B&B Wednesday Update 5/3/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/3/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In Brooke’s bedroom, shirtless Nick is standing by the window gazing out and being low-key as he makes a phone call on his cell, saying they need to move quickly. In bed, Brooke stirs and calls him name when she realizes she is not beside her. He comes over and lays across the bed and gives her a kiss. She says last night was beautiful; he agrees. She says she was so afraid at the cabin that he wasn’t going to believe her about Ridge. And when he left, she wasn’t sure he was going to come back. He reminds her he’s not going anywhere. She laments she feels so safe with him, and she promises him they are not going to have one trauma after another. He whispers that she has a man who will stand up for her and he’s going to do everything it takes to make sure this never happens again.

At Forrester, Ridge asks Stephanie about Felicia. She beams that she’s getting stronger every day. He tells her thanks to her. She affirms there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her kids. And he agrees that she is very protective. She says she tries to, although she doesn’t always agree with every choice that he makes. She figures she knows why he is there, for the new promotional campaign. She’s shocked when Ridge tells her that Megan doesn’t work there anymore. Stephanie thinks she has resigned since talking with her last week. She’s even more shocked when Ridge tells her that Megan got caught up in something. Massimo used her to frame Jackie by planting false evidence in her computer. Massimo wanted to get Nick’s attention and get him to back off in his relationship with Brooke and respect Ridge’s relationship with her. Stephanie says, “and, you think I’m manipulative?” Ridge tells her Massimo swore that he wasn’t involved. Snidely, she says they all have to believe what they want to. And by the way, when is he going to get over this obsession with Brooke? He remarks she is the mother of his son. She says he now sounds like Massimo. Thank God this scheme of his fell apart. By the look on Ridge’s face, she questions him if he has gotten back with Brooke? He tells her no, they are not back together, but they did sleep together. Then she is aghast when he tells her that Nick thinks he raped her.

At Marone Industries, three people are gathered in the conference room when Massimo enters. He greets them all cordially and asks to what does he owe this honor? One stands and says he called the meeting; these papers were faxed to them last night. Massimo takes the first page and quickly rattles it off. It’s from Megan Conley confessing her sins and the guilt from taking orders from Mr. Marone. Mass throws the paper back on the desk and calls them outrageous! One gentlemen asks if it is true?

Nick gets dressed, all the while mildly differing with Brooke that there is a difference in revenge and justice. He comes back and sits on the bed and kisses her and asks does she trust him? She replies he knows she does.

Stephanie questions Ridge – Nick is accusing him of what? He replies of taking advantage of Brooke. She asks did Brooke say that? He tells her no; she had taken a bunch of tranquilizers and he did not know that. Brooke is not at fault here. He made the mistake. She asks incredulously, that after all the years the two of them had slept together, he now gets his signals crossed? He says it happened; he got into bed with her. She shakes her head and he asks why is she looking at him that way? She replies that it is Caroline all over again. He’d got in bed with her! He remarks that was a lifetime ago. She shoots that it was his brother’s wife. The only difference is that it was alcohol. He gives a lame excuse that they thought it was a joke (no, Ridge, no one but maybe you thought it was a joke. Thorne shot you and Stephanie took the blame to keep it quiet). She bops herself on the forehead and says sure, but he still slept with her. He asks is she saying there is a pattern here? Stephanie crows that Caroline KNEW it was Ridge. She only PRETENDED it was Thorne to absolve herself of the guilt. He excuses that Brooke is not pretending. Be that as it may, Stephanie contends he slept with his brother’s wife and it almost destroyed the family. And now Nick, he’d slept with the woman he is in love with? He tells her that Brooke forgave him. Oh great, that makes it all right then. What is she doing, pitting him against his brother? That is SO typical of Brooke, for reassurance that she is still worth fighting for. He vows to her that no, no, no, she loves him and they are going to work all of this out, okay?

Brooke is surprised to see Bridget in her bedroom. She asks if she knows what happened? Bridget offers that yes, she had come by yesterday and Taylor told her she was up at Big Bear. Brooke surmises that isn’t all Taylor told her. Bridget confesses she did say she had slept with Ridge. Brooke explains there were extenuating circumstances. Bridget finds this hard to understand, why all the pills? Brooke tells her they were for anxiety. And she didn’t want this to happen. But, Ridge didn’t know that. Again, Bridget can’t help but wonder how Ridge didn’t know that. Brooke offers her lame excuse that he didn’t know he was THAT out of it. Bridget asks if she was just being coy? Brooke said Ridge apologized and she forgave him. Bridget knows that Nick found out…..he must have been very devastated? What happened? Brooke says that if she hadn’t gotten up to Big Bear when she did, she thinks Nick would have killed Ridge. Sympathetically, Bridget asks if he is okay? Are they together? Brooke answers that yes, everything is all right. They talked it all out. He knows that he’s the one she loves. Bridget sighs and tells her then it’s probably time she stops telling him, and starts showing him. She hesitates but tells Bridget she already has.

