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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/11/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Hector tells Thorne he wants him to leave now. Thorne stands his ground and remarks that he won’t until Taylor tells him what’s wrong and going on here.

Dino is strapped in a car seat, riding in a car, not seeming to be upset. Felicia and Dante panic and rush around looking for their son. Dante tells her there are walls all around the whole property so he has to be here. She cries when Dante tells her there was both a delivery guy and a repairman there that day. She jumps to the conclusion that Dino was kidnapped and goes to call the police. She looks for her PDA in the diaper bag, only to find it missing as well. Dante reminds her that the PDA has a Global Positioning System. If they find the PDA, then they find Dino. They just need a laptop, so they go back inside.

Hector tells Thorne that is enough; he is NOT welcome here. But Thorne says he is not going anywhere until someone tells him what in the hell is going on. Hector opines that it is a family matter for Taylor. Concerning her daughter and he has a teenager daughter himself, so there is nothing they can’t solve. Thorne reveals he was just with Phoebe. And she’s concerned about her mother and Hector as well. Hector sloughs it off that she’s a confused young woman, but Thorne doesn’t buy that. Then Hector tries to lay all of this on perhaps things Ridge has put the family through. Thorne tells Taylor to go home. Be with Phoebe and let him talk with Hector. Taylor tells him she doesn’t think that is a very good idea. But, Hector agrees. It is a good idea, she should be with Phoebe. Thorne urges her again to go, they’ll talk later. As she leaves, she softly tells Thorne she’s sorry. Hector turns from the door and sternly looks at Thorne and tells him it’s his turn, take off! Thorne remarks not until he gets the answer he is looking for.

Dante is on the laptop with a crying Felicia talking to Lt. Baker on the phone, thanking him for his help. She laments she should never have left Dino outside. But Dante doesn’t think it was her fault. And they are going to get him back; he’s about to get the signal from the PDA. It’s on Van Nuys. That’s only about 15 miles from there, and they are moving. She states she is going to call Lt. Baker back. Dante tells her to do that from the car and he grabs the laptop and heads out.

Hector tells Thorne that he knows he wants answers, but he doesn’t have any. Nobody does. Thorne says he came there to help Taylor. Hector tries to soothe by saying he is helping her now. And look, he knows he wants answers. And if he were Thorne, he would too. But coming over there was not going to help him find Darla’s killer. His time would be better spent with his little girl. Thorne tells him he will deal with Darla and Alexandria as he sees fit. But, there is something going on between he and Taylor, something that has Phoebe worried. And he asks Hector if he is hassling them? Hector explains that he’s a friend that Taylor is leaning on, okay? Thorne reminds Hector that she has family. Hector leaves and goes to the kitchen to get a beer. He retorts who? The Foresters? they’d discarded her like a piece of trash. When Thorne points to him that if he’s pressuring her into a relationship, Hector says he’s giving her the respect that Thorne’s family couldn’t manage to at a time when she needed it the most. Then he tells Thorne that he did everything he could to save Darla’s life. Thorne says he knows he did. Hector recites that the truth of the matter is that night has stayed with him, Taylor and Phoebe too. It was horrifying. It rocked all of their lives; Thorne’s too. And everybody is blaming themselves, himself too. Perhaps he could have done more. Thorne asks and why Taylor? Hector says she blames herself because she wishes she could have gotten there sooner. Then he confesses there is something he needs to hear about that night. Something that he hasn’t told anyone. And he may hate him but it’s the God’s honest truth. And none of them are going to get any peace until he hears it.

Dante drives with Felicia on the laptop giving him directions of where the tracking is. She is afraid they will lose the signal over the canyon, but he says the police are tracking it too. Then she tells him that they have stopped – at Van Nuys Airport. She tells him to hurry as he tells her to hang on, as he whips the car around with tires screeching.

Hector explains that the night Darla was killed she was changing a tire and the lug nut was stuck and she leaned on it and lost her balance and fell into the road. Thorne wonders what difference that makes? Hector tells him that he has to understand; it was dark and foggy. Thorne asks, “understand what, Hector? Understand what? That you are making excuses for the monster who killed my wife?” Hector replies all he is saying is that it was an accident. Thorne gets fiery and pointing his finger at Hector says this was not Darla’s fault. She was run down. She was hit by a car and was killed. And the son of a bitch fled. And he’s going to find him! “And on Darla’s grave, I’m going to make damn sure they pay.” Hector opines that finding the person responsible is not going to bring Darla back. He repeats again that it was an accident, accept it. And that is where he and Phoebe will find their peace. Thorne clenches his teeth and tells him that he doesn’t know why he’s bringing this up, and he doesn’t care. But to stay away from Phoebe, and himself as well. And leave Taylor the hell alone. With that, he storms out the door.

