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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/18/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Shane begins to tell Taylor that she didn’t see him, but he saw what she did that night of Darla’s accident. Her secret; he knows what it is.

Bridget is in her office and remembers what had transpired between her and Nick. And that he’d told her he was giving his marriage another chance and her saying this was a secret they had to keep forever! Eric and Stephanie surprise her and gleefully ask if she has plans for Friday night? They propose a long, overdue celebration for the newest doctor in the Forrester family. They both tell her how proud they are and Eric gives her a big kiss and hug. Meekly, she has to admit she’d love to but the timing is a little off. She begins to fill them in on this new position coming available in Africa to help in a clinic with AIDS patients. She can leave in a couple of days whenever she gets her immunizations. Her dad tells her to hang on there, this is the first he’s heard of this mighty big step. Stephanie immediately jumps to the conclusion if this has anything to do with her mother? Bridget assures her that her mother has done nothing; this has nothing to do with her. She points out that she has put a lot of thought into this and there is no reason to keep her in L.A. except ties to him and her mother. And she feels it is the perfect time for her to do this.

In her office at Forrester, Brooke looks over some live models wearing designer gowns and states that Eric has outdone himself this time, some of his best work ever. Nick slips in and he too remembers his conversation with Bridget that this is a secret they must keep forever or they all lose. Brooke spies him, dismisses the models and goes to Nick and gives him a big kiss and tells him this is perfect timing. “I’m all yours.” Not, she points out, there is any doubt after last night. He sighs and she clasps her hands behind his neck. She says she can’t apologize enough for everything she has put him through. For him to forgive him and give their marriage one more chance. She doesn’t feel she deserves him or his devotion. She gives him another kiss, and another, and another.

Shane tells Taylor that she looks confused like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But, he goes on that he was there in the bushes and he ran into her daughter so he stuck around. He saw everything, (he remembers that night) “and you thought no one would find out.” She is confused, but tells him okay, this is her home and she thought what happened here was very private, but obviously it isn’t. And she knew when people found out about her and Thorne they would try to make something of it. She keeps rattling on, obviously talking about two different things and he finally tells her to wait, that isn’t what he is talking about. But she keeps admonishing him that he shouldn’t be talking about people’s personal lives, especially those he works for. It’s not the best idea.

She sees Hector come toward them and goes to him. He asks if she is okay; he heard voices? Shane speaks up and calls him by name and Hector wonders how he knows him. Shane almost slips that Hector is the fireman who………then he fills in that he’s living there now? Hector asks Taylor who is this man and she introduces him as one of the new landscaper crew and he was just telling her there were some privacy issues out back because he had seen her and Thorne kissing. And he just wanted to warn her there were eyes everywhere watching.

Shane sees he is getting nowhere here and tries to excuse himself. Hector wants him to stay and find out more about him and why Taylor’s private life is bothering him so, and how he knows Hector in the first place. Taylor thinks Hector is over-reacting. But, Hector insists on some answers. Shane tells him he read about it and saw his picture in the paper, about a fire at his place and how he lost his vision. He points out that Phoebe told him that Shane had a business proposition for Taylor. What was that about? Taylor jumps in again and tells him it was a privacy issue because he’d seen her and Thorne kissing. He’d wanted to trim the hedges down a little more. Shane manages to say good-bye and leaves. Hector still wonders what he is all about – him wanting to really help or something entirely different – whatever that is.

Being playful, Nick offers Brooke lunch, some take-in or take-out. She tells him that actually she is surprised that he wants to hang around at all here at Forrester. He quips, “well, HE’s not here. I don’t mind it around here, when HE’s not here.” She remarks that HE is probably showing her sister the time of her life. Nick wonders if she has heard from them? She says only that they were in Paris, she doesn’t know where they go from there. He asks if she finds herself curious at all? She replies no, she has more important things to focus on – like him, their marriage, their future, and something else. She giggles and continues smothering him with kisses.

Stephanie reminds Bridget that they are her family and her friend, people who love her. Bridget fires back that it’s ONLY for a year. It’s not like it’s forever. Eric reminds her that a year is a very, very long time. Just think of the things she will be missing. She points out this is something she really wants to do. He asks why and she replies because the need is so great. Botswana has the highest infection rate of AIDS patients in the world. Knowing that, can he think of a better way of her to spend her time? He tells her no and more or less is resigned to this is what she is going to do. Stephanie asks what does her mother think about this? Bridget has to admit that she doesn’t know yet. She was going to go by and tell her after work. Stephanie offers that she knows Bridget. She is running away from something. She tells her she is not running away and then is saved by the pager and has to run.

