B&B Monday Update 6/12/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/12/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In her new office at Marone Industries, Brooke is having a conversation with Bridget about Stephen. As she puts out family photos, she laments that she knows her father meant well by getting Taylor’s 2%, but it dug up a lot of old feelings from the past. Reminded her of times when he wasn’t there when she needed him the most. And she’d told him to leave – Los Angeles! She didn’t want him anywhere near her. Bridget questions if this is what she really wants? Brooke confides that she can’t count on him so she can’t even trust her own father. Bridget offers that he says he is changing. But, Brooke tells her that he slept with Taylor. This shocks Bridget. Brooke says he took advantage of Taylor to get revenge against the Forrester’s. And yet he said it wasn’t just sex, he had some sort of connection with Taylor. Bridget again questions if it really was for revenge? Brooke tells her she would have gladly given Stephanie back her 50%, but Nick and Stephen both think she earned it. Now that she is running Forrester Creations they want her to fire Ridge, Eric and Stephanie and she just can’t fire them! Bridget sees how this won’t make Nick happy. Brooke points out that is why she is working out of Nick’s old office at Marone Industries. And that’s what all the video equipment is for. It better be enough, because Ridge is just too important to Forrester. Bridget corrects her. No, he’s just too important to her!

At Forrester, Ridge is all smiles with his hands-on technique with two of his lingerie-clad models. Dante comes in with another model with one of his designs or inspired by his artwork. Ridge is quite pleased. He dismisses the girls then starts in on Dante that he understands he is going to be part of the family. Dante asks if that is going to be a problem? Pulling no punches, Ridge tells him the way he remembers it is that Dante moved half way around the world because of Bridget, not Felicia.

Jackie opens her door and is surprised to find Stephen standing there. Sheepishly, he says they need to talk. Less than cordial, she stares at him, arms folded, and questions if they do. He says he should have explained it earlier, but he is hoping she will give him a chance to explain it now. Slyly she smiles and says, “are you talking about the fact that you slept with me the night AFTER you had a romp with Taylor?” She grabs him by the label and pulls him in and says let her fix him a drink, “you naughty, naughty boy.”

She says cheers but she declines to clink glasses and it’s mighty frosty in the room. She asks what should they talk about – Taylor, perhaps? He sinks onto the couch and says that news travels fast. She quips not as fast as he is. He explains it was not his intention. She cuts him off and spiels something about the gossip mill. Finally she tells him that it’s alright. She knows he just wanted to help Brooke and if it helped to attain that goal by being in Taylor’s bed, then……..He remarks that isn’t exactly the way it happened. She had signed over her 2%....well……before. This is a little disconcerting for Jackie to hear. But, she scoffs that Taylor is a very attractive woman and obviously probably made herself very available to him, and if she were in her shoes, who knows, she might have done the same thing. She leans in and says it’s very James Bond of him, really. He surmises she’s not angry with him? She picks up the two glasses and as she clinks them herself, says, “who doesn’t find James Bond alluring?”

Ridge tells Dante there are a lot of dubious motivations flying around lately. Dante says like his asking Felicia to marry him? Ridge offers no one could have predicted that! To which Dante replies, nothing his sister does could be predictable. That’s one of her most appealing traits. Ridge preaches to him that shared spontaneity is not the bedrock of a good marriage. Dante points out that they have a child. Ridge concurs, a better reason, but not the only one. Dante confesses family is very important to him; more than he realizes. Ridge tells him that he’s watched his little sister go to hell and back this year. And she deserves to be loved for herself, not because she had some guy’s child. And if this son of his is the only reason he is proposing to her, then he thinks he owes it to Felicia to tell her that NOW!

Bridget and Brooke agree that she shares more than just a son with Ridge; they have history. They know Nick and his ego isn’t going to put up with this now that Ridge has violated Brooke. Brooke reminds her that she forgave Ridge. Bridget says she knows, but she can’t expect Nick to understand that. Brooke reminds her that she forgave Ridge. Bridget says she knows, but she can’t expect Nick to understand that. Brooke says that is why she is working out of this office, instead of at the Forrester’s. She’s still working WITH Ridge, just not directly. Bridget tries to explain to her she is just fueling Ridge’s desire to win her back. And even though Brooke thinks the Bedroom Line is all about business, Bridget points out to Ridge, it’s all about Brooke. Brooke counters that he is just going to have to accept she is COMMITTED to Nick.

Bridget spots Brooke’s humungous engagement ring and exclaims that now it’s official. Brooke asks if that bothers her? Bridget replies no; in fact Dante proposed to Felicia as well. Brooke is surprised; she thought he had proposed to Bridget? Bridget says he did, but she turned him down, so he took her ring and gave it to Felicia instead. And she says, she thinks she made a mistake.