Dante rushes onto the plane and finds Dino alive and well, playing with toys on the floor. Felicia is close behind and then Eric shows up wondering what is going on? She explains they came out of the guesthouse and Dominick was gone. Eric tells her that he’d told her he was going to have him today. She says she completely forgot. She sees he is okay, but she was scared to death. Dante tells him they called the police and they will be there any minute. Eric tells him that he had to retrieve some papers aboard the plane and then they were going to get some ice cream. And he had left a note, but they report they didn’t find one. The wind must have blown it over (yes, it was almost under some bushes). Eric tells them the police are here and he will straighten this out. Felicia tells Dante she is so sorry and she will never let Dino out of her sight again. Dante vows that he’s never going to let him leave HIS sight again – either one of them.

Taylor rushes to answer her phone. It’s Hector telling her that Thorne is coming over to see her. And he wants her to listen to him. He’d told Thorne this was an accident. It was no one’s fault. She tells him don’t lie for her anymore. It doesn’t suit him. He says he is not lying. She’s going through the same hell that he is. And that she’s a good person with a conscience. But to be in jail – everything they have, “our families, our purpose. We would lose it all.” They argue when she says she knows he cares about her and he’s coming from a place of concern, but she’s NOT changing her mind. While he’s still trying to change her mind, she says she is sorry and tells him goodbye. Frustration and panic on his face. The doorbell rings at Taylor’s and she opens it and yes, it is Thorne.

Still on the plane, Felicia remarks that she should have remembered it was Eric’s day with Dominick. Guess they are having ice cream about now, so all is forgiven. Now, what was this about him saying he’d never leave their side again? He tells her never and she tells him not to say anything he doesn’t mean. She knows he was just afraid their son had been abducted and she’s not going to stand there and take advantage of his frayed nerves. He quips, “frayed nerves? “Fraid not.” She tells him he is just abuzz with adrenaline. He’s going to start saying things like they need to be a family and together. And then it’ll wear off and he’ll wonder what did he say? They’ve been down that road before. He tells her for someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with, she is missing the point. She still thinks he’s just had a really bad scare and that’s why he’s saying these things. She admits she is not very good at keeping her mouth shut, but he tells her to try. She zip-tick-a-locks her mouth. She’s shocked when he says he told her father BEFORE Dino was even missing. That’s why he went to the house earlier. He wanted to talk to her father about her and Bridget. Bridget had brought him to Felicia. He never would have come to L.A. except for her. He never would have been able to see Felicia again. He never would have known he was a father. He reminds her that he is not one to worry about tomorrow. He takes it one day at a time. “But, I believe in my heart that you came into my life for a reason.” And it wasn’t because they had a beautiful son together. “But everything about you, that light that is inside him, is from us. Me and you. And I can’t live without that light.” And that he can’t live without her. And to believe him when he tells her he loves her. And he wants to prove that to her. He goes to kiss her and she stops, to unzip-tick-a-locks her mouth, and then grabs him and plants a passionate one on him.

Hector picks up the airline tickets for Mexico in disgust, then holds the medal that was just bestowed on him – repeating the words, valor, truth. Thorne enters Taylor’s house and gives her a big, comforting hug. She tells him she does not deserve this. He tells her she does. He’s leaned on her so much these last few weeks. She’s been there for him and for Alexandria. She’s taken care of them. But who’s taking care of her? She reminds him that he’s the one who is suffering. He points out that her entire life was built around Ridge and he left her. They’d all left her and she was in pain. There was her drinking. She tells him he’s been there for her too and he’s done more than enough and she doesn’t deserve it. He says he can see her pain and suffering in her eyes and he begs her to let him be the person that she can lean on. He knows Hector is a good guy, he knows that. But, Hector thinks he is helping when Thorne can clearly see that he is not. He’s obsessed with her and thinks he can control her life….not to mention the things he said about Darla. She asks what did he say?

He relays that perhaps Hector is just trying to get him to move on….to drop this manhunt. “But, to forgive, to forget the man who killed my wife. Never, Taylor! And I am NOT going to rest until I find him.” He says there will be no closure, no peace, no justice until he finds the bastard who did this. Why did he run? Why didn’t he stop? Taylor has horrible flashbacks of that deadly night. He laments there are good people in this world, like her and Darla. But, the person who did this - this person is evil. And, he’s going to find him and when he does…..

She bites her lip, rubs her face and has another nightmarish look of Darla’s face on her windshield. She tells him his search is over…..the person he is looking for…. He stands in absolute disbelief and shock as she confesses during sobs that she knows who did it. The person who killed Darla is haunted by it every day and every night. And it wasn’t a hit and run. The person did stop and pulled over. And they went over to Darla. And they saw that beautiful, caring life. And they saw her in pain. …….”The person you hate, the coward who didn’t have the strength to stand up and confess this awful crime – it’s ME. Thorne, I did it. It’s me. I’m the one. I’m the one who killed Darla. I killed Darla!”

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