B&B Wednesday Update 3/29/06

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/29/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Walking further into Felicia’s darkened hospital room, Eric is aghast when he realizes it is Felicia lying in the bed. He’s visibly shaken, on the verge of tears, and extremely hostile and angry and wants to know what they have done to her? He touches her arm and recoils from the touch. It’s warm. Stephanie tells him yes, she is alive.

At the beach house, Ridge walks in on Bridget and she informs him that she is packing to move in with Dante. When he shows surprise, she says it seemed to make more sense than to keep shuffling between the two houses. She wanted to be closer to Dominick. He points out that the two of them will be living together. She corrects him; it will be the three of them. Dante is going to turn the home office into a separate bedroom for her. Still skeptical, Ridge asks if she is sure about this? She assures him she is sure she wants to be a mother to her son. But, he reminds her that Dante is in love with her. And that she’s rushing into something in reaction to something else. She guesses that her mom already told him she was divorcing Nick. He remarks that she said she even had the papers already drawn up. She says yes, signed, sealed and delivered. She had to go through with it because her ex-husband is in love with her mother. And she’s in love with him. Ridge states that he doesn’t believe that.

She tells him he’s in denial. She knows because she’s been there. It only works for so long and then you have to look at what’s right in front of you. She thinks this is something they have to go through. And her mom and Nick are together right now. He says thanks to her, they aren’t together, not quite yet. And surely she doesn’t think this infatuation is going to last any more than he does. She reminds him that she did sign the papers. He points out yes, but with one brilliant stipulation. “Captain Horndog is going to have to keep his Barnacle Bill in his pants until the divorce is final.” He mocks – six long months of cold showers. She says that wasn’t her idea. She just asked them to try to be discreet. Her mom was the one who insisted on not sleeping with Nick. Ridge gives a big smile of approval.

In Brooke’s basement office, Nick slips in with a sickening look on his face and tells Brooke that he doesn’t like being away from her. She returns the favor by saying she doesn’t like being away from him either. He says he thinks about her all the time. Breathlessly, she repeats that as well. He says he’s coming in and with that, he flops on her desk and slides across to almost land in her lap and quickly jerks her into his arms and to his lips. After a passionate kiss, she lets out a squeal and says she feels like a kid again. He remarks what a cute kid she must have been. In between kisses and hands all over each other, she offers she sometimes wonders what it would have been like if she had met him first? Think of all the time they could have had together. Philosophically, he points out that what they have right now is right now. She admits that’s true, and they have plenty of time to plan the future. Enthusiastically, he tells her he thinks he has found a way maybe to not have to wait so long.

Sensing the tension and need for privacy, Dr. Ramirez excuses himself to leave Stephanie and Eric alone. He stares at Stephanie and she tries to explain that Felicia didn’t die. In the ambulance, they detected a pulse. Eric adds and she brought her here? She answers yes. Doesn’t he remember when she came back from San Diego, she told him there was a chance Felicia could have a liver transplant and that it would give her more time? Eric understood that; she was dying. Stephanie agrees, and Felicia was handling it beautifully until she realized she would never see her child again. She wants to live now; she wants to be with her baby. Eric is adamant. He doesn’t believe Felicia told her that. She wouldn’t want this! And he’s going to put a stop to this right now. He stomps out the door with Stephanie close on his heels begging him to wait.

Ridge echoes, so Brooke is the one who’s going to make the ultimate sacrifice? And yet she swore to him that her future was with Nick. Yet, she’s the one who insisted she’s not going to sleep with him. Bridget points out only out of respect for the fact that she and Nick are still legally wed until the divorce is final. She asks what is it that Ridge thinks she is missing? Hmm, he gloats. She must not know her mother like he does. If she was really in love with Nick, she wouldn’t wait six months……Bridget cuts him off; a little too much information. He offers they are all consenting adults here, aren’t they? Bridget says Brooke was just trying to make it easy on her because she knew how difficult it could be and how potentially embarrassing. Ridge states that she hasn’t chosen Nick. She just wants him to think she has! Bridget asks why would she do that? Candidly, he admits to give him a six-month dose of what she went through when he left her for Taylor.

With Nick’s hands around her waist, Brooke asks how can they shorten the six months? It’s only been a couple of days. He says he has talked to one of the top divorce lawyers. And if Bridget is okay with it, it might not take that long. He’s not afraid or ashamed of how he feels about her. She replies she isn’t either, but she is sort of concerned about Bridget. He tells her that Bridget wants them together. She’s made that clear. Brooke agrees that Bridget does, but this can’t be easy on her. Signing the papers was the easy part, now she’s mourning the loss of a relationship she didn’t want to end. And if she were to see them getting close and intimate……even though that is what Brooke wants…….he says they will wait.

Eric drags Dr. Ramirez back to the room and barks at him to take a look at Felicia. He watched her die in her mother’s arms. He asks if he has children? Of course not, he’s what 15 years old! Stephanie begs him not to take his anger out on Dr. Ramirez. She’s alive! He defies her; why? Because her heart is still beating? God didn’t do that; Stephanie did! She asks him to please take this outside, away from Felicia. He jerks his arm away from her and tells her no, and he’s NEVER going to forgive her for this. She asks what would he have her do? They found a pulse. Would he have done anything so differently? She stabs her finger in his face and says, “don’t you dare stand there and tell me that you wouldn’t have reached into the jaws of Hell to bring your child back!” His spits back that he promised her this wouldn’t happen. She trusted him, and now look at her. Stephanie tells him, yes look at her. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he said he wanted one hour, one minute, one day to put her in his arms and hold her and tell her he loved her. Well, now tell her. Tell her he loves her because she knows she’s here. She pleads, “for God’s sake. Tell her you love her!” She pleads more that he has to believe in this. She’s alive. She’s come back to them. Please believe this. The anguish, the fear, the horror, the disbelief is written all over the face of this father. All the shouting is over. Softly, Stephanie asks him to please believe this.

