B&B Thursday Update 7/6/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/6/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick stares at the kiosk with Brooke’s Bedroom ad on the wedding grounds and demands, “what is THAT?” Brooke looks on with a panicked look on her face, especially when Nick asks is that her? He asks her twice and she finally says yes, although she doesn’t know how that happened. Bridget urges Rick to do something. He remarks everyone has already seen it so would do no good now to go run tear it down. Brooke explains to Nick that this was done for Brooke’s Bedroom but she did not authorize this and they decided not to use it. Nick growls that someone didn’t get the memo! Brooke suspects Stephanie since she and Ridge insisted…….Nick yells out “Forrester?” And he bolts. Watching from their limo, Stephanie tells Massimo that it worked – look, Nick is leaving the ceremony. He remarks she was right, Nick saw the ad and couldn’t handle it. Stephanie adds, “strike three.” He says better get warmed up in the batter’s box, and orders the driver to take them back to Forrester Creations.

With all the guests looking on, Brooke runs after Nick. Rick thinks someone should go after her but Dante says she and Nick need to talk. The Justice Of the Peace suggests they should reschedule for another day, but Jackie vows they will be back. He was just shocked in seeing the woman he was going to marry almost naked, even if it was in an ad. Rick wonders how can Nick blame his mom for something that obviously Stephanie did? Bridget offers because Nick didn’t want her working at Forrester; he’d asked her to leave. Jackie chimes in – several times. Rick suggests they all go to Chuck’s and wait. Jackie tries to put on a happy face that she is sure they will come right back and be ready to pick right up where they left off. They leave with only Bridget lagging behind as she looks at the ad one more time with a disgusted look on her face. She lays the bouquet down on a park bench.

Ridge paces the office, touching the photos of Brooke and family. He sits down, looking at one in particular as Brooke walks in. He’s astonished that she is there in her wedding gown. She tells him that he was right. He was right about her, about Nick, about everything. He asks what is she doing here, what about the wedding? She tells him she couldn’t do it. Nick just doesn’t understand her the way he does. She knows now that she was wrong. She heard what he and Stephanie said, but she didn’t want to believe them. But, deep down she knew it was true. She knew Nick was trying to control her. Teary-eyed, she says she doesn’t know what she was thinking. She can NOT marry someone who doesn’t love her for who she is. He boasts with a hug, “the way I do…….the way I always will.” They kiss and then reality hits him. He looks toward the door, and there is no Brooke, never was.

On The Shady Marlin, Nick glares at Brooke as she descends the steps. She begs him to know that she had no idea about this. And that she is going to call the ad agency and have them pull all the pictures down. They will be down by tonight, she promises. He states it’s a little late for that. She thinks maybe for the newspapers, but not the magazines. He knows if it is Stephanie, then it is everywhere. She remarks this is about business, it has nothing to do with them. He fires back, “and I didn’t sign up to marry a naked pin-up model.” And she points out again that she did not authorize that ad campaign, she did say no. Nick chomps that Stephanie didn’t listen then, nor did her perverted son. He tells her that he warned her about working with these people, but she wouldn’t listen. Not to let her guard down, but she wouldn’t fire them and she wouldn’t quit. And not let them manipulate her, and damnit, she let them do it again!

Chuck notices the wedding guests and thinks the honeymoon must have started early; what happened? Jackie laments that Stephanie Forrester happened. Brooke wouldn’t have done this to jinx her own wedding, so who else? Rick asks hadn’t Ridge given up on trying to win her back? Jackie focuses on him and tells him well Stephanie certainly hadn’t. “She WANTS Brooke with her son, and to do that, she has to tear Nick and Brooke apart.”

Ridge picks up another photo and thinks of more “Unforgettable” moments with Brooke. He lovingly touches a large scale model of the ad on the desk.

Stephanie interrupts his thoughts by saying the wedding is off. Ridge asks if Brooke changed her mind? She offers that no, Nick did. He left her standing at the altar. Apparently they had an argument and he stormed off back to his boat. Ridge asks what kind of argument? She points to the ad. He knows it was in all the major papers this morning around the world. She confesses that it also was on the kiosk at the wedding, directly in Nick’s line of view while he was standing at the altar.

Brooke continues that she should have listened to Nick. He did try to warn her. But, she thought she could handle it. He opines, it was their wedding day! Brooke confesses she knows Stephanie did this as she knew how Nick would react. “She ran that ad to hurt us, but it doesn’t have to.” He points out she should have fired them the day she took control of that company. She answers he knows that was not the answer. He demands that it is not even a question any more. She either fires them or gives it back. She realizes he is upset, they just need to talk about this. He shakes her off – no more talking. They’ve gone too far, degrading her like that. She is appalled. She argues that Stephanie was wrong to use that photo without her consent, yes, but…….”I don’t see anything DEGRADING about it.” Now, he’s appalled. They exposed her to the world without her permission, and she doesn’t feel at all exploited? She answers emphatically no. The first time she saw the photo, she thought it was beautiful. She didn’t feel exploited or exposed. “I felt proud.” His mouth hangs open.

