B&B Wednesday Update 5/17/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/17/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Outside in the hallway, Stephanie tells Brooke and Nick that she knows she does not deserve another chance, but if she will give it to her, Stephanie promises to make up for everything. She even offers to drive her home and if she’d not too tired, they can have dinner. Nick steps up and says they are done here, as he takes Brooke’s elbow to escort her out himself. He snarks to Stephanie that she hauled them there from Mexico, Brooke had seen her son, he was doing better, so he was taking Brooke home now. Stephanie remarks that she always thought Brooke could speak for herself. He snips again that with Stephanie around, it was kinda hard for anyone to get a word in. Brooke intercedes and tries to cool Nick down and says perhaps she and Stephanie should finish their conversation. They OWE it to Ridge.

The nurse is in Ridge’s room checking his chart and vital signs. But, like Grand Central Station, she can’t keep everyone out. Jackie enters just as the nurse is leaving and gets the report that Ridge is improving and better, but still weak, so don’t stay too long. Like a lady on a mission, Jackie braces herself and tells Ridge she is glad that he’s recovering. She believes there is a LOT left for him to do here. He has a lot to give to his children and Forrester Creations…..she wants him to get better……as do Brooke…..and Nick. He rolls his eyes on this name. She notices and reminds him that he and Nick are half brothers and she knows there has been some very serious concerns between the two of them, but he can’t doubt his concern for Ridge. He listens patiently when she says that Nick had brought Brooke back from Mexico because Ridge needed her. But, the point is, he is making progress and getting better and they are all happy about that…..no matter what the future brings.

Stephanie repeats that Brooke saved Ridge’s life and she will never ever be able to repay her for that. Nick says that there are doctors, nurses and an entire medical staff that might have a little something to say about that. Stephanie says again that Brooke brought him back. Nick scoffs that she doesn’t believe that any more than he does. Stephanie continues that she saw it with her own daughter. When she was dying, she placed her baby in her arms and she saw what happened. And she saw the same thing today when Brooke spoke to Ridge. Nick breaks in and stands between the women and says no, this was NOT about Ridge. This was not about Felicia, or Brooke but of Stephanie’s guilt. Because her son keeled over because she chased Brooke away and now she brings her back to make Ridge happy. He gets in her face and asks why doesn’t she take a cruise or something?

Brooke asks him to please stop. Stephanie continues – she tells Brooke that she and Ridge BELONG together. Brooke is incredulous. How many times had she asked Stephanie for her support in their relationship? She begged and pleaded for that and all Stephanie did was strip away every bit of her dignity and self respect piece by piece. Stephanie admits she was wrong. Brooke says she doesn’t know if she can believe her or not, even if she is telling the truth. She has let her guard down so many times and always lived to regret it. Stephanie pleads with her, she understands, she really does, but she promises she will never do that again. Brooke replies, “that’s because I am not going to go there again.” While Stephanie is adamantly shaking her head no, Brooke points out that she loves this man, Nick. She is going to have a future with him. She’s going to have a family with him. “Everything I ever wanted, I found in Nick.” Stephanie looks her straight in the eye and tells her that her destiny is with her son. Brooke snaps that she could have had all of that with Ridge IF Stephanie hadn’t interfered. She scolds further by saying she had a great job; she has her precious, precious, son and she’ll have a great life ahead of her. “But, it’s going to be a life without ME.” She walks off with Nick in tow, leaving Stephanie to shake her head.

Ridge has fits of remembering Brooke coming to see him and his mother telling him she was bringing Brooke to him.

Stephanie calls the office and tells Sally that Ridge is improving, so much so, that she wants to hold a press conference tomorrow and wants Sally to set it up and let them know something big is going to happen. Jackie manages to find Stephanie and makes a snide remark that if this is her new office? It goes downhill from there. Stephanie begins politely by asking if there is something she can do for her? Jackie replies she is there to talk some sense into her. Stephanie deadpans that she didn’t know Jackie had any to spare. Jackie begins her speech – how Stephanie had drug Brooke and Nick back there to convince Ridge that Brooke still loved him and was going back to him…..and she was not! She loved Nick and they were going to get married. And for Stephanie to say anything else, or give Ridge false hopes…..no telling what kind of damage it could do to him.

Stephanie ponders and then replies, “funny about people, how they always think they are going to marry certain people….and it just doesn’t work out…..you and Eric, for instance….what happened there?” Jackie spits that she used her dying daughter to SINK her teeth into Eric, but it wasn’t going to work with Nicky. Stephanie points her finger at Jackie and asks if that is why she is standing in the way now? Jackie states that Steph doesn’t even LIKE Brooke and she’s seen the pain that she has inflicted on her year after year. Is that the reason she wants her back? To be her scapegoat….well poor Stephanie. Jackie storms that she is not going to drag Brooke back into that insanity. She’s NOT coming back; she’s safe with Nicky. Jackie won’t allow it and neither will Brooke’s father!