Dante tells Ridge he can appreciate that he is concerned and it was a bit impulsive. Ridge says he is concerned because he has feelings for Bridget. He looks skeptically at Dante when Dante says he is going to have a life with Felicia and his son. Ridge confesses that all her life Felicia has hated things traditional like marriage and weddings, but you’d never know it now. He’s never seen her so happy. Dante asks isn’t that what he wants for her? Ridge replies yeah, and he’d like to see it stay that way. Dante says that makes two of them. Ridge tells him good, because if he makes this commitment, he better damn sure honor it.

Bridget confesses to her mom that Dante is this amazing, sweet, wonderful, handsome, sexy man…..what was she thinking? Why is it you have to lose something before you appreciate what you have? She remarks she has never seen someone that would go half way around the world to see her smile or hold her hand. Why didn’t she appreciate that while she had it? She laments that now it’s too late. Brooke says only if she lets it be. He may be engaged to her, but he doesn’t love Felicia. They can think about Dino, but they don’t have to be together. Bridget shakes her head and says Felicia is on top of the world. How is she going to take that away from her? Brooke is adamant, don’t think about this so much. If she feels this way, she HAS to tell Dante. NOW, before it is too late.

Over her previous tiff, Jackie states to Stephen that he is a dangerously complicated man, and she can’t help finding herself attracted to him. He coos he’s not as dangerous as he might appear, and she agrees with that. She informs him that they will be in-laws soon, so she sees no reason they shouldn’t concentrate on his positive traits. He asks if she really thinks he has some? She giggles that she can think of one or two. He laughs that he thinks she might be more dangerously complicated than he is! She concurs, he has no idea.

Ridge walks right into Brooke’s office, big grin on his face, big black bag in his hands, saying he comes bearing gifts. She scolds him that he shouldn’t be there. He pulls out the skimpiest of skimpy underwear and holds it up daintily and says, “Logan, we have work to do.”

At the beach house, Bridget curls up on the couch vertically and stares out the window. She closes her eyes and thinks back to some things Dante told her. Being in Rome, and he fell for her. He fell in love with her and it hurts him to see her like this. She needs a man who loves her for who she really is. He kisses her. Later he pops the question while presenting her with the ring. Her mind drifts but when she opens her eyes, Dante is standing there.

She puts her coffee down and goes to him. He asks what is this all about? And she tells him she thinks he knows. Very seriously, he steps closer and proclaims that he should have never proposed to Felicia. He claims he wants Bridget…… does she want him? When she doesn’t answer, he says dammit, she has to tell him. He starts to kiss her. She can’t breathe and pulls away. He goes on, that he promised Felicia a life….a marriage, but it will be a lie. She stammers that her mom said she should listen to her heart. Dante wants to know what does it say? Finally she says she loves him……they kiss and she says she wants him.

Ridge shakes the cutie at Logan and tells her they have to ride the momentum here, lay it all out on the table and show the world they are stronger than ever. She warns that it is too soon. A fashion show - they will never have a new line ready quickly enough. He remarks the first designs are finished; just ready for her approval. She points out the video equipment is installed at Forrester. He pooh-poohs that ridiculous idea as nonsense. Says she knows he is much more tactical than that! He tries another approach. Is she afraid of Sailor Boy; that he might kick him out of there like he did Massimo? Then he pulls out another from his bag of tricks and asks what does she think of it? She tells him she can not discuss this with him. But, he insists, just look at the cut, the fabric, the detail as he spreads them out. Tell him that he hasn’t lost his touch! She quickly looks at them and says no, he hasn’t lost his touch. He says she is his muse, and then he pulls a special one out – a golden, brocaded, lacy, sparkly teddy. She likes! She thinks it’s stunning. He asks will she wear it? She agrees to – for the good of the company. He practically gushes – back on top…..where they are gonna be……Forrester Creations…… on the cutting edge….controversial….and she is going to be front and center of it all. He sorta pinches her cheeks and she puts her hand up to it as well, and he then spies the rock. He turns a deathly white and silent….until he finally says she is not going to marry Nick. She pulls away and walks away and says she can not talk to him about this.

He tells her that she loves him, not that control freak (takes one to know one). He admits he can’t believe she is still so committed to him. He states they have a son, a family and he wants to get back to that life they wanted. He feels like he has paid for everything he has done to her many times over. Now it’s time for HER to step up and tell Nick that it’s not going to happen. He reminds her of all those years, all that history. And the magic will die if she does this, “Just please, follow your heart; follow your heart one more time.” He tells her believe him, he’s not going to let her down.

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