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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/14/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Bridget and Brooke continue their conversation about Bridget’s admission that she still loves Nick and was waiting for Brooke’s marriage to fail so he’d come back to her. Brooke says she is not saying that this isn’t awkward and there were times in the past that she wished they could have been honest about this. Bridget was always braver than her, and she thinks she still is. And Brooke admits it doesn’t feel good to hear her say she wished the marriage had failed. She says she wants Bridget to be happy. She deserves to be happy. And Nick is not going to make her happy….at least not happy enough since he is Brooke’s husband now. And Brooke opines there is nothing Bridget would ever do to undermine their marriage.

Shane stands before the marvelous fire in the fireplace and glances around the opulent room at Taylor’s. She comes down all dressed to the nines and remarks that Phoebe said he wanted to see her. She asks if it is appropriate for him to want to see her on a personal matter? He assures her this won’t take long. He laments about a time when he first came to Los Angeles that he found himself sleeping on the beach a few times. And one night he saw this car stranded up the road and decided to go and offer help. But her daughter doesn’t remember him cuz he looked different at the time. She asks if he’s the man that frightened her daughter? He answers that yes he offered help but she didn’t want it so he backed off and just watched. And he made sure that nobody else would offer her daughter harm. Taylor laments that was good of him. He agrees, he’s a good guy and that’s why he’s telling her it’s no shame to fall on hard times.…….and there is no shame in what she did. That poor woman who was helping her daughter fix the tire, just fell backward into the road. Taylor couldn’t help but hit her. That’s exactly what he would have told the police if they had confronted him. He says he would have gone to bat for her. “I don’t suppose you still want to do that though, right?” She asks him what does he want? He remarks maybe there should be a little reverse reward. He was thinking one million dollars might be appropriate. That would be more than enough to get him back on his feet. In his dump, he emerges from his daydream saying maybe Taylor will go for that. It’s not like she’s even going to miss a million dollars.

Thorne lights the candles on a large birthday cake which reads “Happy Birthday Mommy”, as Sally and Clark and Taylor look on. The doorbell rings and Taylor eagerly gets it as she is worrying about Phoebe. Sally tells her they saved her a plate and she is just in time for cake. Thorne tells Ally to blow out the candles and don’t forget to wish for something that Mommy would ask for. Ally says she just hopes it comes true. Thorne and Taylor exchange knowing glances.

Brooke asks Bridget what is she trying to tell her? Or trying not to tell her? But come on, she knows she will find out eventually. And she promises she is not worried about Nick and herself. Whatever Bridget says is not going to make her jealous. It might make her angry, but that’s why she’d like to have it over and done with. Almost hyperventilating, Bridget tells her she thinks she could handle anything except her being “over and done with” her.

Clarke suggests it’s time to drag out the presents, which Thorne wasn’t expecting…..but knowing Sally and Clarke…..He pulls out a cute little tie-dye shirt, his favorite, given to him by his hippie mother, and Darla always liked tie-dye. He says it’s the real deal from back in the day. He’s had it all these years, but sometimes you have to let things go. He asks Ally if it is okay. She nods yes so he adds it to the Darla table with photos and mementos. He whispers “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.” Ally says she has a present too they made at pre-school. She pulls out a box with a beaded necklace and sweetly says, “and since she can’t wear it, Aunt Taylor, can you?” Taylor is touched and asks Ally to help her put it on which she does. She says it’s an honor, and thanks her with a hug as proud papa looks on.

Brooke asks if Bridget has done something? Bridget tells her yes but she can’t say anything as she promised she wouldn’t. Brooke asks if she swore to Nick? Did she go to him and tell him how she felt? Rather than tell her the real truth, Bridget confesses yes to this. Brooke lashes out at her that what else did she say? Did she tell Nick that Brooke could never make him happy, not the way Bridget could? Bridget admits that yes, she said something like that. Brooke admonishes her – what did she expect? That he would leave her and fall into Bridget’s arms? Didn’t she know Nick better than that? Bridget admits that yes she does now, she does. Nick surprises them by walking on in. Brooke tells him he might as well come on in so they can have it all out. Bridget has told him ‘everything’. He gulps maybe that is for the best. Bridget has a panic-stricken look on her face.

