B&B Tuesday Update 5/23/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/23/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In the studio, Dante and Felicia linger with their kiss. Pulling back, she smugly grins and he flashes those dimples and says she is a bad influence on him. She quips if she had a nickel every time she’d heard that, she wouldn’t mind her mother giving away half her inheritance. He says he’s serious. He shouldn’t have done that; he’s committed to Bridget. She grins that she knows, but hey, if it don’t work out maybe the two of them could take another spin around the track. He comes back with she knows how much he loves racing cars. And she adds that a hot little sports car is so much more exciting than a dependable wagon. Dante warns that he has to get back to work. She giggles; obviously enjoying this cat and mouse game. He opines that Bridget was supposed to be his model. Felicia points out, that instead, she had to run off to help solve Nick’s problems. He thinks she would have stayed if he’d told her about the exhibit. Felicia says no problem he can sculpt her.

In her office, Stephanie is on the phone telling John how she is dividing up the stock. She’s still talking to Brooke about the 50%. Eric and Ridge have accepted the idea and she’s going to tell the rest of the family tonight. Bridget bursts in and commands her to hang up the phone, NOW. Stephanie does hang up and says hello. Bridget goes right into her harangue that she has witnessed several of Stephanie’s manipulations over the years, but this one really takes the cake. It would be hard for her to understand or accept if she believed for one second that Stephanie was serious about any of this. Stephanie assures her that she is. Bridget questions her that she really is giving HER mother 50% of Forrester Creations? Stephanie replies, “I’m walking away from part of myself that I no longer need – anger and the obsession of trying to keep your mother and my son apart.” Bridget asks what about Nick? She gave up her marriage so her mother and Nick could have a life together. Stephanie reminds her that was HER decision. Brooke is Ridge’s future.

In her office, Taylor mocks to Hector that the King and Queen of the fashion industry reunite. Woo-hoo! He points out that Brooke hasn’t accepted Stephanie’s offer yet. Taylor says oh but she will. After everything Stephanie said at the press conference…….”like an angel, she sailed across the bay in a Forrester original." She practically saved the company. And Stephanie was even saying that Brooke and Ridge were meant to be together. Hector is bumfuzzled; he thought they were like best friends. Taylor answers that so did she. She had no idea Brooke was going to be reinstated as CEO. She hadn’t even talked to Stephanie since Ridge got out of the hospital. Hector opines that Ridge gets what he wants, as usual, handed to him on a silver platter. Taylor says well it’s not going to be at her expense.

Stephen walks on in to Nick’s office at Marone’s. He looks a little dejected when Stephen says he can’t get a hold of Brooke. He’s called her home and her cell. Nick says she wants some time to herself. She’s considering Stephanie’s offer. And after all the abuse she’s taken from that family, she still could go back. Stephen points out – back to the company, not to Ridge. Nick says they are one and the same. At least that is Stephanie’s plan. Stephen says then it’s a good thing he has a plan of his own. Nick perks up and says he is listening. Stephen confides that he has found out how Stephanie is going to divide up the company. He tells Nick that they have the opportunity of a lifetime; a chance to CRUSH the Forrester’s.

Dante questions Felicia that she wants to pose for him? She teases that she knows he thinks they won’t get anything done. But, she promises him she will be on her best behavior. Even though he knows he likes it better when she is naughty. He quips if he knew where that naughtiness came from, he’d probably take her up on that offer. But, he offers that his sculptures capture what is on the inside of his subjects. He wants to convey a sense of who they really are. And, in order to do that, he has to know his subjects intimately. She grins and says, “well, we were just saying we owe it to our son to get to know each other better. So, you know, maybe this is the perfect way to do it.” He wiggles out by saying it takes time, so she hints that maybe he doesn’t find her attractive enough?

