B&B Monday Update 5/1/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/1/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Big Bear, Brooke bends down to Nick on the floor. She’s still trying to get him to stop fighting Ridge. Both guys, bleeding around the nose and mouth, glare at each other. Ridge gets up and calls Brooke by name. Nick warns him not to talk to her; don’t even look at her! Brooke tries to intercede and calm him down, but he tells her Forrester is NOT going to get away with this.

At Stephanie’s, Bridget and Dante have just returned from the airport, denied leaving the country with Dominick. Bridget is grumbling that she thought they had this all worked out. Stephanie points out they are contesting the guardianship only because Felicia is alive and capable of taking care of her child on her own. Dante barks they are not denying that, but they are NOT taking Dino away from Felicia, but just taking him on vacation. Calmly, Stephanie tells Dante he is not going to take Dominick anywhere. Bridget goes and sits by Felicia and explains to her this does not have to get ugly. Stephanie agrees it doesn’t, if they will just step aside. Dante again barks that Dino is HIS son. Stephanie tries to calm him down and asks him to think about this rationally. But he argues there is no rational, threatening kidnapping charges if they left the country! Bridget pleads with Felicia not to do this. They saw how unhappy she was and they were going to cut short their time in Italy by a day or two. Stephanie tells her that is very, very generous of both of them, but they really have no right to take the baby anywhere for any length of time, period. Felicia finally speaks up and says that is enough. She does not want to put up with all this fighting and animosity around her son. Bridget says she agrees. It’s not good for Dino, but they were all good for him working together. ……loving him, looking after him, sharing custody of him.

Jackie is in Nick’s office at Marone. She looks at and lovingly picks up a framed photo of Nick and Brooke and remarks that he didn’t think it would happen, but it had. He had found her. Now they both were so in love. If only she could be so lucky. She lays her head back and closes her eyes. Eric walks in and immediately says he hurt her. He asked her to wait. She tells him she waited, but that was her choice. She gets up and approaches him and takes the chain that holds the ring around her neck and says, “when you put this ring on my finger, all the mistakes of my past, they simply disappeared.” Trusting him too innocently, giving herself so freely. She always thought she wouldn’t be alone. That there was a man out there somewhere for her. He touches her face and tells her there is. He made a promise to her ……a promise he wants to keep. She asks but what about Stephanie? He tells her it’s over, they are divorced. She’s stunned. He tells her it’s official and then turns her around so he can take the chain off her neck. He gives her a slight kiss on the cheek. She asks what is he doing because she can’t take another disappointment. And he tells her he can’t take another day without her. He slips the ring on her finger and says it’s finally happened. The man that she has been waiting for is here. Marry him! Jackie gleefully falls into Eric’s arms. Then she opens her eyes to a rude shock – she had a daydream. “Who am I kidding? That man is never going to walk into my life.”

There is a knock at the door and it’s Stephen Logan. She asks if she may help him and he replies he’s looking for Nick Marone. In a parlay back and forth, she ascertains that he’s Nick’s future father-in-law and they hadn’t gotten off on the right foot. But, he’d like to try again since the man was going to spend a life with his daughter. Jackie immediately starts singing the praises of Nick, what an incredible man he was…….kind, compassionate, devoted to Brooke and her kids. Hope adores him. Stephen tells her apparently so does she. She laughs that she’d better, she is his mother. He flatters by saying that’s impossible, she’s much too young. She tells him he’s much too charming, and she is Jacqueline.

As Ridge straightens himself, Nick tells Brooke that she can’t let Forrester get away with this. She gently tells him that last night was a mistake. Incredulously, Nick asks a mistake? Forrester said she wanted it. Ridge denies he said that. Nick tells her that Ridge said she loved sex. And that nobody satisfied her like he did. When she calls him on it, he says, “well……..” Agitated, she tells Nick that Ridge was only trying to get a reaction out of him. Nick scoffs, out of him? What about her? When does Forrester’s actions become unacceptable? Disgusted, he kicks something at his foot. She wants him to back off? Fine, then what is she going to do about it?

Stephanie, Dante and Bridget continue to argue and she tells them shared custody is not an option. Any settlement they make will have to go through her. But, not tonight. She doesn’t want Felicia under this kind of stress. Felicia finally agrees. It’s been an emotional day and her mom is right. They can discuss it tomorrow. Stephanie takes Felicia by the arm and ushers her to the bedroom. Bridget grumbles that Stephanie got to Felicia, what did she say? Stephanie offers that it was the same thing she will tell them. ……Felicia is recovering and she is capable of taking care of the baby, all right? She tells Bridget that her guardianship papers will be revoked in a few days. Dante barks that his rights as a father can not be revoked. Stephanie says, “Dante, please! One drunken night with my daughter does not make a father.” It’s the hard decisions that make a parent, and she is willing to make that decision making process worth his while.

She pulls out a document. Bridget and Dante exchange a glance and Bridget scoffs that did she just offer to buy Dante’s son? Stephanie replies no, he just wants to reward him for doing the right thing. She can appreciate what they tried to do, but Felicia didn’t die. They have to accept that and they need to get on with their lives. She states she can make those lives much easier. Especially Dante. All he has to do is sign the papers and give Felicia full custody. She hands them to him as he glares.

Brooke tells Nick that what happened last night never should have happened. He snaps for her not to make excuses for Forrester. Ridge grouses why doesn’t he shut up and let her explain something to him. But, Nick continues and asks did she ask Forrester to leave, or did she not? She replies yes. Then, he barks, there is nothing else to discuss. Sarcastically, Ridge says he agrees. Why doesn’t Brooke put a leash on him? Nick turns on him and charges toward him calling him a son of a bitch! She has to physically get between them and push Nick to keep them apart while hollering for him to stop it. She turns to Ridge and tells him to go….go home…..she wants him to go. She gives him a shove toward the door. He touches her on the shoulder in passing, looks back one more time and heads out the door. And to Nick, Brooke says she wants to talk about this, so just calm down, okay?

