B&B Monday Update 5/22/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/22/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester, the elevator opens and Brooke leads the way with Stephanie and Eric pushing Ridge in the wheelchair. They rush past the hoards of reporters trying to get to Stephanie’s office. From her vantage point, Sally barks to the group to go back down to the showroom!

Inside the office, Brooke is frazzled and laments to Stephanie that she was ambushed. She came here to support Ridge only to be greeted by this. Stephanie reminds her she got half the company. She doesn’t see the problem. Brooke wanted proof….and Stephanie wants her in the company; she wants her in the family. She wants her in her son’s life. Can’t she take yes for an answer?

Meanwhile, pacing in his office at Marone’s, Nick is watching Jarrett Maxwell narrate his report on what just happened at Forrester. What does this mean? Is there a future for the “former King and Queen” of the fashion industry? Nick looks worried, and he grabs the phone and tells Shelley to cancel everything for today, and storms out.

Bridget, Dante and Felicia are huddled discussing the news and Bridget can’t believe that Stephanie just offered her mother half the company. Felicia quips her mother has lost her mind. And she hopes they are paying Dante really well, as he might have to kick in for his son’s college. He says they do and he can afford to send him to Harvard. She says that is good because every time there is one of these special meetings, she loses more of her inheritance. Dante tells her that Brooke didn’t accept the offer. Felicia points out she didn’t decline it either.

Stephanie tells Brooke to just say yes. Brooke replies that she needs time to think about this, and so does Stephanie. Stephanie maintains that she has had plenty of time. The accountants are ready to transfer the stock to her account. Brooke asks has she really thought what this is going to do to Ridge? He just had a heart attack. Stephanie says yes, it was the attack that really woke her up. It made her understand just how much Brooke means to him and how much he needs her. Brooke tells her to stop; just stop it. Stephanie thought Ridge was going to die; she was scared. But, he’s fine now.

Eric intercedes and tells Brooke that the stock certificate is genuine. She tells him she is NOT going to take his company from him. Both he and Ridge say she deserves this; she belongs there. Stephanie pipes in again that she does. Brooke chuckles – this is like being in a science fiction movie. “This woman is NOT your mother.” Stephanie steps forward and gives an impassioned plea that this is exactly what Brooke wants. For them to be together again, working side by side, with the commitment to that passion and love for the company and the industry. “Come back to him…..to the family and the company.” And she promises to never disrespect her again. Ridge tells her to say yes, and it’s theirs. Before Brooke can answer, Stephen and Jackie burst into the office and he barks for her not to sign anything and to Stephanie he says to leave his daughter alone.

Felicia remarks that some folks have his and her towels; now they’ll have his and her companies. Bridget says yes but Nick didn’t want her working at the Forrester’s at all. And she gave up Nick to her mom and she didn’t think working late nights with Ridge would necessarily be part of that equation. But, that’s what it seems Stephanie is trying to do to lure Brooke to Ridge. And just when things are settling down and everyone seems happy. Felicia reminds her – except for Ridge. Bridget opines how can Stephanie says she respects Brooke if she won’t respect her commitment to Nick? Dante comments that if their commitment is as strong as she says, then this is not going to affect them. Bridget knows this is what Nick was worried about when Stephanie brought Brooke back to L.A. and she feels she needs to go talk to her mother. Dante is upset that she wants to go right now. They had other plans. She says she is sorry, but after tonight…..well her heart is just not into it. She gives him a quick kiss and cups his face and says she will make it up to him. Dejectedly, he says he will be in the studio if she changes her mind.

Eric placates Stephen by showing him papers and saying they are offering Brooke an olive branch. He returns that they are waving a brass ring in her face. All she has to do is give up her future with Nick to get it. And Jackie chimes in that she is not going to do that, is she? Stephanie adds that this is absolutely legitimate. She can have her lawyers look at it. Ridge also adds that Brooke deserves this. The company was never more successful than when she was CEO. Stephen argues that this is NOT about the company and everyone is this room damn well knows it. He turns to Brooke and asks her please to tell him that she knows what is going on here? She replies that she does. He offers that she and Ridge had their time together, and she left him. This is NOT an apology, it’s a bribe. Like his job at Spencer Publications. She knew he couldn’t resist and it was just another way of manipulating. He knows her attitude has not changed against his daughter, and he’s not going to let that happen with more manipulations. She’s doing all of this just to assuage her own guilt. Jackie argues too that this INVITATION to be part of the company and family again can be taken away again and she’ll be right back into the nightmare that she just escaped from.

Brooke thinks long and hard and says that is not what she wants to happen. Stephanie states that is NOT going to happen. Stephen says it’s not because he’s not going to LET it happen. She can keep her dysfunctional family and precious company. Brooke is having nothing to do with either of them. Suddenly Nick is there and tells Stephen that was well said; he doesn’t think he could have said it better himself. To Stephen, Ridge snarks that what is going on? Did he feel like he had to call in the Navy?