Out on the front porch, Bridget asks Ridge if he really believes that her mom is punishing him? So according to his theory her mom is going to torture him for six months, then dump Nick and take Ridge back? He quips yes, after he’s learned his lesson, absolutely. Bridget explains they really do love each other. If he thinks they are playing some sort of game, he’s wrong. Arms folded, wryly he comments, “Bridget, I know your mother better than she knows herself. She’s not sleeping with Nick, because she doesn’t love him. Not the way she loves me." Bridget reminds him that saying it doesn’t make it true. Pointing at her, his parting words is that maybe she has given up, but he hasn’t. He smiles and says he’s going to get his life back. That’s what he’s going to do. With a chuckle, and he’s outta there.

Eric continues to bicker with Stephanie. What does she want him to believe? That his daughter is going to sit up in bed, and look at him and start talking? With all her might, Stephanie says maybe eventually. There is no reason to believe she has suffered any brain damage. He admonishes her that she has no idea how Felicia has suffered since she brought her in here half dead. And subjecting her to all this medical……Dr. Ramirez interjects that if they can eradicate the cancer, she can have a liver transplant. It won’t be a cure, but it will buy her more time. He’s fuming – more time? For what, this? Stephanie adds no, time to be with her baby; to be with them. Dr. Ramirez does add that he has to be honest. There is no guarantee his daughter’s body will accept a transplant. Stephanie believes that it will. Eric tells her believing won’t make it so. Has she given any thought to what Felicia is going through here? Stephanie tells him yes, every minute of every day. He practically bites her head off by asking then how can she subject her to this? How can she make her go through all of this again? Her body is already ravaged. Stephanie says only because she wouldn’t have the chemo. Eric barks again while pointing his finger in her face. That was HER choice, not Stephanie’s. Dr. Ramirez steps outside again to let them at it.

Eric makes sure the door is closed. Slightly calmer, he steels himself to tell Stephanie that she let them believe that Felicia was dead. She even let him believe she had his daughter’s body cremated. She asks why does he think she brought him here today? He replies guilt. She wants him to stop this. In his face, she implores him that is not what she wants. Their daughter needs the both of them; both of them willing her to live. When they took her off life support, they didn’t know what would happen. Stephanie went and got the baby and put him on the bed with her. She put Felicia’s hand on his heart to feel the heartbeat. She demonstrates how she did that. “And, she came back, Eric. Her heart beat stronger and stronger and stronger.”

Still anguished, he starts telling Felicia he’s sorry. Then he moves around Stephanie and goes and sits on Felicia’s bed, holding her hand. He tearfully tells her that he’s sorry she has to go through this. “If you can hear me my sweet, sweet, happy, happy girl--just know that I love you. I love you so much.” He kisses her forehead. A voice in her head says “Daddy.” He jumps back in astonishment and Stephanie asks what is wrong?

Ridge shows up and just stands in the doorway of Brooke’s office. Finally he speaks and says he knows what she is up to. “Game on.” She asks what does that mean? He replies, “a six month waiting period before you and your sea slug seal the deal (try saying that 5 times real fast). She sighs and asks what about it? He closes the door, folds arms, and informs her that she saw a chance to make him squirm and she took it. Grabbed it. She repeats it – make him squirm? He replies mm….hmm….to punish him for leaving her for Taylor. He knows she has no intention of sleeping with Nick. Admit it, all of this is just payback. That’s all it is. He’s hurt her worse than anybody ever has, and he’s going to spend the rest of his life making up for it. But, can they just stop playing these games? “Let’s just stop. Right here and now.”

Nick returns to his office at Marone Industry and finds Jackie there. She’s brimming with good news. He’s ready for some good news. She tells him as they speak, Eric is on his way to see Stephanie and end their marriage. He asks what brought that on? She replies because he misses her. He quips yeah. Then sarcastically, why would he want to be with her when Jackie is waiting in the wings? She comments that Eric has tried, but Stephanie won’t let him in. She’s finding it very hard to let go of Felicia. Nick says Felicia thought they’d be a comfort to each other. Jackie says she’d told him he could take all the time he needed. He scoffs, “Mother, understand is one thing. Being a doormat’s another. You’ve done your time.” Demurely, she tells him patience; all things comes to he who waits. He can’t believe she really believes that. She finishes by saying Eric loves her. She’s the woman he wants to be with. “You just have to have a little faith.”

Eric looks at Stephanie, then back to Felicia. He speaks to Felicia that both her mommy and daddy are here with her and they love her so much. Stephanie comments that he felt her. He replies that yes, he felt her spirit. A slight almost believing smile comes to his face. “She’s alive. ……our daughter’s alive.” She nods…..he thanks God…..and Stephanie. She nods again, her approval…..”our baby. Born from love.” He sniffs, “yes, our love.” He grabs her and gives her the biggest, heart-felt kiss. One tiny tear falls from her eyes.

He laments again; their baby girl is alive. Stephanie saved her life. They hug and then he grabs her hand and pulls her over to the bed where they both converge on Felicia. He tells his sweet girl that mommy and daddy are both there, and they love her so much. Will she come back to them? “You take a lesson from your mother and you be brave and you be determined. Don’t you give up!”

As they lay their heads on her bed, from her soul she calls out to mommy and daddy.

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