The board member tells Massimo these charges are serious. Massimo says they are ridiculous. His relationship with Miss Conley ended recently, and obviously not well. He’s asked was she lying? He replies she’s acting like a woman scorned. He’s asked again if she lied? He squirms out again by saying it’s full of legalize, she had help from his son Dominick. It’s a family matter and it has to be dealt with as a family! At that very moment, Nick walks in and says they have to deal with it NOW. They are a public company that has an obligation to disclose any behavior that could prove a threat in the future to Marone Industries. Father and son glare at each other.

Ridge tells his mom that he and Brooke WILL be together. She asks why? Why does he still want to be with her? He declares because he loves her. Stephanie blurts out, “even after this fiasco?” He replies she knows he didn’t intentionally take advantage of her. She goes on a tirade, Brooke must be mentally disturbed. Why can’t he see this? She doesn’t understand. Why he lets her put him through this. It’s so insulting. He says he loved her and he married her then walked out on her. He’s going to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Brooke starts to tell Bridget that last night up at the cabin…….Bridget stops her and says it’s okay. Brooke wants to explain further. She’s told her they’d wait until her divorce was final. Bridget, clearly feeling awkward, tells her that her marriage to Nick is obviously over, so the divorce is just a technicality. Brooke asks does she really feel that way? Bridget sighs that she is trying to do just what she said she was going to do – moving on! Brooke asks with Dante? Bridget acknowledges that he’s a very, very good man. Brooke agrees and he adores Bridget. They will make a wonderful family. She thought they were going to Italy? She hopes the trip wasn’t delayed because of her fragile state. She tells Bridget she threw away the pills. Then she mentions that Nick wanted her to file charges and he couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t. Ridge had hurt her before but she knew he’d never deliberately do something to take advantage of her. Bridget wonders if Nick thinks that she still has feelings for Ridge? Brooke says she wasn’t sure he believed her when she said she didn’t, but eventually he came around. Bridget reassures her that whatever happened up at Big Bear was supposed to happen. Brooke grins that yeah, everything is okay. She’s only worried about Nick because he feels betrayed, by both his father and now by Ridge. He wants revenge. Bridget says, “God help Massimo and Ridge.”

Massimo asks Nick what is he doing? He replies as one of the Senior officers of this company, he has a responsibility to the shareholders. Mass tells him this is not the way to do it. Nick lays it out. He asked Miss Conley to write what she had told him to his face. And she is willing to testify under oath in a court of law that the CEO and founder of Marone Industries orchestrated this. Do they realize what a hit Marone Industries could take from this? Mass argues that the company has never been stronger. Has he been charged? Has Miss Conley made public charges? Nick answers no and she will not because he called this meeting and told her the shareholders would take care of it. The gentleman tells Mass that he needs to step down, effective immediately. More glares between father and son.

Then Massimo reminds them that he started this company with his own hands. And a Marone will always be in charge. The gentleman says they hope it will be his son. Massimo scoffs – Dominick? More looks, but Nick says he accepts. The meeting is adjourned before any more can be said or denied.

A long silence ensues, with Massimo’s mouth practically hanging open in disbelief. He asks Nick if she thinks he has won? And what is he going to do when Massimo comes CHARGING back? He declares he will NEVER forgive him for this. He looks up and there is two gentlemen there to escort him out. He says – nice touch! And gestures them to get it on. He turns and tells Dominick that he will be back.

Bridget tells her mom that she knows that Ridge would never do anything to force himself on anyone. She knows that and Brooke knows that, but this is Nick they are talking about. And rules don’t always apply.

Ridge walks into Marone’s and facing his brother says he heard there was a board meeting. Nick says is over. Ridge asks where’s Massimo? Out to lunch? What’s going on? Nick licks his finger and pulls out a piece of paper from his briefcase and hands to Ridge. Ridge takes it on one little corner like it is contaminated and reads. He’s astounded, says Nick doesn’t have the right to do this. He wants him to get out of Massimo’s office. Nick says the board says he does have the right, he’ll get him a copy of the minutes and Ridge can leave, he knows the way. Ridge sneers at him and asks if he thinks this will square things? Nick opines that it will never be squared. Ridge vows that Massimo will be back. Nick tells him he’s next. Ridge says, “you know, Nick, desperation is showing. You might want to loosen that collar. It’s cutting off the oxygen to your brain.” Nick, hands on hips, glares at him and says that he had her and lost her and there is nothing he can say or do to get her back. Ridge smirks that when she does come back to him, Nick is going to look pretty foolish, isn’t he? Nick warns that he’s dressed up today, but if Ridge isn’t out of the building in five minutes, he’ll throw him out.

Still smirking, Ridge tells him this is NOT over. He throws the paper on the desk and walks out. Nick lingers, finally settling back in Massimo’s chair, sizing it up for the take-over.

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