Shane berates himself outloud that he blew it with Taylor. He was so close. Phoebe hears him and joins in asking what is wrong? Hector tells Taylor there is something wrong with that guy. He can hear it in his voice. She thinks it’s just because Hector was grilling him. Hector thinks he was being a bit presumptuous if he brought up the kiss. Taylor sees it that he was trying to protect her privacy. Hector just doesn’t want him to take advantage of her. She tells him she really doesn’t think that is what it is. But, if he’s really concerned, then perhaps he should stay after all and let Shane know she’s not there alone.

Shane accuses Phoebe of spying on him and that nothing is wrong. He warns her that it didn’t go well with her mom. But if her friend, Smokey the bear, had stayed out of it, it would have gone better. He asks what is he doing living at their house anyway? Phoebe innocently tells him there was a fire at his place and it burned down. Shane surmises that now she’s playing the Good Samaritan? Phoebe tells him they are good friends, so what’s the big deal?

They exchange a few more barbs and she grabs his electric hedge trimmers and wants to know how he uses it. He tries to stop her and take it from her and she resists and they struggle until he cries out that she has cut him and we see a large splotch of blood on the ground.

Complete with candles, Brooke and Nick share lunch in her office. There is a knock at the door but Stephanie walks on it. She quips, “oh, a romantic lunch of chicken wings and beer. Who knew Chuck’s delivered?” Brooke announces, “we should’ve locked the door.” Nick deadpans that sorry, lunch is over. Stephanie says well, thank you, but no thank you. What’s up with Bridget? And she then proceeds to tell them that Bridget is leaving for Africa for a year to work with AIDS patients. And she finds that a little intriguing. Knowing her as she does, she finds it strange that she would uproot herself and not tell anybody until the last minute. She asks Brooke what’s going on……or is she asking the wrong person?

Phoebe panics but apologizes to Shane, helps him wrap his hand and tells him she will get him to the hospital. Hector tells Taylor he can’t stay there if she’s going to be with Thorne. She tells him he has to stop talking to her about Thorne. They are NOT flaunting their relationship or anything. They are keeping it as quiet as possible. He tells her to tell that to her new landscaper and why it’s any of his business. She reiterates that he’s harmless. But, Hector says there is something weird about him and he intends to find out what it is.

Phoebe rushes Shane into the emergency room and he has to lie down as he’s feeling dizzy. Bridget joins them and Phoebe blurts out that she cut him and it’s all her fault. The doctor wants to elevate the hand and keep pressure on it. Shane mimics that he’s not feeling too good. The doctor orders to start an IV and a gram of anseph and to notify Radiology and O.R. Shane asks if he’s going to be all right; he needs to use this hand. He tells him he has a deep laceration and they are taking him upstairs. Phoebe keeps apologizing and Shane keeps saying he doesn’t feel well.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she doesn’t know where her warped mind is going with all of this. Nick waves her off and tells her just to tell her the truth. She is going to find out anyway. Brooke tells her that Bridget recently confessed to her that part of her was hoping Nick would come back to her. Maybe now she realizes that is not possible because she and Nick just recommitted themselves to each other. So maybe going to Africa is a way of coping with that. Stephanie asks – and this doesn’t upset her? Brooke admits yes, it does upset her that Bridget feels she must put distance between them and she won’t see her for months, but maybe this is her way of dealing with it. Stephanie tells her this is such BULL. Brooke is still in love with Ridge and Bridget is in love with Nick! Brooke chastises her that she has made her commitment to Nick and she’s keeping those vows. Stephanie snides, “just the way you keep all your vows.” Nick tells her she knows the way to the door. One last word, Brooke tells her the reality is that with Ridge, there was always another woman involved – Caroline, Taylor…..And with Nick, she knows that he would never cheat on her. There’s no secrets in their marriage. She is done with that! She finally has a man who has some integrity and honor. And Stephanie adds – who will never disappoint her. Brooke readily agrees. Stephanie remarks, “well, enjoy the illusion, because it’s going to come to an end. And when it does, hopefully Ridge will take you back.” Brooke re-emphasizes that it is time for her to leave.

Bridget’s words reverberate in Nick’s mind when he tells her – no lies in this marriage, he can’t live like this, no secrets. But, she tells him if he cares for her at all, he will never say a word, ever! Brooke wraps her arms around him and tells him not to worry about Stephanie. She just doesn’t understand. She doesn’t have what they have, never did. A relationship that is full of love, and understanding and honesty. “And as long as we have that, our marriage will last forever.”

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