Shane picks up a torn page from a magazine with Taylor’s services offered and tells himself that she won’t even miss a million dollars. But, what is he doing, man? It’s still blackmail and it’s a crime, but it’s nowhere as bad as what they did.

Bedtime, and they talk about the sleeping arrangements. Phoebe thanks Ally for the flowers in the guest bedroom and Taylor intends to sleep with her, but Ally insists she is going to use the sleeping bag and she wants Taylor to sleep in her bed…….because she loves her. She gives a slightly uncomfortable Taylor a big hug. Thorne smiles.

Nick tells them that maybe he can help explain this. Bridget jumps in quickly and says no, there’s really nothing he needs to say….or explain. She’d told her mom that she’d told him how she felt and there’s no need for him to make it sound any better….or any worse. Obviously she was wrong and maybe she needed the humiliation of her knowing that she had been waiting around for Nick. Maybe that is what made her realize how strong they have been and are now….and how weak Bridget is. With guilty glances toward Nick, she says she’s sorry, really sorry. She knows it hasn’t been easy for the two of them to be together, but starting today, it can be. Nick asks Brooke how she feels about that? She confesses she is sorry she acted so jealous. Bridget tells her she does not need to apologize. But Brooke says yes she does. Bridget was only trying to tell the truth, and she appreciates that. It’s something she probably didn’t want to hear, but she thinks she needed to hear it. Two of the most important people in her life are standing right here in this room. They both make her feel so happy to be alive. “And I couldn’t bear it if there was something that came between us. Not even a little bit.” Bridget blurts out that will never, ever happen. Separately, both Brooke and Nick say “never.” As she hugs her mom, Nick and Bridget exchange nods.

Thorne is in the kitchen when Taylor walks in and is surprised that he is still up. He tells her sometimes he can’t sleep, but tonight he will. He just wanted more of the day, like when you’re happy and tired at the same time, but you don’t want to let go of the happy part just yet. And he admits it’s been a long time since the place has felt like a home. And he thought if it ever did, he would be upset because he would feel it was wrong. But he is standing there in the dark asking himself and he thinks it feels right. Taylor says she understands and that she had just came out to get some water and then she’s going back to bed. When she turns to get the water, he slips up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders and tells her not to turn around. “What Ally said to you earlier tonight, I feel the same way.” And he tells her goodnight and kisses her hair.

Shane glances at a newspaper photo clipping of Thorne on the wall and says, “I’m sorry to do this to you, man. But, I need this money more than you need to know who killed your wife.”

Bridget slowly gathers Nicole’s blanket, the dried flower arrangement and cries as she gives the urn a sweet kiss before placing them all away in a box.

Nick emerges from the shower clad only in a towel on his lower torso and finds Brooke laying provocatively on the bed. She coos that if they had time for a second honeymoon they’d leave tonight. But, since they don’t, this will have to do. She gets up and comes to him and states that she is sorry what she did to “us”. Not respecting his feelings and running off to Ridge at the least bit of provocation…..which is exactly what he wanted. Likewise, he apologizes for his temper and the demands that he makes. She remarks he has every right to. He tells her he can’t look her in the eye and swear that he is a wiser man because of all of this, but he certainly can say he is a bit more humble. She tells him that she loves his pride. That’s who he is and she doesn’t want him to lose that. He says, “I pray every day that I never forget how lucky I am to have you in my life. To be able to touch you with my hands and to hold you.”

Brooke says she feels so badly for Bridget. And she was right to tell Brooke what she was hoping for with Nick. But, she needs to be responsible for her own happiness and she can’t do that for her. Nick agrees. Brooke adds that they need to be responsible for theirs. They need to believe in their love and not worry about it. And not doubt it. Just know that it is there. And let everything else just slip away. He repeats, “let the rest slip away.” They should be able to do that. He gives her a kiss with a quiet reserve on his face.

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