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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/31/06


Written By Wanda
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At Brooke’s, Nick helps Hope place flowers on the patio table where he’s planning a romantic dinner. He picks her up, and she asks Grandpa Stephen if he’s staying? He replies no, this is just for Brooke and Nick. But, Nick thinks Stephen should stay and at least tell Brooke since this was all his doing. Stephen remarks that Brooke is free of the Forrester’s and she’s starting a life with him, that’s enough for him. He takes Hope and explains to her this is a very important night for Nick and her mommy. She asks what is ‘important’? Nick tells her every second he spends with her and her mommy is important. But, tonight is special and she’s done a good job making everything so pretty. Mommy’s gonna love it. Brooke walks out and Hope excitingly runs to her. She tells her tonight is important. Brooke exclaims that is it and gives Nick a kiss, thanking him for what he did today and knowing how much Forrester Creations meant to her. He takes Hope and tells Brooke that if he thinks that is something, she hasn’t seen nothing yet!

At Forrester, Bridget is with Ridge and she’s finding it hard to phantom what just happened. That her mom is new CEO of Forrester or that someone even made her the offer. Ridge finds it hard to believe that his mother accepted Brooke as part of the company and the family, but she has. A delivery guy brings in more of Brooke’s things in boxes. Bridget still thinks that Nick is way too important to her mom to do this. …….unless she surmises Nick and her mom have broken up?

Nursing a big glass of wine, Taylor is curled up on her sofa dressed in her pink sweat suit ensemble. She sighs from boredom. She walks to the fireplace and pours her drink on a potted plant. The doorbell rings and she half-heartedly asks who it is? It’s Stephen. She answers the door by saying she didn’t think she’d see him again tonight. Was there something wrong with the stock she’d sold him? He tells her no, and then invites himself in. Stephen tells her he’d deposited the money into her account; in fact double as Nick’s token of appreciation. She thinks that was very generous. Stephen says she was the one who was generous enough to sell, but he hadn’t come here to talk about the stock. He tells her he came to make sure she was alright.

She confides it’s been a lousy last few months. And this last incident was just the cherry on top, complete with the pit. Cheerfully, he tells her things are going to get better. She opines certainly for his daughter. And he remarks he’s certainly grateful, and so is Nick. Taylor says Brooke is lucky to have them. She laments that she’s definitely through feeling sorry for herself (boy, you couldn’t tell it). He remarks still, he know what it feels like to be alone; like no one cares what happens to you. Gently, he turns her around to face him and says he told her once before but he’ll tell her again. She is NOT alone, and he cares what happens to her. This makes her smile.

Bridget pleads with Ridge to tell her what’s going on. Have Nick and her mom broken up? He can’t be happy with her decision as she knows he doesn’t want Brooke working with Ridge. All Ridge knows is that Nick had a sudden change of heart. He told her to stay. Puzzled, she says that doesn’t make any sense. He replies it is if their relationship isn’t as solid as they make it out to be. “Why would he back down? Because he knows her being accepted by the family is more important to Brooke than he is.” She ponders on this.

Nick is scientifically pouring the champagne, making sure each of the two glasses has the exact same amount level. Brooke beams that he really didn’t have to do all of this. Hope said he had been working on it all evening. He hands her the drink and gives her a quick kiss. Then he shrugs it off by saying he just put the flowers out and checked on the meal. He’d been on the phone most of the time. She tells him Hope is very excited; Catherine is going to have a heck of a time getting her to bed. He quips well that is where he hopefully will get mommy eventually. Oh, she coos, this really isn’t a celebration for her first day as CEO, but a SEDUCTION? He recommends they call this a Bon Voyage party. She asks where are they going? He motions that she is taking Forrester Creations right into the future. She tells him she couldn’t do it without him…..she wouldn’t want to do it without him. He was standing there with her in the office, he supported her. She never felt more loved or respected. He says that’s because he does love her – kiss – and he does respect her – kiss, and he realized how much running this company meant to her, so he had to find a way to make that happen. Then he picks up the certificates and tells her that he had his lawyers look over Stephanie’s little gift to make sure all was on the up and up. She thanks him, that is so nice. And then he hands her the other document and says this is something extra from him and her father. She’s absolutely dumbfounded when she sees a new 2% which she doesn’t think is hers until Nick proudly shows her that her name is on it. Not only is she new CEO, but the majority shareholder at Forrester.