Bridget and Stephanie continue to make points back and forth and argue that Ridge is really Brooke’s destiny, as corny as that may sound, and not just her past as Bridget keeps mentioning. And she has fell in love with another man. Bridget tells her that word destiny is almost a sacrilege coming out of her mouth. Stephanie says it would be a sacrilege if Nick manages to get Brooke not to accept her offer. He’d be keeping her from her dream. Bridget wonders if she could blame Nick? Stephanie answers that eventually Nick is going to have to accept, just the way she did, that Ridge and Brooke belong together and that their love is undeniable. Bridget says she doesn’t believe that. Stephanie asks why is she fighting this? Bridget scoffs. Stephanie asks her what does she want? She’s still in love with Nick. Bridget asks if she is suggesting that she and Nick should get back together?

Taylor is working her way up to a warpath – whatever Stephanie wants, Stephanie gets. Anybody who gets in her way gets run down or shut out. She makes a decision and they all have to live with it. “Well, you know what? Not any more.” She doesn’t care what her motivation is. She’s not going to stand by and be humiliated by her or anyone else ever again.

Nick asks Stephen if he wants to take on the whole Forrester family? He replies better. He thinks they can take them down. And do justice for Brooke and everyone else that the family has abused. Nick offers that he doesn’t care about everybody else; just Stephen's daughter. That’s who he wants to protect. “And the best way to do that is to get her the hell away from that family.” Stephen tries to get a cooler head to prevail. He tells Nick to hear him out. He was in Stephanie’s office earlier and he knows exactly how she is planning on dividing the company up. Now they know she’s giving Brooke 50%, but he rattles off the others, allocating 10% to herself, Eric and Ridge and 6% to Thorne, Felicia and Kristen. Nick says he doesn’t care. Stephen tries to cheer him by saying the final 2% goes to Taylor. Nick wonders what’s the point? Stephen points out that she is dividing up her company in tiny little pieces. And if Brooke accepts the offer, it makes her the single largest shareholder. Nick shoots back but the Forrester’s vote in a block. Stephen raises the issue that 1% more give Brooke controlling interest. IF they can find someone to be on her side, Brooke can do whatever she wants with that company and Stephanie can’t do a damn thing about it. Nick suggests they’d still be working together. But, Stephen argues unless she were to fire Stephanie!

That catches Nick’s attention. He stands as Stephen continues – fire Stephanie…….even Eric and Ridge. She’ll have the power. The company will be HERS again. That’s why they have to appeal to the one person who is no longer a member of the family. Taylor – Stephanie gave her 2%. Nick scoffs and says she is not going to give one penny of that to Brooke. Everybody knows how loyal she is to the Forrester’s. Stephen reminds him that where did that get her? Ridge rejected her. Her best friend, Stephanie, is now Brooke’s biggest fan. If the Forrester’s don’t value loyalty, then why should she? But, Nick says she is not a vengeful person. Stephen concurs, but she’s not a lap dog either. And that’s how Stephanie is treating her. Giving her a lousy 2% like a pat on the head – a token. What can Taylor do with 2%? It’s barely a vote, but if she were to side with Brooke…..Nick thinks that is such a long shot. Stephen thinks it at least deserves a chance to get some feelers out and see if Taylor is interested. Nick plays devil’s advocate that if it backfires, she could run right back to Stephanie. Nick says he doesn’t like it. Stephen says he has learned to be careful. And if there is one chance in a million, they should try it. Nick says but if it doesn’t work, she’s still working at

Forrester’s in the meantime and THAT is not acceptable. Stephen says that his daughter loves him (Nick) but she DREAMS of running Forrester Creations. Don’t make her choose. It doesn’t have to come to that. “There is now a way for you two to have it ALL.”

Bridget continues her argument with Stephanie. She remembers Stephanie begging her to let Nick go to be with her mother. And, now she wants to know if she’s waiting around to be with Nick? Well, no she’s not. She’s moved on. Stephanie points out that she’s not in love with Dante. She’s only with him because of the baby. that’s off limits, Bridget tells her not to dare bring Dante and Dino into this equation.

The phone rings and it’s Taylor. She gets highly indignant when Stephanie suggests she call her back, she’s in the middle of something. Well, she was, but Bridget walks out. Taylor lambastes Stephanie and accuses her of having another interview and telling the world what a bad fit she and Ridge are. She accuses her of having to endure Ridge’s humiliation for years, and now from Stephanie too. Stephanie tries to explain and does apologize, says she is sorry, she didn’t think. Taylor blasts that no she didn’t, and she hangs up sharply.

