B&B Tuesday Update 4/18/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/18/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Jackie is let into the holding room and rushes into Nicky’s arms. He tells her that he has a whole new set of attorney’s working on this, but they are flying blind. She suggests that he not use Massimo’s attorney’s. They know about leases, contracts, shipping, but not about criminal law. Nick asks if there is any other reason? Does she think his old man had anything to do with her being arrested? She gives him a worried look.

At Marone Industries, Massimo chastises Megan for returning to see him after Ridge left. She makes it clear she can’t think of anything else; home, eating, sleeping, just doing his bidding. She asks if he can turn that music off? Again, not a good idea. Then people in the hallway can hear HER voice. She assures him no one saw her return. And she’s very upset that Jackie’s bail has been denied. She knows he only wanted to scare Nick, not send his mother to prison. Mass is beyond shocked when he finds out she has talked to Dominick about this.

At Brooke’s, we see Ridge saying goodbye to Catherine and the kids off-camera, and then making himself at home. He finds a home-made card and a surprise for Mommy – some construction paper circles made into a necklace. Ridge opines that he hopes Mommy likes his surprise too.

Jackie admits she was very angry at Massimo at her hearing. Nick wonders why the judge would even let Massimo bring up the point about Deacon. Jackie wonders why Massimo would even want her in jail. If he wanted to punish her, he’s certainly taking his time. Brooke concludes maybe it accomplished something else too, like getting Nick’s attention. Jackie thinks she is exactly right. And she admonishes Nicky to be stronger than him and show him.

Massimo asks Megan why did she go back to Jackie M? Of course it was going to be watched and of course Dominick would be there. She offers that she wanted to be sure that no one could trace whatever he had her install on Jackie’s computer. He questions what does she take him for? Is he the sort of man who leaves things to chance? Or make glaring mistakes that he would need someone like her to correct them? She tells him she was only trying to help because he said Jackie was innocent and wouldn’t be hurt. Massimo points out that Jackie hasn’t been hurt. But, Megan states that she could go to Federal Prison. Why is he doing this? And he’s even told her that Brooke would finally be free to go back to Ridge. Had Massimo told her the truth about anything? He asks exactly what is it she is accusing him of? She doesn’t know. All she knows is that she is suddenly involved in something that absolutely scares her. He tells her he thought her loyalty to Brooke was absolutely real. She sighs that it is. No one has been as good to her over the years as Brooke has been. And Megan for one has seen first hand how happy Ridge has made her. Brooke may have forgotten, but Megan certainly hasn’t. He says, “hopefully she will remember what she almost lost – her happiness. And she will bless Heaven, fate, whatever it is that led her back to Ridge…..never knowing she should thank her beloved friend, you.”

He tells her thanks she should get and thanks she will have. He takes out a jewelry box from the drawer and implores her to turn around so he can put the lovely, expensive, gold necklace on her neck. As he does so, he kisses her neck and tells her how stunning she is. She gushes that she doesn’t know what to say……never in her life…….. He remarks that perhaps it isn’t appropriate for a secretary but it’s very suitable for someone he has chosen to be by his side (how long, Massimo? About 15 minutes while she does your dirty work? And her head can be turned by a little bling?) She asks if she can ever be that to him? He comments that she becomes more necessary to him every day.

Ridge checks in by phone on some plans and asks about the flight from Paris and the limo. And to be sure to give the driver Brooke’s address.

Nick gets ticked at Jackie for not telling him anymore. She doesn’t think it’s important, but he asks how can he get her out of here if he doesn’t know what’s he dealing with? She laments that all the charges against her are bogus, but she won’t let Massimo make her his accomplice. They argue and he says if she won’t tell him, then he will go to his old man. She argues he will only deny everything. Nick says not if he has his hands around his throat. Jackie begs him not to do anything to put him or Brooke in danger. Brooke says he won’t hurt her; he’s saving her for Ridge. Jackie comments that he wouldn’t be that overt. He’d find her weakness….perhaps Bridget…..so leave it alone. Nick implores her again, what is it that Massimo wants her to do? She confesses finally – he wants her to drive a wedge between the two of them. But, he’s not to tell Massimo this as he will make it worse. If Massimo thinks she may eventually turn on Nick to save her own skin, then he will bide his time …..and maybe by that time they will be married and expecting a child of their own. Angrily, Nick tells her this is NOT how this is going to play out. She shouts at him that she’s known him longer than Nick has. He CAN wait him out, but he can not win by going head to head with him. As the guard lets him out, he turns to her and says, “watch me.”