At Brooke’s, Nick comes down the stairs holding a couple of stuffed animals and Brooke asks if the kids liked the ones they got from the hospital gift shop? He replies yeah, they’ll never know they didn’t come from Mexico. She puts her arm around his neck and gives him a kiss and says she is glad they came back. He remarks for the kids, they missed them a lot. She says that too, but because of Ridge….if something had happened and he had died. Nick reminds her that he didn’t. And please don’t tell him that she was buying into Stephanie’s pitch; that is not what is happening here? Brooke denies it, but says Stephanie was right about one thing. Ridge did need her. He felt her presence in the room and woke up. She really made a difference. Softly, Nick tells her that he’s glad that Ridge is improving. He’s glad Stephanie has her son back, but he barks that he doesn’t want her to be a part of it. He doesn’t want her to be a part of this woman. He doesn’t know what she’s after!

Brooke laments that she seemed sincere. Otherwise, why would she have said those things? She never expected those words to come out of her mouth in a billion years. Is she really sorry and wants to make it up to Brooke and make it right?

Stephanie asks Jackie what does Stephen have to do with any decision? Brooke doesn’t even care abut him, much less what he thinks. And no one else cares what he thinks. So she excuses herself. But, before she can go, Jackie says she has misunderstood her. She goes on to say she thought Stephanie defined herself by her children……actually one child, Ridge……but she was wrong. She defined herself by Brooke. Stephanie seems intrigued. Jackie says yeah, for years it gave Stephanie a reason to live. It gave her a purpose. And what would she have if she didn’t have Brooke to demean and humiliate? Who would she be? ….”Word of advice. Stop fighting Ridge’s battles for him.” Stephanie pouts when she says, and Jackie is not fighting little Nicky’s battles for him? If she was so sure that Brooke was going to stay with her son, she wouldn’t even be in this room right now. Jackie nods and says yes, she’s right. Brooke is vulnerable, but not to Ridge, but to Stephanie. She was always fighting for her love, her approval and acceptance. Look at all the years with Forrester’s. Did it ever occur to Stephanie who she was trying to please? Yes, Jackie admits she is worried that Brooke will fall for Stephanie’s pleas and walk away from a man who loves her and to a mother-in-law who claims to support her and from a father who wants only the best for her to come back to Stephanie. She chuckles before she walks out, “not on your life.”

Nick pours himself a glass of wine while Brooke says she wishes he’d talk to her about this. He replies nope, he’s still choking on it. He hands a drink to Brooke and sits beside her and remarks they knew Stephanie was going to show her true colors; she had said it herself. She agrees, and Stephanie would walk through fire before she’d admit she was wrong, so why had she said those words to her? He downplays it by saying even if it were true, what difference did it make? She laments she wanted so hard to hear those words. He asks if she wants to be part of that family again? Is that what she is saying?

Stephanie puts on a cheery grin before going in to see Ridge. The nurse tells her he’s doing better; he’s stabilizing. He asks her if Brooke is there. She informs him she was, but has gone home to take care of the kids. Then repeat time again. She tells him she knows that he thinks he lost Brooke because of her, and he’s right.

Brooke tells Nick that she is with the man she wants to be with. But, she wants him to know everything she is thinking. And for so long, she wanted to hear those words that Stephanie said to her. He groans. Brooke maintains that she worked so hard to get Stephanie to accept her and then when she gave up all hope of any acceptance, then Stephanie had come to her and wanted her to be her daughter. She said she was wrong and Brooke thought Stephanie looked at her with so much warmth and so much care. He had to understand that she had been craving that since the moment she’d met her. He surely could see how intoxicating that would be, right? And, if she had just said those things to her years ago, things would be different right now. He remarks well she wouldn’t be with him right now. She assures him that she is exactly where she wants to be. He has to ask again, is she sure? She is sure. She strokes his face before she kisses him, that the Forresters are part of her past, he is her future, he is her EVERYTHING!

Ridge listens as Stephanie reels off again how she continuously would not listen to him and kept pushing Brooke away. How different their lives might have been if she had not have done that. He was right. She did not realize that then, but she does now. She admits she can not love Brooke. She can’t change her feelings overnight. She won’t lie about that, but she will get her back for him. She realizes now that he does love her and she will support that. If……when…..she does come back to him, Stephanie vows she will welcome her with open arms just as if she is her own flesh and blood. She promises.

Ridge looks at her and speaks, “who are you? What have you done with my mother?” She grins and says that she has been gone a long time. But, she’s back now. “Forgive me…..forgive a foolish, old, woman for her jealousy, her hatred and her anger….and just let her make it right for you.” She promises she will get Brooke back for him; she promises a second time. He gives it solemn thought and finally reaches out for her hand in acceptance.

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