B&B Thursday Update 6/1/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/1/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In her pretty robe, Taylor walks down the hallway to her bedroom, carrying a cup of coffee. She opens the door and we see a shirtless Stephen in her bed. She very quietly puts the cup on his side of the nightstand. He opens his eyes and says good morning. She says she didn’t know how he liked his coffee. He takes a sip and says it’s perfect.

She then sits on the opposite side and meekly chuckles and explains she can’t believe what happened last night. He also agrees that it was definitely unexpected. She remarks but wonderful. And it was so unlike her. He quips so she’s not usually wonderful? She confides they hardly know each other……and he’s Brooke’s dad! He points his finger almost to her nose and says yes and she’s Ridge’s ex-wife. And after she says they are the least likely people who would end up in bed together, he says but they did. She stammers and tries to rationalize that she’s been in a very vulnerable state lately, and felt very much alone and she really needed someone (other than Jack Daniel?) and he was there for her….really there for her. Not making any excuses and accepting the situation, he tells her they shared something last night. They didn’t expect it, “but I for one, don’t regret it.” She says she wasn’t saying that. But he tells her she WAS trying to explain it, and some things just can’t be explained. She laments not to tell her it was fate or something meant to happen. That sounds like something Brooke would say. Must be in the DNA. He tells her don’t do that – cover her nerves with sarcasm. And don’t write off what happened last night as some errant impulse either. He explains that he’s renewing his relationship with his daughter and Taylor is cutting all her ties with the Forrester family. They are putting their pasts behind them and getting on with their lives. “And Taylor, when you do that, good things can happen.” They can, and the right things can come into her life. And if she needs to be convinced, then he’s more than happy to oblige her. He puts his cup down and reaches for her and kisses her. They smile tenderly at each other.

In Stephanie (now Brooke’s) office, Ridge is making a Welcome Home Brooke poster while the others walk in, glad they are first and Brooke isn’t there yet. He tells Eric, Stephanie and Thorne not to jump on Brooke just yet. She’s not going to be making any major decisions today. Let her get settled first. (like he don’t have obvious grandiose plans of his own).

At Brooke’s, dressed in her tailored black business pantsuit, she paces the living room telling herself while frowning over and over, “fire the Forrester’s.” Clearly it doesn’t resonate well. Nick barges in and tells her she looks great. He tells her he just wanted to touch base before she went into the office. She confesses she might not go. He takes her hands and tells her face to face that she has to get these people out of her company and out of her life! She argues that Ridge is R.J.’s father and Stephanie and Eric his grandparents! He tells her fine, they can see R.J. any time they want. She just doesn’t have to see them every day. She points out that Eric founded the company; it’s HIS company. He pipes in no, it’s HER company. She has controlling interest. He emphasizes that she came up with the BeLieF line and all the other successful lines, so she has every right to fire them. She admits she can’t; she just can’t.

Taylor slips off the bed, into the bed. Shyly, she remarks she didn’t expect things to get better so fast. She changes the word to ‘soon.’ Quickly isn’t exactly a word she would use to describe what happened last night. Cheerfully, he asks then how would she describe what happened last night? She nods – extremely impressive. Very seriously, he says he doesn’t know whether to be encouraged or insulted. If she was all that impressed, it means she wasn’t expecting all that much. She confesses no, she just meant she was well aware of the Logan seductive powers. She just never thought she would fall prey to it herself. She keeps going on, him and her, who would have ever thought? As he kisses her again, he tells her maybe she is thinking too much.

The phone rings. They don’t budge. Stephanie is holding the other end of the line, remarking that Taylor is so obviously ignoring her phone calls. Ridge hands his dad a cup of coffee for Stephanie. Ridge says maybe they just need to let Taylor cool down. Stephanie opines she thinks she has abandoned her and what she needs to do is NOT keep her distance. Eric says Taylor will come around. They will just keep calling her and someone will get through to her. Ridge remarks that putting pressure on Brooke worked. Thorne looks at his watch and asks shouldn’t she be here by now? When Ridge says she is only a little late, Stephanie joins in – but, on her first day as new CEO? Ridge tells them to just relax, she will show up and Taylor will get in touch too.

Brooke repeats again that she just can’t fire Stephanie and Eric from a company that they created. He asks what about Ridge? She says she is sorry. She can’t fire anybody. She paces; he reveals that they talked about this, they agreed on this. She says she knows, but she doesn’t feel good about it. She was up all night. He tells her he’s going to be up every night until he knows not one of those Forrester’s is going to manipulate her or hurt her. He knows she is not going to believe it, but Stephanie has changed. “She’s going to give you this love and respect that you so desperately want?” Brooke points out that she already has. But, he asks for how long? How long is she going to be nice when she realizes Brooke is NOT going back to her son? It’s going to be a battle every day in that office. Is that what Brooke wants? She replies no, but if she starts a pre-emptive strike, she could start World War III and she doesn’t want that either. She tells him she doesn’t want to disappoint him, but…….He says this isn’t about him or what he wants. (sounds like, him pushing his views on her when she could have walked away from the company and Forrester’s and not looked back). It’s about protecting her and her moving forward. He tells her he knows she is scared, but she doesn’t have to be afraid of them. She controls THEIR destiny, not them controlling hers. She says but if she fires them, she will give them a really good reason to hurt her. He declares that he will be there beside her every step of the way. She points out this isn’t just a business for them. It’s WHO they are, and Forrester without Forrester’s, just doesn’t make sense. He says it will. She says they were her family. He tells her they abused her every step of the way and it’s going to happen again.

