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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/9/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna has a daydream fantasy about she and Ridge, being the super couple, more than designer/model. Traveling to Paris, making headlines, the press hot on their trail. He’s amused that she is ‘teasing’ the reporters yet playing all innocent. She gushes about the red roses every morning and the moonlight on the terrace with champagne. He offers that he only wanted to make it special. In her hot, red, strapless dress with her headlights pushed up to here, Ridge devours her with his eyes and hands.

Felicia breaks the mood by bragging to Ridge about the newspaper reviews. While she catches the phone, he concentrates on Donna and asks what is going on in that beautiful head of hers? She seems a million miles away.

Taylor pours coffee and Thorne laments he’s worried although Alexandria was very excited about going to summer art camp. Taylor listens and advises him even though Allie lost her mommy, it’s important for her to have fun without guilt and be a little girl too. He thanks her, he is so grateful and she can’t imagine what a huge difference she has made in their lives.

Hector shows up at Taylor’s and questions Phoebe about where her mother is? Even though she tells him that her mother doesn’t need someone checking up on her 24/7, he grabs her arm too roughly until Phoebe finally tells him she is with Thorne.

Felicia reports to Ridge that it’s the press wanting interviews with the designer and his new diva. He tells her to tell them to back off. He wants Donna with him now. She replies that she will tell them but if they back off too long, they will find another story. He retorts they won’t find another story better than this. Brooke’s Bedroom – back – better –badder than ever. They all laugh. Donna wonders if they shouldn’t run this by Brooke first? He asks did she read her the riot act when she got home last night? She conveys that she thinks she is jealous, stepping into her shoes, but actually she is just more concerned for Donna and how easy it is to be sucked into the romance and glamour. Brooke just wants her to stay grounded and keep it professional. “Especially with you.”

Hector rails to Phoebe that he TOLD Taylor to stay away from Thorne. (who appointed him her protector? He loves her but she does not return that love nor have they even been on a real date). Phoebe remarks that Thorne and Alexandria are family so of course she is going to help them. He replies no, there is too much at stake here. Being around Thorne will make her feel too guilty. Phoebe argues if that is what she wants to do, then it’s just his opinion. He argues back, no THEY talked about it. Phoebe reminds him it was HIM that told her, there was no WE. He tells her that Taylor is reacting out of emotion; confessing is NOT an option. He emphasizes that he’s NOT angry, but he is worried as hell. And, she should be too. He repeats his same old mantra, because if she doesn’t, this whole thing could blow up.

Taylor looks at a picture that Allie has drawn of her mother. Thorne says she wants her mommy to know she is always thinking of her. She’s too young to talk about her grief, but she can draw pictures and sing songs. Taylor even suggests that he might want to leave a pillow or a little chair over there by the pictures so when she’s sad, she can sit there and get some comfort. He opines that he feels helpless, but she tells him he’s doing a wonderful job. He tells her it definitely makes it easier when she is there. She’s glad because she definitely doesn’t want to intrude. He remarks he guesses that is what a lot of people feel, of intruding or not knowing what to say, so they just stay away. And then he is reminded of how his own family treated Taylor over her divorce. They abandoned her, yet here she is. She says all of that is ancient history. She confesses this is where she feels she needs to be. She can’t go back and change things. She wishes she could, but she can’t. All she can do is focus on him and Alexandria. She goes to him and tells him that she’s going to do all she can to help him find closure.

Phoebe and Hector argue more, not seeing eye to eye. She thinks he just wants them to do as HE says. She wants him to leave. He flares at her that she’s just a teenager and wants to believe that things will work out on their own, but that’s not possible. Yes, they know it was an accident, but no one else will believe that (why is he so certain?). He grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her and says he’s got to see her through this – he HAS to stop her mother from making a mistake that will RUIN their lives.

Ridge seductively takes off Donna’s flimsy black lacy robe. He says it won’t be easy but the press is hooked and they have to give them more of what they had at the showing. Right up her alley, she replies she will just have to remember this is her job, it’s work! In the next few minutes, he has fun untangling her hair, stroking her arm, giving her double entendres about work not having to be just work and every so provocatively running his fingers across her bodice and midriff. While she says she will just have to stay focused and keep her head out of the clouds. Mesmerizing her with his eyes, he massages her shoulders and tells her to relax, and then asks how does it feel? She coos it’s wonderful. They look at each other – lingering on each others lips, locking eyes. He asks if she is ready for more? (we know what she is thinking)......there is another design over by the door. Does she want to stop? She replies no.

Taylor tells Thorne he has enough emotional chaos in his life. He doesn’t need her coming over and adding to it. She remarks that her life has been lacking purpose, so this helps her as well. He realizes she is talking about her drinking. And she adds, all the hideous disasters it has caused. He tells her at least she has a handle on it now but she knows it’s only because he took control and dragged her to A.A. She cries that she doesn’t feel she deserves his support…..his gratitude or friendship. Sincerely, he tells her that if it weren’t for her, for coming into this house, he and Alexandria would be stuck there in their grief, unable to move forward, unable to move at all. And at this very moment, Allie can be laughing. His baby can be happy. He hugs her as he thanks her for that and for a hell of a lot more. Peering through the window is………….Mr. Macho Stalker, Hector!

Hector remembers what he just told Taylor yesterday about her being an honest woman wanting to do the right thing. They are good people and could do so much good in the world, but they’ll never get that chance if she confesses to Thorne. He can’t hear what they are saying, but he’s livid at the body language and knows he has to stop her.

Donna slithers out in another sexy, skimpy, sequined outfit. Ridge pours her a champagne mimosa and she jokes about fashion moguls doing this instead of coffee breaks. He tells her no break, they are just getting started, ‘sweetie’. “So, let’s see what you’ve got!” Once more she peels off her lacy robe and drops it while he grunts his approval. She asks if he likes what he sees? He can only reply “WOW, WOW, WOW!” Again, he fingers the bodice a little more than he should. She wishes he was talking about her. This gives him a terrific idea – another slogan –“when a woman wears this, she brings WOW back into the bedroom.” He extols this is what he meant about the designer and the model being in sync, bouncing ideas back and forth, what a rush!

Taylor is upset as she gets into her car. She wants to help Thorne. As she starts to back up, she looks in her rear view mirror and up pops Hector’s head. She turns around and looks at him in horror. He announces, “what did I say? Dammit, Taylor, I told you to stay away from Thorne.”

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