Nick tells Brooke that she looked good on the tube. She replies that she had no idea what Stephanie was up to. He says he knows, but she still looked good. Stephen urges Brooke to just walk out. Stephanie says she is not going to do that. Nick says oh yes she is. He’s going to personally see to it that she does, and he is going to make sure all the Forrester’s stay the hell out of her life! As he parades out, Eric bellows that he can’t do that. Brooke is the mother of two of his children and she and Ridge share a son. Nick follows with yes, one they will be raising together. Ridge barks who in the hell does he think he is making an assumption like that? Brooke comes to Ridge’s defense and tells Nick that he didn’t know. Nick remarks to Stephanie, so she gave Brooke half the company so she could put ‘these two’ back together again? Stephanie ignores that and goes to Brooke and hands her the certificate and says, “half the company, I mean it.” Nick says glibly that he loves it when she makes a fool of herself. Eric remarks that he thinks what Stephanie is doing is a very generous and honorable thing. Nick replies, “do you? How is her honor going to look when Brooke walks out again? How is your golden boy going to look……and your company?” He sniffs the air three times……desperation. That’s the smell and that is what everyone should be feeling. He looks over their smug faces and then asks Brooke if she is ready to go? She follows.

In the studio, Dante is lovingly touching a sketch of Dino. He smiles as he puts it away, turns some music on and plans to go back to work. Felicia saunters in and surprises him. She says she hasn’t been up there in years. They used to call it the Attic, the light must be gorgeous up here in the daytime. He says it is, it’s his favorite time to sculpt and he’s very grateful that her dad let him use it. She didn’t realize he was still sculpting. He says it’s because he’s been so busy at Forrester, but his passion is still his art. Slyly, she asks is that before or after his passion for Bridget? She knows he is still hung up on her. Too bad, she is still hung up on Nick.

Brooke and Nick enter her house and he says she doesn’t have to explain; he saw the whole thing on TV. She tells him that Stephanie certainly caught her off guard. He states that she was set up. With Stephanie wheeling Ridge out, the woman who personally saved his life. It was like Brooke’s Greatest Hits! She offers she was expecting a send-off, but these stocks are worth millions. Nick says “so what? This is about HER guilt, HER company, you being with HER son.” But, Brooke replies that she’s not with him. Nick says this will blow right up in Stephanie’s face; and on live TV to boot. He takes the stocks and starts to tear them up, when Brooke stops him.

Felicia continues about Bridget, and Dante feels she is pushing this because Bridget turned down his proposal. She teases that he’s been libido platonic far too long, my friend. She guesses sex just isn’t important to some people. He thinks she is joking. She tells him maybe she had the best sex in her life with him, but she doesn’t remember a second of it. He replies but she did enjoy herself. She quips yet neither of them came back for more. He says it wasn’t that kind of thing. She wants to know if that’s what he wants her to tell their son when he asks why his parents aren’t together? He says they were never TOGETHER. She says, “right.” So they will never know if there could have been something. She slips up behind Dante and coos doesn’t he think they owe it to their son to find out? He turns and they kiss passionately.

Stephanie is on the phone with her lawyer advising him that the stock is 50% for Brooke, and 10% each for her, Eric and Ridge, and 6% for Thorne, Felicia and Kristen and the remaining 2% for Taylor. She looks up and Stephen is leaning in the doorway. She quickly hangs up on Jon and remarks that she knows Sally didn’t just let him wander in. He smiles and says that she had her hands full with the press. He comes on in and tells her that as much as he HATES Eric, he now understands what drew him to his ex-wife. But, he will never understand what Brooke saw in Ridge. He’s just a spoiled little boy coddled by his mommy. But, Brooke is going to leave, and Stephanie is not going to interfere with that. She replies now look who is coddling their child. He reminds her there is a big difference in coddling and protecting. She hits back that Brooke is a grown woman in case he hasn’t noticed. And if he wanted to be there for her, it should have been a long time ago. He agrees. She’s right. He never should have let them drive him away from his family. She nods that it’s hard accepting the responsibilities of his actions. He says not any more. And he’s warning her; she wants Brooke back in her family and he’s going to do everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. She walks around her desk to face him and says he’s almost confident, and that’s not like him. He replies that he has seen the best she has got, and it’s not good enough. She tells him not to underestimate her, the best is yet to come. She motions him toward the door.

Immediately, she leaves the office too. Stephen is waiting just around the bend and heads back into Stephanie’s office. He picks up the stock certificates she left on her desk and as he looks he says, “don’t you underestimate me, Lady.”

Brooke explains to Nick that this stock could be a legacy that she helped to build. He doesn’t understand it; it’s all just been frustration and disappointment. She emphasizes that it’s a company that she made a success. She LOVES being a fashion executive; that’s who she is. He replies NO, that’s who she WAS. And he’s not worried about them, but what happens if she is working late one night, and Ridge touches her? He won’t be responsible for what he does to him. He tells her that he knows how tempting this is to her when she says this is an incredible opportunity for her. But, what happens down the road; when Stephanie doesn’t need her any more? Brooke replies she can’t just get rid of her. He says but she could make her life impossible, she knows that. Brooke says then she could leave. He asks why can’t she leave NOW? He points out that her freedom is worth so much more than anything the Forrester’s can offer her. It’s just not worth it.

She looks him deeply in the eyes and states that he is asking her to give up her dream……..a company that she helped make a success. He ponders and then says, “yeah, I am…..I’m asking you to give it up for me. I’m asking you to give it up for US.” The doubts, concerns, and worries are in her eyes.

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