The phone rings and it’s Ridge teasing her for being late on her first day on the job. He says he would threaten to dock her pay, but he’s the boss. She tells him she is sorry, she will be there soon. Nick’s ears perked up when he hears it is Ridge. He reaches for Brooke’s hands and kisses them and says he is sorry, but she has to end it. She has to end it NOW.

Thorne asks if perhaps Brooke is having second thoughts? He knows Nick is giving her a hard time. Eric agrees. Nick’s had a night to think on it. Perhaps he isn’t nearly as supportive today. Sarcastically, Ridge says he wasn’t really supportive. He was just doing what he could to keep his hand in the game. Thorne asks Ridge if he felt Brooke would leave him for this job? He counters with if Nick threatened her dream or takes away the thing in this world that meant the most to her, what does Thorne think? Stephanie offers maybe that is the realization he had, that sudden change of heart. Smugly, Ridge says, “poor sap, he doesn’t realize he’s going to lose her anyway. When Brooke and I start working here again, get back that old creative rhythm, we’ll connect again. We always do.”

Sadly, Brooke tells Nick that this isn’t going to be easy. He offers that he never said it was going to be. Stephen bounds in saying a cheerful good morning. He wants to know if Nick has told her? Nick tells him they are still talking. Brooke tells him that Nick told her that it was Stephen’s idea. He tells Brooke congratulations and gives her a big hug. Forrester Creations is her company again. “You are in charge. You can do whatever you want. (Yeah, as long as it is fire the Forrester’s and do what he and Nick wants). And Brooke replies, “or whatever you want me to do.” Glibly, he says he just wants for her to be happy. And he’s finally found a way for him to make up for all the pain he’s caused his little girl. Nick reveals that she is against firing the Forrester’s. Stephen thought she would be jumping for joy. She asks why? Because she had the means to make Ridge and his family miserable? He replies no, because she had the ability to set herself free. Finally being free of the family and all the unhappiness they had brought her.

But, she points out that they gave her half of the company. He agrees that is something decent they have done for once, but it doesn’t make up for all the horrible things they have done in the past. And he says it’s the same for the two of them. He doesn’t expect this to magically renew their relationship. Getting her Taylor’s stock was just the first small step. Brooke suggests maybe it’s the same for Stephanie. Stephen asks her what does her gut tell her? She admits it is going to take her some time to ever trust them again. Her dad tells her she doesn’t trust them because she knows their goodwill won’t last. Nick pipes in that she can’t trust them and she can’t work with them. And Stephen warns her that in the end all she is going to find is more heartbreak and betrayal and he doesn’t want that for her. Nick echoes that. Stephen tells her she is the only one that can keep it from happening. Just look at their history with that family. It’s time to stand up for herself and everyone else that family has victimized.

But, Brooke says she does not want to punish them. Stephen rationalizes that if she doesn’t get them out of her life, she is punishing herself. And setting herself up for more disappointment. Nick asks her to tell him that she sees that. Tell him that he sees that she can’t work with them. They both say they know this is harsh and it seems like they are ganging up on her. She understands they are just trying to protect her. Nick suggests that she needs to protect herself. It’s the only way to do it. Stephen ends by saying don’t get sucked into this debate. She marches to the door. Stephen tells her to just tell them she owns 52% and drop the ax. She repeats it again – fire the Forrester’s? He says yes she can do this. Nick sees her doubt and goes to her and gives her a kiss and tells her he loves her. She weakly says it back to him.

A big bouquet of flowers is delivered to Taylor. She tells him to hold on while she gets him some change. He tells her it’s been taken care of already. She smiles as she reads the card, “looking forward to seeing you again. Stephen.”

At the door of her new office, Brooke hesitates but with a quiet resolve and determination walks in. Ridge gives her a hello kiss and welcomes her back. Eric asks if the press gave her a bad time on the way into the building? And Stephanie adds she thinks they are as excited about her coming back as they are. She remarks about the office being so lovely. They remind her it’s HER office. Enthusiastically, Stephanie says they wanted her to get back to work as fast as possible. She picks up an old picture of Brooke and Ridge and asks does this bring back old memories? Does she remember when she did these scandal photographs that Stephanie was so angry about? And what a waste of time and energy on her part. And, she is saying it again – whatever Brooke wants to do, she is behind her 100%. Ridge asks what does she think? Pretty much overwhelmed, she says they really didn’t need to go to all this trouble. Ridge quips he thought it might be a good idea to suck up to the boss a little bit.

Eric picks up a magazine and says Thorne is fielding all the international calls but he promised him to give her this. He hands her the magazine, Eye of Fashion, with her cover. Stephanie tells her that is really just window dressing. The real story is that they are getting so many phone calls from the major retailers wanting to know when they are going to launch the shows and the product? Stephen’s word echo in her mind – don’t be sucked into a debate. Tell them she owns 52% and drop the ax.

Brooke interrupts Stephanie and asks if they can sit down at the conference table? There is something they need to discuss. Stephanie is more than agreeable. Eric asks if she has changed her mind? She replies no, there is just something she needs to explain. All their eager eyes are on her. Slowly she reveals that last night her father and Nick met with Taylor and she signed over her shares to Brooke. Nick had transferred the money into her account and the transaction is complete. Stephanie leans forward and becomes ramrod straight and utters, “oh, my God.” Brooke says to believe her, this is one of the hardest things she has ever had to do. But, she has to do it.

Ridge asks her what is she talking about? She halters as she looks at each of them, but not wanting to look them in the eye. She tells them, “as CEO of this company and majority stockholder of this company, I am officially terminating your contracts…….you’re fired.” With all mouths hanging open, they look at her in disbelief.

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