ridge who is calling to see if his ‘Mommy’ has accomplished her mission. Instead, it is Phoebe who asks her to please come to the house, it’s about her mother. Jackie feigns disappointment that Stephanie has to go, don’t let her stop her. Stephanie states that she wants her son to be happy and in order for that to happen, he has to reconcile with Brooke. And after everything that has happened, she doesn’t think there is anything she or Nick can do to stop that now.

***** Thunderstorm/tornado alert interrupted the last two minutes. One frozen shocked last look on Thorne’s face when program returned for 30 seconds, so I assume Taylor finally blurted the truth out.

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