He tells her he can’t believe she is being so calm. She claims this isn’t so black and white as it seems. He firmly states that it is. Either he violated her or she wanted to sleep with him. Which was it? She’s cut to the quick as she looks deeply into his eyes.

Bridget confronts Stephanie. She doesn’t know why she is doing this. She says Stephanie knows how much they love that child and Felicia. So why would she need to draw a line in the sand like that? Stephanie replies that she knows that, but there are no boundaries and the situation has gotten way out of hand. She tells Bridget she knows there is a void since she lost her own child, but she is not Dominick’s mother, Felicia is, and she needs to let go. She remarks but Dante is the biological father and has the paternity test to prove it. Then Stephanie brings up that he needs to work and reminds him that he works for her. Dante reluctantly tells Bridget he needs his job at Forrester to keep his visa. Bridget is appalled that she would threaten to deport Dante.

Stephen tells Jackie that he hopes he can repair her son’s opinion of him. She coos that he’ll think more highly of him if he treats his mother kindly. He’s very protective of her. He says and of Brooke, he’s noticed. She remarks that he’d do anything for the two of them. She giggles when he says maybe he should get her to put in a good word for him. She makes nice again when she says they might be in-laws one day. It’d be nice if they could get along although that is not always possible. He remarks that Brooke had Stephanie as a mother-in-law. And she and Massimo Marone pretty much ruined his life. He admits he made mistakes, big ones, but they pretty much played him perfectly. She takes her compact and powders her face. And says, “the tag team of doom.” He’s surprised that she knows. She says better than anyone; she was married to that man. He repeats – married to Massimo, he’s sorry. She chuckles again - kin to Stephanie? She may be sorrier for him. He replies the one he’s really sorry for is his daughter, and he was encouraging her to go back to Ridge. He’s sure Nick has told her; he’s Ridge’s trump card.

Nick continues to dig. “You didn’t want it. You said no and it happened anyway. What do you call that? She states that Ridge thought she was ALLOWING it, but she wasn’t. She wasn’t even there. Her body was completely numb. She doesn’t know any other way to explain it. He says he does. The man violated her and he wants her to press charges and get a restraining order against him. She says she can’t. He wants to know why not? What’s going to keep him from attacking her again? Emphatically, she says he won’t do that! Nick argues why? He’s completely lot touch with reality. He’d do ANYTHING to get her back. And if she doesn’t lock her bedroom door, it’s basically an invitation for him to come back in. Maybe she needs to answer that question. Does she want him to come back in?

Stephanie states that she is not threatening anyone. She just wants Dante to understand that his position is untenable. Bridget puts her hands on him and tells Stephanie that even if he loses his job, doesn’t necessarily mean that Felicia will get custody of Dino. Stephanie warns them that there’ll be an international custody battle; it’ll be protracted and probably very expensive. And she’s not questioning his fitness, and goes on to say what would really make her happy is if they would fall in love, decide they want to be a family and have children of their own. Dante laments that he already has a child! And he’s not going to forget him just because he hasn’t known him but a few months. That’s absurd……Bridget adds and insulting. Stephanie asks if they can just put the child’s needs above their own? But, Bridget spouts this is not about Dino’s needs. It’s about Stephanie’s. Her need to control everything and everyone around her. Ridge seems to have finally stopped her from interfering in his life, and now she’s moved on to Felicia. And Bridget thinks Felicia is a little too afraid to lose Dino to try and stop her mom. Stephanie says, “she is NOT going to lose that baby, Bridget. I am damn well gonna make sure of that!” Dante tells her she doesn’t get it. That thought never crossed their minds. Stephanie replies good, and it better never!

Jackie and Stephen discuss Ridge trying to make inroads with Brooke and using Stephen to do it. Jackie says looks like Stephanie isn’t the only Forrester with a talent for manipulation. Stephen tells her he actually thought Ridge was trying to help HIM get back his relationship with Brooke, but now he doesn’t know what’s in his head. She asks if he has had a change of heart? He tells her call it a crisis of conscience. Ridge did something to his daughter and she has forgiven him. He’s not sure that he can. Jackie says well she can be sure of what is in Nick’s head. He is 100% totally committed to Brooke and her children. He offers that he doesn’t know him that well, but if he’s half as charming as his mother, he doesn’t know how Brooke can resist him.

Nick stands before Brooke as she explains that she knows he thinks she is trying to protect Ridge, but she’s not. She just wants to protect her children. He says good, they should be protected. Ridge violated their mother. She tells him she does not want them to know that. If she presses charges or gets a restraining order, it will all be a matter of public record. Nick bellows so what? Is she worried about his reputation? She argues no; she is worried about the impact this will have on her children. He wipes and smears the blood from his mouth. She goes to him and cups his face and begs him to just forget about all of this. Put it behind them and focus on their family – her, him and the children. But, Nick is adamant, no he can’t do that. He gestures with his hands - he can’t let Ridge get away with this. He wants her to press charges. He wants that man out of her life forever. She says again that she can’t do that. He’s R.J.’s father. Nick shouts that well he can’t just let Forrester do this and think it’s okay and Nick will forget it!

She says she knows and she’s really, really sorry. She cries she didn’t want this to happen. She told him no. She begs him to believe her. That she loves him so much and she’s looking forward to the life they had planned. She wants that. He’s got his back turned, leaning his head against the wall. She turns him around pleading with him. He looks up, he looks down, but he won’t look at her. So tell her. Tell her they can put this whole thing behind them? “Nick, tell me that. Tell me you won’t let this come between us. Tell me!”

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