B&B Wednesday Update 9/6/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/6/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick slowly wakes up on The Marlin realizing he is not the only one onboard. He turns over and sheepishly finds Bridget staring back at him. She tells him they do not have to talk about this, say anything at all, it just happened. It happened because of her mom and Ridge. Nick states that he meant what he said last night, it is over. He frowns, but she and him, it happened so fast! She nods that she understands. Harry comes home but hears voices and stops long enough to stoop and look into the open cabin door to see them half-naked in bed and backs off undetected.

Teary-eyed, Brooke looks at her wedding picture and laments what has she done to Nick; what has she done to “us”? Donna comes in and Brooke has to admit that Captain Bligh didn’t come home last night. She tries to make light of it by saying she doesn’t blame him after all she put him through. Donna says she assumed she came home and they made up. Brooke says she had hoped that as well. But Catherine had said he went to The Marlin so guess he spent the night there alone. (wrong).

Bridget puts Nick’s shirt on and tells him she knows he is struggling to find the right words, but they are beyond tip-toeing around each other with what they say or the way they feel. He doesn’t know what to say, but it’s not okay. She philosophizes that last night was whatever they want or need it to mean. He offers that what happened was because her mother was still in love with Forrester and always will be. He says he tried, but he can’t live his life that way. He can’t and he won’t. He restates that she said he had to learn for himself, well, he learned! He learned that she can’t let go what she feels for this man. He believes that she loves him too, and he thought they could have something, something special that lasted. Bridget opines that it’s not too late. They can still have that if Nick wants it. Emphatically, he says no. Brooke says that but the slightest move of Forrester moving on and she runs from Nick’s bed into Forrester’s arms. What kind of husband stands for that? He reveals it’s killing him; it’s killing what he feels for her. She’s surprised when he says he is going to go shower and go back home. Nothing has changed since last night. Brooke can’t help it. As he leaves, he picks up his ring and laments that he thought she loved him enough to let go of Forrester, but she will never really be his.

Brooke tells Donna that Nick won’t even answer his cell phone or voicemail from her. And she knows it’s unfair to keep putting him through this when he only puts her first in his life. But, she swears if he will just find it in his heart to forgive her one last time, she will be the kind of wife he deserves. Donna admits there is something she thinks she needs to know.

Harry returns and thinks the cabin is empty, only to find Bridget lurking in the corner getting her purse. She tells him don’t move and asks who in the hell is he? They have a few awkward moments as he tells her that he is a friend of Nick’s and he’s letting him crash here for a few nights while he is in town. He also wonders who she is and what’s going on around here? When she hears the name Harry, she decides she knows about him, Nick’s like a second father to Harry. And he surmises she is the Bridget that Nick was married to……and divorced. And now he’s married to her mother. A very complicated family he gathers. And he does realize she is lying when she says she just dropped by to pick up some forgotten sunglasses. To himself, he wonders what kind of mess has Nick gotten himself into.

Donna tells Brooke that she thinks Nick may be a little more upset than Brooke realizes. Nick walks in and announces that he needs to talk to his wife……alone. Donna leaves and Nick shuts the door. Brooke starts in immediately that she is sorry, but he asks her to stop. He’s not going to do that dance anymore. He says he just came by to pick up his things, and to give her the ring back.

Brooke is shocked. She knew he would be upset, but ending their marriage? She argues that she regrets last night, but he has to understand…….He says he DOES understand. He thought it meant when they got to the altar, that he came first. She says yes it did, and it still does. So he wonders if last night she did what she did because HE came first? As he turns to pack, she agrees that no, it was wrong for her to run out on him and she knows she hurt him. He barks that she hurt what he wanted for them and what he thought she also wanted. He says he has been very patient with her, more than he thought he could be because what he asked of her was hard. Putting distance between her and Forrester, but she said she could do that and he believed that. Guess they both were wrong. And he shouts even if Forrester had SEX with her sister on national TV last night, he needed to know that he came first. That her love meant more and it didn’t. She practically ran over to him because she thought he was moving on with her sister, and not her. He barks that the guy has torn her heart out time and time again and yet she goes back to him. Like she is some sort of masochist or junkie of some sort. When he stops ranting, she reveals there is something she needs to tell him. She LET Ridge kiss her. She didn’t initiate it, but she did kiss him back. She confesses she doesn’t know what happened, but she was vulnerable at that moment……He turns away and she grabs for him to please listen. He says he has been listening, and he’s tried to understand. But last night was enough. He’s not putting himself through that again. He tells her to GO be with Forrester. Do it for herself, or do it for HIM. Because he doesn’t like the man he has become because she won’t draw the line. “Well, I’m going to draw the line. As much as I love you, and God I do, this is over.” She is free to run into his arms, he wants her to. He plunks his ring down on the table and says she has his blessing, both of them do. Thoughtfully, she picks it up and holds it.

At home, Bridget rummages through a trunk and pulls out a photo album and looks at her and Nick’s wedding photos. And then an urn and Nicole’s baby blanket. Teary-eyed, she cradles the blanket and tells Nicole that things have come full circle and she thinks perhaps she and Nicole’s daddy have a chance to be together again.

Brooke tries to stop Nick from finishing packing. She tells him that yes, Ridge begged her to come back to him and begged for her forgiveness again. But as much as she loves him, and Nick knows she does as she has been honest about that from the very beginning, but she does not want a life with a man who has let her down the way Ridge has. He turns; she continues that she knows he thinks it is just words because she has done this before and she still hasn’t let go of Ridge. And she knows Nick would never do that. He makes a promise and he STICKS to it. Exasperated, she says she trusts Nick completely. She feels safe and deeply loved by a man who has done nothing but protect her and her children. She begs that she knows she has put him through so much, and words don’t mean much, but they can’t let it end this way. She cries that she loves him too much and she knows he loves her too, and she doesn’t want to lose him. She doesn’t want to lose the one, special, amazing man who has gone to hell and back for her. “For our little family.”

And he can believe it too. And he can prove it by putting this ring back on his finger. “And giving me, us….. our family….. one last chance.” He gulps and tells her it is a little late for that. Last night, there’s something he needs to tell her. Something she needs to know.

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