Megan tells Massimo that she understands how they must keep things between them. But, nobody has ever made her feel the way he does. And she’ll just be so happy when they can stop all the hiding. He caresses her cheek. Saved by the bell, the phone rings and he informs Megan that Dominick wants to see him. She grabs her things and he suggests she hide the necklace, and then he escorts her out the back way……and lets out a sigh, mission accomplished!

He ushers a stoic Nick into his office. They have a stare down. Nick asks if Massimo has something to tell him? About his mother? About that little ‘deal’ he tried to strike. Well, it didn’t happen, so now Massimo was going to have to deal with him directly. Massimo quips that Jackie expected him to get her out of jail in five minutes. And did she tell him that he also has the FBI in his employ? Nick chuckles, he knows how he operates….how graceful he manipulates. He just didn’t know he’d use those methods to bear on him! Massimo tells him if he really wanted to get his mother out; he’d choose another way. Nicks says yeah, by handing over the woman he loves to the man who broke her heart – his darling Ridge! Mass points out that they are BOTH his sons. Nick says he used to be so proud to hear that, but he doesn’t feel that way any more.

Brooke comes home only to head toward the stairs and be waylaid by Ridge. He asks did she get his message? She asks did he get hers? He says yes, but sometimes later isn’t going to do. It has to be tonight. He asks if an hour of her life is too much to ask? She tells him she does not begrudge him one hour or even ten hours. But it has been a very long day at work and this whole thing with Jackie. Ridge remarks that he hopes Nick appreciates all the support she has given him. She tells him it doesn’t matter if he builds a jungle in her back yard or a duck pond upstairs. The point is she is really, really tired and barely has enough energy to go upstairs and tuck the kids in bed and make herself a sandwich.

She’s ticked when he tells her that Hope and R.J. aren’t there. He asked Catherine to take them for the evening. She comments without even asking her first? He points out they are his kids too (uh, pardon me, Hope isn’t)….and if she and Nick can take them off to some Island….. She asks him if this is some grand scheme for seduction? He tells her to give him a little credit. If someone she loved, the most important person in the world was sick or hurt, wouldn’t she want to try and do something about it? She’s not a doctor and she doesn’t know exactly what the right thing to do, but wouldn’t she try? Even if it were wrong? Well, that is what he’s going to do tonight.

He tells her he feels like he’s groping his way in the dark here. He knows her and he knows they aren’t connecting. Something is off. She lashes out that it doesn’t mean something is wrong with her! Then he wonders, why can’t she let herself love him? It used to be as natural as breathing for her? She says it ended. He asks then why did she agree to marry him? She says she thought ….then stops and says she is in love with Nick. Ridge comments for the same reason that Bridget is. She can count on him. He’s the father she never had. She scoffs; he doesn’t know the first thing about it. He says he knows that Nick is good to the kids and all of them have fun. Most of this is about Nick being a daddy. She wonders what’s the point; he’s not even listening? He sits beside her and says but he is listening. He’s even hearing the things she is NOT saying. She is not talking about how handsome Nick is. Is he a good lover? She doesn’t talk about his hands, his eyes or how he kisses her. She talks about how trustworthy and dependable he is. “Hell, he could be a security guard or a German Shepherd based on that!” She’s only trying to heal a wound that he didn’t make. And trying to fill a void that she can’t.

The doorbell rings and she looks Ridge in the eye and says if that is Nick, she NEEDS him to leave. She opens the door defiantly only to be standing and looking at her father. Ridge is first to acknowledge him by calling him Stephen. (Or is this Bobby Ewing or Memorex?)

Massimo tells Nick if he thinks he is favoring Ridge over him…….Nick counters he certainly doesn’t see Ridge’s mother in jail. Massimo preaches that there is no conspiracy against Nick. When he does something for the good of the family, he does it for all of them equally. Nick wants to know then how is this good for his mother? Mass says that Jacqueline surrendered any rights she had to his loyalty when she got with that man (Deacon). And as his father, he doesn’t want Brooke Logan to do the same thing to Dominick with his brother. Is she the woman he would have chosen for Ridge? No, but it’s going to happen no matter what Nick does, what Mass does. “And I don’t want to see you go through the same pain that I went through.” Quietly, Nick warns him that he knows too much about his business and he can cause serious damage and Mass knows that. He doesn’t want him as an enemy. Mass tells him he’s his son, not the enemy. Nick shouts, “then get my mother out of jail!” Drop the charges; don’t force his hand or he might lose. Mass suggests it’s not a wise thing to threaten him. Nick regales that it’s sad to see him for what he really is – work, honor, family. He spits a big wad on the floor at Massimo’s feet. “You got til morning.”

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