B&B Wednesday Update 4/26/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/26/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Next day, Ridge tries to concentrate on his sketching, but he picks up a picture of Brooke and all he can relive is the night before. He knows now that ultimately he forced himself on her and he has to some how now make it right.

At home, Brooke broods over the night before as well and remembers Ridge’s lame excuse that he thought she wanted him too. The doorbell rings and reluctantly she opens it to Nick. He’s very concerned and gives her a big hug. He says it was so hard that he didn’t want to leave her last night. She confesses she too was tired and didn’t want to talk any more. He tells her he called the doctor and told him about the pills. She shakes her head and assures him that it’s okay, she threw them away. When he laments that Forrester shouldn’t have brought her father there and why was he there last night, she replies he was only trying to help. Nick asks her what’s going on? Why won’t she tell him what happened last night? She turns away to avoid his questioning eyes.

Taylor drops in on Ridge. She has some papers for him to sign allowing Steffi to take a class trip abroad. She senses his mood and asks what is wrong? Is it Brooke? Does she have him jumping through hoops? He assures her it’s nothing like that. Then what else could it possibly be? Is it so sordid that he can’t even tell his ex-wife?

Using the walker, Felicia confides in Christian that she can’t believe Dante and Bridget want to take Dominick to Italy for a week. It will seem like a month since she is living on borrowed time. Cheerfully, he assures her nothing is going to happen to her, but she snaps that he can’t guarantee that. Stephanie brings some papers in about the guardianship that she has faxed to her lawyers and tells Felicia they won’t take the baby if she has to stop them herself. She promises her no one is going to take her child out of the country.

Sensing her reluctance, especially when Brooke says she just wishes she could forget the whole thing, Nick digs further. She tells him it wasn’t Ridge’s fault; she knows that now. They stare at each other awkwardly. The doorbell rings and she starts toward it. He insists he will get it, even to the point of physically blocking her. It’s Stephen and they have a testy first meeting. Nick asks who he is? And Stephen tells him and then asks who is he? When he says he wants to see his daughter, Nick snipes that he should get in line. He points to Brooke and says he loves that woman and he knows Stephen’s history with her, so give him one good reason why he should let him in this room? Calmly, Stephen tells him he knows he’s made mistakes in the past, but he was trying to make up for them and thought he was starting to do that the last time he was there. He looks to Brooke, or was he wrong? Nick leaves him at the door but tells Brooke she doesn’t have to do this; Stephen can leave. She tells Nick that actually there is something she’d like to talk to her dad about, alone. Does he mind? They’ll talk later. He gives her a quick kiss on the forehead, then brushes past Stephen as the men size each other up.

Stephen remarks to Brooke that Nick is very……..direct. Sarcastically, she tells him she does not want to talk about either Nick or Ridge. Just say what he came to say and then leave.

Taylor realizes she has struck a nerve, and wonders what Brooke did? He admits it wasn’t her, it was him! He says he made a mess of things, starting with bringing Stephen Logan back here. She reminds him they all know how much Brooke resents her father for abandoning her, why would Ridge take such a risk? He tells her again that he screwed up so last night, more than he can even tell her. She says she doubts bringing her father back will hurt this much, but maybe they should just settle this the way Brooke usually does, in the bedroom? That seems to be when all her problems fall away. He’s got his freedom, she doesn’t know what he’s waiting for? He rolls his eyes and says if only he had waited! Oh, oh, so she guesses, they were together last night? So, what’s the matter? Isn’t that what he wanted?

Stephanie lets Christian in and asks about Felicia. He seems to have a way with her and Stephanie wonders if she has told him all the gory details? He reveals he only knows Felicia is grateful to her. And she states that now Felicia should be able to enjoy the time she has been given without all this stress, as she holds up the legal papers. And she’s worried about Bridget and her thoughtlessness as she only seems to see it through her eyes, and not Felicia’s. Christian says he thinks it’s a little more complicated than that, considering how much the little boy has come to mean to Bridget. She reminds him that Bridget only becomes a guardian if and when Felicia dies. And he adds or when Felicia is no longer able to care for the child. Stephanie states, “but the point is she is able to take care of him and she is alive, and that is pretty straight forward.”

Taylor laments that if something sexual happened between him and Brooke last night, then obviously she doesn’t love Nick as much as she tries to make him believe she does. When he’s silent and won’t confide in her, she asks is she missing something? He throws her a look and finally confesses it wasn’t exactly consensual. She asks him what happened? What did he do?

Stephen tells Brooke that he knows they need to take this very slowly and he’s not trying to pressure her, but he’d like them to consider a camping trip with the kids. He felt like the other night she had begun to let him back in a little bit, or was that wishful thinking? She’s quiet but finally says she just has a lot on her mind. And then lashes out that so she is supposed to have time for him because he now has time for her? He is apologetic and says he should have realized. Did she have something to talk to him about, or was that just an excuse to get rid of Nick? He tells her bye and that he’ll call first next time. She stops him before he leaves and reveals this is not about him, but about Nick and Ridge. She’s never been so confused in her life.

Ridge reveals that Brooke was on some sort of medication and he didn’t know she was so out of it until afterwards. He states he would NEVER force himself on any woman. It was all a terrible misunderstanding. She asks if he regrets it and of course he does. He says he felt terrible. He wanted last night to be very different than it was. (Hey, Ridge, how about waiting to be invited in, asked to come to bed and listen when a woman says NO?). He says he is sorry, but he has to go to Brooke and somehow make this right.

Stephanie tells Christian that she does understand Bridget’s fears, and she understands Dante has rights as a father, but let her take care of him. Her only concern right now is Felicia and making sure she has that baby as long as she is alive, and she will make sure of that.

Taylor is still in Ridge’s office making a phone call when Nick bursts in asking for Forrester. He barks that Forrester was at Brooke’s last night and something happened but she won’t tell him. He puts her on the spot; he wants to know what Ridge told her about last night.

Brooke sits while Stephen tells her that he might not have all the answers, but he could at least listen. She points out that he is hardly objective, so what good could he do? He came here to help Ridge win her back, and he has no idea of her feelings for Nick. He opines that he knows how she has felt about Ridge all her life and how much he loves her despite their problems. And that’s why when Ridge sought him out in Paris, he agreed to come back and help. She states but he doesn’t know anything about her feelings for Nick, how much she loves him, what they have been through together. And what they still need to do after last night!

She prattles but Stephen is confused and doesn’t understand. She tells him Ridge said he didn’t mean to do it. Slowly, he begins to maybe get the picture. He says she is upset because of Ridge? My God, what did he do last night? After a long pause, she tells him the truth – that Ridge got into bed with her and she didn’t know what was happening. She told him to go. Stephen comes forward and puts his hands on her shoulders and says, “Oh, baby, I am so sorry.” She recoils a little and asks if he will go get her some water, and he does.

Ridge walks on in as his usual and tells her he couldn’t stay away. She has to know that he never meant her any harm, and if he had known for one second that it wasn’t what she wanted…….he was so sure….this was their coming together, and it still could be. (get the wax out of your ears, buddy!)

Stephen returns and grabs him and tells Ridge to get his hands off of Brooke; he knows what he has done. “I may have been a pathetic father most of my life, but no more. You do one more thing to hurt my little girl, Ridge, I swear to God, I’ll make you pay in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.”

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