Taylor acts surprised. He cares about her? He doesn’t owe her anything. It was them that paid for the stock. Stephen tells her passion isn’t a commodity that you buy and sell. He realizes her value to Stephanie was what she could do for her or her family. So, now that she is out from under her thumb, what is she going to do? Truthfully, Taylor says he doesn’t know. She’s trying not to think about it. He tells her it’s time she started thinking about herself.

Ridge tells Bridget that Nick hates his guts. So, why would he want Brooke working with him? He never thought this would happen or that his mother would accept it much less offer it, but as long as he and Brooke are working closely together, toward the same goal, there is a great chance they might get back together.

Brooke continues to question Nick. Where did he get this 2% certificate? Nick explains that Stephanie chopped up her shares and she gave this 2% to Taylor. Brooke wonders why Taylor would give him her 2%? He says he bought it because her father convinced Taylor it was the right thing to do. She’s amazed that her father is involved in this too! And still questions WHY? He tells her he hates to break it to her, but she isn’t the only one that Stephanie has abused over the years. She reminds him maybe not, but Taylor and Stephanie are friends! He laments that when Stephanie told Taylor that Brooke was just what he needed, she was just a little humiliated. They go back and forth because she thinks when Taylor calms down, she will want them back. Nick says no, she wants nothing more to do with the Forrester’s and Brooke can do so much more with it than just giving them back to Stephanie. She can now run the company the way she sees fit and not have to deal with the Forrester’s again. Brooke says well she does have to because they work there. Long pause……he says not if she doesn’t want them to.

Taylor laments to Stephen that all her life she had something to look forward to, some goal, some achievement and now……He asks a blank page? She says scary. He adds that could be exciting. She admits yes, but only if she can imagine her life without Ridge and his family. Very enthusiastically, he says that’s the great thing about life. It’s going to happen whether she imagines it or not. She says she knows, she just needs to put one foot in front of the other. That’s what she tells her patients, but that’s people with real problems. He wonders if she doesn’t consider her problems real? She muses that her ex-mother-in-law hurt her feelings. She doesn’t think that is a crisis. He reminds her that she put her faith in the Forrester family and they let her down. She agrees – her faith, her trust, her future, but really that was her fault. She practically handed it to them herself. He says well now she has her future back, and nobody can tell her what to do with it. She throws her hands out and says that is the problem. She WANTS someone to tell her what to do; she is practically going crazy sitting around in this big, old, house thinking what went wrong. What did she do wrong? What could she have done differently? He advises her not to look back, just look forward. She asks to what? She has reached the apex of her career, her husband is gone, her children are grown. So what does she have? Just this big house with some wasted possibilities and some distant memories. He takes her by the shoulders and tells her none of that is true. And she is not alone, he is there! He’s there for her. He slowly leans in and they share a short, sweet, kiss. Then a second one more meaningful as his arms embrace her.

Ridge confronts Bridget. He says her mother listens to her. Is she going to support them? Pulling no punches, hands on hips, she asks and why would she do that? He espouses that if Nick and her mom are having problems now, she knows that relationship won’t last. She doesn’t think they are having problems, but Ridge says Nick is struggling not to lose her. Nick knows if he didn’t do what he did, he’d lose her. She argues that maybe he just knew that is what her mom needed, and that was good enough for him. That doesn’t make him desperate. “That makes him the kind of man I think my mom deserves.”

Brooke asks sternly, what is Nick suggesting – that she FIRE the Forrester's? He explains his side. That was the reason he supported her taking over as CEO; he just couldn’t have her give back the stock after her father had called and said Taylor was selling her shares. And he couldn’t say anything in the office, it just wasn’t the right time. He tells her she has done this dance with these people before. She has got to get them out of her life. She reminds him that if she controls Forrester, there is nothing they can do to hurt her. He tells her that Stephanie wants her with Ridge and he can’t fight this with words anymore. He argues that every day she goes into that building to work, she is going to be vulnerable both physically and emotionally. She puts her hands around his neck and says that is NOT going to happen. He argues that she can guarantee that it won’t happen by firing them now. She asks if this is really necessary. Long pause again and he says he thinks it is, if they want to have a life together.

Sadly, she turns away. He follows and kisses her on the back of her hair. He knows she doesn’t want to be the bad guy here. And they rolled out the red carpet for her today and they opened their arms; they loved her to death, but it’s not going to last. He doesn’t trust these people. He claims he loves her and he wants a future with her. But, the Forrester’s manipulate and they interfere. “Do you want that?” Sadly she replies no. Nick says then she has to do it. Walk in there tomorrow and fire them. All of them. Doubt is in her eyes.

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