Dante asks Felicia if she’s trying to start an argument? She accuses him of avoiding the question. He tells her she’s gorgeous. She pulls her scarf off and says it’s the hair, isn’t it? (It’s cropped very short, but growing out). He tells her it’s not her. He really appreciates her wanting to help, but it isn’t going to work out. He walks back to his work. She says okay, but before he turns her down, she thinks he ought to see what he is passing up.

She begins to untie the sashed wrap-dress and lets it slowly fall to the floor, standing there naked for him. She asks what does he think? He turns around, but not startled, tells her he thinks she is crazy….and beautiful. She smiles approval; she’s liking this.

Bridget is sitting at Insomnia drinking coffee and remembering what Stephanie just said about her walking out on Nick first. In walks Nick, and as he looks around, their eyes lock.

Dante walks toward Felicia and she teases that NOW he’s interested. He says suddenly he’s inspired. She coos is that what you artists call it? He warns her if they are going to work together, she is going to have to listen to him and follow his instructions. She replies it sounds like fun. He says they will have to buckle down; they don’t have much time. She quips, “listen to you, follow your instructions, buckle down – who knew sculpting could be so deviant?" He tells her not to worry. He’ll take good care of her. She coos she bets he will. He suggests the important thing is that she relax and have a good time. She smiles, “I always do, Dante, and something tells me so will you.”

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's office and tells her she hopes she will give her another chance to explain. Taylor cries that she doesn’t care if it was a trick, it was hurtful. Stephanie is sincere and says she never meant to hurt Taylor. Taylor rebuffs her that no, it’s never her intention. But, she was trying to pull the wool over Brooke’s eyes and Taylor got caught in the crossfire. Stephanie tells her it wasn’t a trick and she wasn’t trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes. And she realizes now she should have come here and talked to Taylor first. She realizes she has not handled this very well. But, she meant what she said. Taylor asks, “that Brooke and Ridge belong together?” Stephanie says she knows that isn’t what Taylor wants to hear. But, please try to understand. She almost lost her son. Taylor fires back that her children almost lost their father, so she thinks she knows how serious this heart attack was. Stephanie takes the blame again; that she caused it.

Stephen walks up and hears the raised voices and listens at the door. Stephanie continues that Brooke is the love that Ridge always longed for. Taylor wails for her to listen to herself. This is insanity. She doesn’t even know who’s she talking to right now. Stephanie reminds her this is about her son. Her children always come first. Taylor charges that clearly she is dead last. Stephanie tries to show her that is not true. Taylor walked away from her marriage and that she had recognized long before Stephanie did that he belongs with her.

Taylor whines this isn’t even about Ridge and Brooke; it’s about the two of them. Stephanie agrees with her and says she loves her and this shouldn’t change or affect their relationship. Taylor scoffs – what relationship? She just stabbed her in the back. Stephanie had just disrespected her before the whole world. Someone who does that, doesn’t love her.

Nick approaches Bridget’s table and asks if he can sit down? She invites him to and they exchange pleasantries. Shyly, he says he thinks he needs to apologize to her….for what she’s been through. She ended their marriage so he could be with her mother. He thought he could start a new life with her, but it’s not that simple. She says it never is with this family. Nick tells her he doesn’t like THIS family around Brooke; he doesn’t like HIM around her. But, Brooke hasn’t made up her mind yet. It’s not that simple. Nick offers that he thinks she is being manipulated, and he thinks he needs to find some way for her to LET GO of that family. And if she can’t, then he’s going to feel like a fool. Should he have seen this coming? He thinks he needs Bridget’s help because she knows her better than anyone. What is she thinking?

Bridget says she knows her mother loves Nick. He wonders enough for her to say no? Enough to give up her dream? He thought she was done with this family, Forrester Creations and all. But, he doesn’t know if that is possible. He doesn’t know if she can ever get past that. “I want you to tell me. Do you think she can?”

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