They fill Chuck in on this ‘ploy’ which is a little more than just one ad. Jackie laments that this is just like the fashion show. That didn’t work, neither will this. Rick reminds her that Nick looked pretty angry. She thinks just surprised …….seeing his fiancée……like that. Dante opines it will all look differently when Nick has a chance to calm down. Chuck shows them a newspaper ad and Rick thinks it’s rather nice. But, Bridget reminds him if this was only the first thing, but Nick and their mom have gone through more and are in a rough patch right now. First, they ended up in bed together (no mention of rape) and then the fashion show where Ridge kissed her. Rick relays yeah it was the talk of International, all over the news. And Bridget remarks this is exactly what Nick told Brooke he couldn’t handle.

Ridge reminds his mother that Brooke didn’t want to run this ad. She differs. She thinks she did, even on her wedding day and it was the right thing to do. Ridge says maybe for the company. Stephanie says no, for Brooke and for him. She points out that Nick wants to change her. To turn her into something that she is not. Now he will see her for who and what she is, and they’ll both be better off for it.

Brooke confesses that when she looks at that photo, she doesn’t see anything shameful. She sees something artistic, something beautiful. He tells her that honestly, he isn’t too concerned what SHE thinks. “The rest of the world is the problem.” She snarks that perhaps it is just him that has the problem. He scoffs, “well, here we are…..arguing about this.” She contends it is not the ad, it’s her. He objects, no, it is Ridge and Stephanie and it always is. She barks that they didn’t FORCE her to do that photo. He doesn’t think it was her idea though. She says no, Stephanie suggested it. He tells her don’t make excuses for Stephanie. He’s sick of that. She KNEW what she was doing. She knew how he would react. What it would do to them! And he’s sure Forrester was right there in on it. She says only to suggest the slogan during the photo shoot, that’s all. Again, Nick is appalled – Forrester was there? He was there when she took that picture? Brooke admits yeah he was. He quizzes her – Forrester was there when she was taking naked photographs? She says yes, but it wasn’t like……Calmly, he asks if she stopped the shoot? Did she ask him to leave? He’s curious; what did she do?

Jackie begs the JOP to please wait just a little longer; she is hopeful that the ceremony will take place. Dante seeks out Bridget to comfort her. She tells him that he grew up in fashion and she grew up in the business, but Nick didn’t. He won’t get it the way they do. Dante says once he marries her mom, he’ll have to. He thinks it’s a tasteful ad and it’ll be well received.

She muses that it will make Forrester a lot of money too, but Nick doesn’t care about that. And she knows how she felt when she walked in and saw Felicia pose for him. She knew that he sculpted and worked with nude models and on one level she knew and accepted that, but on the other……she had a very emotional reaction. And she just doesn’t see how Nick is going to see this as anything other than a betrayal.

Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke would have gone through with this wedding no matter what. She didn’t want to admit they were right that Nick didn’t understand her. He must understand that Nick is a very controlling person, unlike Ridge who was never like that. She had a very unique relationship with Ridge and Stephanie offers that is what she thinks Brooke wants. And as a result of today, she will surely understand that she will never have the same kind of relationship with Nick that she did with Ridge.

“So Forrester saw you naked?”, queries Nick. Brooke says it was work. And it was only partially undressed and besides it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked before. He tells her not when she was engaged to him, he hadn’t. But, maybe that wasn’t the case. Couldn’t she see that this is a pattern? That’s why the guy hadn’t given up on her. Brooke argues that he has. She posed for an ad campaign, that’s all! He scoffs, “that’s all?” You really don’t get it, do you?” That she says she is committed, then she goes and does something like this! She tells him she doesn’t think he gets it either. He’s upset and she’s upset too. Stephanie should never have done what she did. He tells her to forget about Stephanie, forget about everybody else. This was now just about “you and me”. He emphasizes this was the beginning of their life together today, she and him and her children and they had waited a long time for this. So, she asks he doesn’t think they are going to get past this? He says, “you tell me. You know what I need. I NEED you to leave Forrester Creations.” He needs for her to leave those people behind. She looks at him intently and says she doesn’t think he knows what he is asking. She tells him she loves him, and she has tried to live by his rules and tried to make this relationship work. He says it was, it was before she went back to work there. And he wants her to be happy. HE wants to make her happy. Teary, she asks does she make HIM happy? “Can you love me….can you accept me for the person I am? Ridge Forrester’s ex-wife….CEO of Forrester Creations? The woman in that ad? Flawed, complicated, because that’s who I am, Nick, and I’m not going to change.”

She tells him she is proud of who she is, and she wants him to be proud of her too. Can he do that? When he won’t look at her, she asks him to. Is she the woman he wants to pledge the rest of his life to? “If I’m not, I think we need to end it right now.”

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