B&B Wednesday Update 4/19/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/19/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke stands at her door staring at her father. She immediately turns to Ridge and asks what in the hell is her father doing here? After the way he left her mother and young children at home years ago, she doesn’t even want to acknowledge that he is her father. She turns back to Stephen and asks what kind of man does that?

Sally sits at her desk at Forrester unhappily discussing some situation over the phone. Megan walks up and offers to help, then Nick arrives upon the scene and wants to see Stephanie. Before, Sally can say she will announce him, he bursts on in. She looks up as he says, “I think you’ve gone a little too far this time, Lady.” She says she really doesn’t know what she has done. He mentions the charges against his mother and she scoffs that he actually thinks she had something to do with that? He’s wrong. He tells her he needs her to prove that. She rebukes that she doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. She doesn’t particular like his mother, but……these are Federal charges. He offers that she is engaged to marry Eric and that can’t happen if she is in jail. She tells him that if Eric wants a divorce all he has to do is ask her, and he hasn’t done that yet. And putting someone in jail isn’t exactly her style. He tells her that his old man has a horse in this race too. Both of them have motivation to keep his mother out of the picture. As she casually pours coffee, he follows and asks her pointblank if she had anything to do with his mother being arrested?

Massimo calls Megan on her cell phone at the office. She answers and he calls her “dear girl”. She immediately lets him know she doesn’t like the fact that Jackie is in jail without bond. He remarks that she is far from suffering being there without satin sheets. He tells Megan that the charges against her will be dropped as soon as Ridge is secure in his relationship with Brooke. He re-emphasizes again that Jackie will not be scarred by a few nights in jail, and the plan is working. Nick is giving more time to his mother so this gives Ridge more time to secure his relationship with Brooke. She quips she hopes it’s more than flowers and romance. He isn’t sure what he’s going to do, but he is sure he will seal the deal TONIGHT!

Brooke lashes out at Ridge. Is he trying to point out that there is a man out there who hurt her more than he did? Ridge remarks that he knows how she feels about her father and the abandonment issues. While they are arguing, finally Stephen comes on in and closes the door. He wants to explain. She barks at him too that she doesn’t want any more explanations. She’s heard enough. What he did to her in Paris……..He claims things have changed. She tells him nothing has changed, nor will they ever. “Get Out!” She walks off. Stephen tells Ridge that he shouldn’t have come.

Ridge follows Brooke and tells her that he wouldn’t have brought Stephen here unless he thought it was very important. And he thinks their future is riding on her listening to what Stephen has to say. He begs her to listen to him. She remarks that her mom had to work night and day to support them. And her brother Storm – know why they called him that? Because of all the anger he carried around because of his dad. And Brooke, she was only ten years old and they had to protect their little sisters. “That man took my childhood away.” Ridge comes forward and adds that this changed everything, just like he did. When her father came back into her life years ago, she thought she had dealth with all these issues – the pain, the anger, the abandonment by her own father. It’s clear now to him that she didn’t fully and until she does, she is never going to fully forgive Ridge for walking out on her too. She’s still amazed that he called him up and asked him to come here, something she NEEDED. Ridge explains that he just ran into Stephen while in Paris, while Ridge was working there during the holidays. And Stephen had asked him not to tell her because she’d want nothing to do with him. She tells her dad, “yet, here you are.” He says he had to find out how she was because she doesn’t answer his phone calls and his letters come back unopened. She asks what did he expect? He tells her he was WRONG to abandon her. She tells him she wants him to go; “GET OUT!”

He starts to go, but Ridge signals him to stay. He tells Brooke that he thinks her father is a changed man and he implores her to please listen to him. He’s there to help her. She cries her father never did anything to help her. Stephen comes and confronts her, “I was wrong. I can’t even ask for your forgiveness as I have caused too much pain for that.” But, he adds that he does want her to be happy so maybe some of the damage he has caused can be repaired. And she can live the life she was meant to live……with Ridge.

Stephanie informs Nick that she had nothing to do with his mother being in jail. But she scoffs too that Mass had anything to do with it just to keep him from Brooke. Doesn’t he have better judgment than that? Nick offers that he doctored the books, then called his boys in Washington and they took it from there. She thinks that is a very elaborate conspiracy theory. But, Nick claims he could get it done. She says that will be very difficult to prove. Nick offers that he’ll prove it and when he does, Mass will pay.

He asks how can he keep an open mind about his father? She opines that most parents think they know what’s best for their children. Someday when he has kids, he’ll understand that. She sits and tells him that nothing would make her happier than for him to take Brooke and sail away. Take her, please! She confides that she has no knowledge of any scheme that his dad is involved in concerning his mother, and she doesn’t want to have to tell him that again. He comments that Mass wants Brooke and Ridge together since they are R. J.’s parents. It keeps his perfect Marone dynasty intact. She agrees with this. He’s not the sort of man who will let someone destroys his life’s work or as Nick puts it, “his dynasty.” He says but this time Mass has crossed the line. Nick vows he will get his mother out.

Stephen tells Brooke that he knows by coming here that it is traumatic for her, but he really didn’t come here to cause her pain. She asks him then why is he here? He tells her to help her. He is ashamed of the things he has done. But, he’s getting his life together and he’s actually becoming a success at business. She asks if she is supposed to be happy for him? He replies no. Just know that he didn’t leave her because he didn’t love her, because he does. He confides he just didn’t feel he could ever measure up. He could never be a good enough husband, father, and that was always with him. He was miserable; and felt she was actually better off without him. “But, I’m not THAT man any more. And I want to be something positive in your life, and now is that time.” She asks how? He says by showing her that Ridge isn’t him. And while he doesn’t agree with all the decisions Ridge has made, he does believe that Ridge loves her and is committed to the life they have made with her and their children. He begs her not to hold his sins against Ridge. Her father abandoned her, Ridge did not.

Jackie waits in the holding area with Nick coming in and giving her a hug and a kiss. He tells her he saw the old man. She seems resigned to that fact, so what’s new? She tells him she appreciates his determination, but if his father did do this, he has surely covered his tracks and won’t appreciate anybody snooping around. Nick states he doesn’t care how he reacts. She tells him not to underestimate his father; the things he is capable of. Nick offers that he doesn’t care what principles Mass is hiding behind. If he is ready to play for keeps, Nick is ready to do that. If she’s not out by tomorrow morning, then Mass has made the biggest mistake of his life.

In his solitude, listening to his music, Mass opines out loud that a brother is distracted. “Now is the time to get Brooke back, Ridge, NOW!”

Stephen implores Brooke not to make the same mistake that he did. Don’t let fear keep her from being happy. Whatever is going on between her and Ridge, whatever is keeping them apart, is a product of HIS weakness. He hurt her, but now she’s hurting herself. Ridge intercedes and tells her the two of them belong together. Without her, he’s nothing. And he says it’s true, he would change so many things he has done. He’d be that man and never once let her down. She deserves that. She reminds him that he chose Taylor. He only justifies it by saying whoever he chose, someone was going to be hurt. He says he has done everything he can do to make it right. If there is more he can do, then she needs to tell him and he’ll do it.

Stephen picks up the slack and also tells her that Ridge loves her. He can see how much they mean to each other. He wants her to give Ridge another chance. No one can take his place. She says he can’t know that. But, he says he can. She just won’t accept it because of the pain he has caused her. He can see it in her face. Pain that he caused. He says her mother raised the family all by herself, but Brooke doesn’t have to. He tells her to hate him, turn her back on him, but not on Ridge. And if she inflicts that pain on her son, she will never forgive herself. Ridge wants to go down that path with her, so forgive him! “Take him back!”

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